Prepositions after "scroll"

"scroll through" or "scroll to"?

In 40% of cases "scroll through" is used

It can be terrific fun to do, and to scroll through.

As you scroll through the sets it inverts the light from green to red and vice versa.

If anyone has already asked this above forgive me (didn't scroll through all the comments).

What isn't terrific fun is when you scroll through your Twitter feed and see nothing but adverts for books.

Look in the antique furniture section, narrow your search to secretary desks, and scroll through the results.

Click on a continent on the map for details of our SOS Children's Villages in that region, or scroll through the list below.

Air-Q showing ETT placement I've added some videos in different planes so you can scroll through yourself and see what you think.

I had to scroll through 51 pages of results before arriving on entry number #510 which matched the book I was actually looking for.

I can't tell you how much fun it is to scroll through my list of backers, full of old friends, new friends, colleagues and mentors, as well as people I've never met before.

In 25% of cases "scroll to" is used

scroll to the bottom for older entries and the preview story from the Saturday paper.

To view, scroll to the bottom of the website, and click the far right icon for Featured Video.

Army Records for the distribution of plaques and scrolls to named British soldiers do not appear to exist either, other than where the completed Army Forms W.

Even more interesting, scroll to the bottom of the Dem totals and look at them by Senate district and comare the percentage change between early voting and day of voting.

When we zoom in, we change the scroll-port, otherwise you wouldn't be able to scroll to the bottom-right of the page, but this only changes scrolling behaviour and nothing else.

In 9% of cases "scroll in" is used

Many of them discovered, in 1945, in the form of papyrus scrolls in a jar buried in a cave in Upper Egypt.

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of On the Road, Viking will publish the 1951 scroll in a standard book format.

Clearly too, I remember the day when the National News announced the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Judean Caves.

In 4% of cases "scroll along" is used

The resulting page height lends itself to backgrounds that scroll along with the text.

In 4% of cases "scroll past" is used

Even if I had to scroll past six banner ads to get to the good stuff.

In 2% of cases "scroll across" is used

Stories from your feed will slowly scroll across the screen, and tapping any of them opens the story in the Currents app.

In 2% of cases "scroll between" is used

You can scroll between pages by swiping your finger left or right.

In 2% of cases "scroll by" is used

Along with ShopSavvy 6, users can simply scroll by way of a list of of highly appropriate effects for all your products on the getaway purchasing lists.

In 2% of cases "scroll over" is used

The website's entire design is filled with fun characters that move and respond as you scroll over them.

Along the way, there are dozens of elements that you can scroll over or click on to learn more about, accessing extra content, while the website's message is told in an engaging and interactive way.