Prepositions after "shear"

shear of, between, in, off or at?

In 67% of cases "shear of" is used

Shorn of make-up, she's natural, appealing, and very expressive.

In fact, the Rig Veda shorn of its allegory and metaphorical camouflage, is the oldest textbook of modern astronomy.

And even where science is applied, it is done in the manner of giving a sword in the hands of a child or of a person shorn of sanity.

Cardiff's already depleted defence was shorn of another two - including Tayls who had been getting dogs abuse from The Parmo Army - by the break.

All sides now fear the influence of Iran; fear it and want to focus on it, shorn of a problem that complicates, confuses and confounds such focus.

But Shama also performs in many small places, shorn of glamour and glitz, like in Agartala, Tripura and Karimganj, Assam to Hazaribagh, in Jharkhand, to spread the music and message of Tagore.

In 8% of cases "shear between" is used

It is shear between differentially rotating layers that causes the flux tube reconnection.

In 8% of cases "shear in" is used

Plates of food sat in refrigerators in houses sheared in half by Israeli bulldozers.

The sheep are being shorn in our 112 years old shearing shed we shifted in from Arapohue.

In 3% of cases "shear at" is used

In an attempt to alleviate pressures (son Tim had been born earlier in the year ), the Drysdales moved to Albury where Drysdale oversaw shearing at a friend? s property.

In 3% of cases "shear to" is used

Their dress was quite different, too: all three were wearing red cloths slung around their shoulders and waists, wore sandals, and had their hair shorn to the scalp.

In 3% of cases "shear with" is used

Watch sheep being shorn with the traditional hand shears and see the wool been carded and spun into yarn.