Prepositions after "shift"

"shift to" or "shift from"?

In 36% of cases "shift to" is used

The money gets shifted to them.

Asia were shifted to Bangladesh.

It was further shifted to Road No.

After the failure of these talks, the political initiative shifted to the separatists.

The focus shifted to making cheaper films with smaller stars and target demographics i.

Once you are into a steep climb it becomes more difficult to shift to an easier chain ring.

In my book, I track the movement of company's that are shifting to inland cities because of improved infrastructure.

The first time I addressed the CII Summit in 1995, the world's economic centre of gravity was starting to shift to Asia.

The Tigers lead 2-0 in the best-of-seven American League Championship Series that shifts to Detroit for game three Tuesday.

Shifting to his panther form, he crouched behind a rock, ready to defend the cave, his body hunched down, ready to pounce.

In 24% of cases "shift from" is used

A shift from the past to the future.

Trying to shift from bible to scriptures.

In November 1995 we shifted from Mwanza to Tabora.

The audience's emotions were once again shifted from solemn to spirited in a flash.

The little white gaps in between is the time taken to shift from one task to another.

The shooting is going on, and now the unit has been shifted from Delhi to Faridabad.

They also noted that her interests, like her father 's, had shifted from the old family turf of elective politics.

The issue shifted from being a good citizen, regardless of religion or ethnic background, to one of being a good Muslim.

In the past, the focus of syllabuses has shifted from structure to situations, functions and notions to topics and tasks.

In 12% of cases "shift in" is used

He shifted in his chair and said.

A shift in perception would be to consider it your friend.

In recent years, we witnessed a paradigm shift in our journal.

You might think that's the reason for the five seat shift in the latest House projections.

However, again the emphasis shifts in the New Testament and deals more with spiritual protection.

Today, I'd sharing Kevin's story as inspiration that things can shift in your business very quickly.

So maybe Franken should learn to control his gag reflex, which apparently is manifested by his shifting in his seat.

Peter? s shift in language, mood and physiology opened up many possibilities that were not previously available to him.

This new responsibility, often termed as CSB or Cloud Services Brokerage would be the most challenging IT shift in coming year.

Even from the Twilight to Breaking Dawn 1, I've seen a beautifully nuanced shift in the character's confidence level and certainty.

In 4% of cases "shift away" is used

Hence the emphasis shifted away from tackling crime i.

Things then shifted away from proximity to individual passion.

Focusing on an upgrade from existing firearms to semi-automatic weapons risks attention shifting away from.

The council paper was about shifting away from that option and towards just keeping the buses on Dominion Road.

Can BJP shift away from such issues and take up the issues of the poor and downtrodden? This is a million-vote question.

As a result, the Olympics shifted away from pure amateurism, as envisioned by Coubertin, to allow participation of professional athletes.

Any shift away from the automobile, they contend, is a sign that the agency's goals to improve the region's environment and health are succeeding.

The topic of conversation will shift away from business but this should be used as the time to let the Georgian hosts get to know you on a personal level.

It would be a major change of pace for Steele, shifting away from a club where he is the automatic first pick and who he has played almost 100 times for.

When the focus shifted away from the standard white supremacist model of African savagery, and onto the Pentagon and Israel, Hartung dropped the subject completely.

In 3% of cases "shift towards" is used

At Sackville, the emphasis has shifted towards the interactive web 2.

Dos and don'ts A shift towards a GE begins at an individual level, scaling up to macroeconomic and global levels.

This better describes the new global reality where the role of donors is shifting towards a more supportive function.

Over the years, the market trend has been shifting towards free capital mobility and elimination of foreign exchange restrictions.

China has passed every milestone so rapidly that now rules of the game have to be changed and the focus has been shifted towards China.

Most of all, China -- now the world's biggest carbon emitter -- must decide whether to shift towards gas or to maintain its dependence on imported coal.

To focus on the answers that will bring you great leverage, your concern has to be shifted towards the customer and the extraordinary service you provide them.

In 2% of cases "shift at" is used

I work some weekend shifts at a local pub, but that's it.

And not just 30 seconds into his first shift at training camp.

The best arrangement is house wives or college students in 4 hour shifts at the minimum wage.

I also asked a few friends to help run errands, to work volunteer shifts at the event, and to do some baking.

One worker reported that he finished his 8-hour shift at 10pm and was rostered to start his morning shift at 5.

They want people to be available all the time, to change shifts at short notice, and to come in at weekends and evenings.

With it go the accents, the stresses, the delays that are not the property of vowels and syllables but that are shifted at will with the sense.

In 2% of cases "shift for" is used

In Storybrooke, something has shifted for Regina.

If it had simply given up on maintaining order, that would be bad enough - but we could then at least shift for ourselves.

Make a standard of holding down shift for the first four characters, or characters three through seven, or whatever you like.

But implied modulations, in which the tonal center seems to suddenly shift for a short time, can be very common in some shorter works (jazz standards, for example).

He passed on a story about passing on a story: It was day's end as I reclined against a rooftop wall, or the end of a long shift for the brawny hard-hat foreman who joined me.

With more and more people shifting for smart phones and tablet PCs, software development has also opted its focus from desktop applications to mobile and tablet based applications.

Tony could sense that something was shifting for Peter at a deeper level or this was unlikely to be Peter? s regular posture and he perhaps hadn? t experienced his body like this for some time.

In 2% of cases "shift into" is used

Yunnan Garden Campus In December 2000, NIE shifted into its new.

Over the last three years, the transfer of wealth to the upper class has shifted into overdrive.

He turned on the ignition, shifted into low gear, and the car wound slowly down the long driveway.

But you should be gradually shifting into safer investments -- bonds, T-bills -- as you get older.

Predictably, Nigerians wait earnestly for the National Assembly to shift into second gear and do exactly.

There is no limit to what you can create with these tools as you shift into pure creativity, joy and the ease of living in the NOW.

Brand shift in: The percentage of respondents who said that they were likely to shift into a particular brand from some other brand.

So I shift admin into the cloud as well and move the main server well offshore, and shift into SSL for MITM between the server and the CDN.

Instead, Chelsea can swiftly shift into the speedy counterattack with the help of the energetic runs of Ramires, or the visionary passing of Lampard.

Moving out from the core, the liquid hydrogen becomes less metallic, gradually shifting into a gas the further one travels from the center of the planet.

In 2% of cases "shift on" is used

Martin's bill would reflect a modest first step in a much needed paradigm shift on drug enforcement.

The proposal process is often so exhausting that, once a suitable match is found, everyone's focus immediately shifts on the cultural wedding festivities.

If however the TZD had been greater then the Ships position would have to be shifted on to the TZD arc which being greater, meant that the ship was being moved AWAY from the body.

In a way that film manages very elegantly to capture the process of thought: the character's whole world keeps shifting on him and everything is sort of melting into other things.

But SMRT also happens to controlled by the Govt, so how much blame can they shift on SMRT? By imposing fines on SMRT, their balance sheet shows less profit which means cost has gone up.

In 2% of cases "shift toward" is used

There is no doubt in our mind that over the last 72 hours we have seen a momentum shift toward Santorum in Michigan.

The initial indications, post Scott Brown, are that he will not demonstrate Clinton's mastery of politics and shift toward the center.

Productivity growth is founded on change in production processes to lower unit costs and shift toward the production of goods and services that yield higher returns.

What's more, Dyack reckons that most of the industry wants to shift toward a model similar to the one seen with films, and apparently even Microsoft's marketing guys are with him.

Thus, political and economic power has steadily been shifting toward farmers in the West African Savannah while pastoralists have become more and more neglected or even suppressed.

In 1% of cases "shift as" is used

And maybe I need a perspective shift as to what I am waiting on and for.

Maybe by early next week, we'll have a read on how the needle has shifted as a result of the debate.

That's one of the main ways by which extra-solar planets have been detected, via the slight spectrum shifts as the stars are yanked around by their planets ' gravity as they circle around.

In 1% of cases "shift between" is used

As the album progressed, I shifted between appreciation and slight disappointment.

There have been various reports of the touchdown time, shifting between 10:32 and 10:39 p.

The struggle for control of East Africa continued through much of the 16 th and 17 th centuries with the Omani capital shifting between East Africa and the Persian Gulf.

The total time to complete all the tasks also increases, as the number of times shifting between tasks (The white space) multiplies by as many times as the tasks are split.

In 1% of cases "shift by" is used

Shifting by more bits than there are in a word gives an implementation dependent result.

Both states could be shifted by steady state depolarizing and hyperpolarizing current injections (Fig.

But, he almost did not receive the licence he was promised because of a last minute policy shift by the then Minister in charge.

In 1% of cases "shift due" is used

Crustal shifts often follow magnetic pole shifts due to inner levels becoming liquefied and the pressure from overheating.

The geographical ranges of wildlife species may shift due to climate change; and wildlife conservation measures will need to support these changes within and across landscapes to be effective.

In 1% of cases "shift off" is used

Bits shifted off either end of the left operand simply disappear.

In 1% of cases "shift onto" is used

The blame has been shifted onto low-paid public sector workers and those in receipt of welfare.

At best, transaction costs have increasingly been shifted onto the pastoralist production system.

However, be aware that traditional centres of power have also shifted onto Twitter and are influential here too.

In 1% of cases "shift out" is used

More of us need to join them so we actually have a prosperous and healthy future, if we don't shift out of coal, then we're stuffed.

There's a possibility that Khurshid -who's been in the eye of the storm recently, may not only lose the Minority Affairs Ministry, but also be shifted out of Law to External Affairs.

Here in the frozen North we have a ex-MP who did Sweet FA for 30 years on the green benches and needs to shift out of the way for an up and coming policy wonk, so gets PCC as a retirement pressie.

In 1% of cases "shift over" is used

All energies witness growth, although overall shares shift over time.

The way we are run, the services we offer and the ways we influence others have all shifted over the years.

We're now into shifting over more heavily into what Santa means to more clearly identify what it is he wants to believe in.

My definition of success is the only one that matters, even though it has shifted over time in accordance with my unique journey through life.

In 1% of cases "shift through" is used

A lot of crap gets thrown around and shifting through it for kernels of truth is necessary.

Through ' microsoft ' crm data migration, Microsoft Office 2010 Serial Key, you'll before long as well as effortlessly shift through your active method for the brand new just one.

In 1% of cases "shift with" is used

It can't shift with time and the winds.

Behavior forms beliefs that are recursive and shift with unexpected intensity.

Another time, he traded a watch shift with someone who was then hit by a grenade while on watch.

It is mainly about drumming but influences have been brought in and have shifted with the times.

But which countries look better tends to shift with some rapidity, as it has been doing for the last forty years.

A community is organic, it grows and shifts with time, it's adaptable to our needs and if a crisis happens a community works together to rebuild and fix.

If you're looking to improve the quality of your leadership style, choose a few key traits to focus on initially and watch as your impact shifts with time.

The ratio of two of these isotopes (87Sr and 86Sr) varies, shifting with the underlying geology, and this too can indicate where the owner of the tooth grew up.

I think the strongest building design (metaphorically speaking, but perhaps structurally too ), could be one that indeed shifted with the forces of a natural occurrence.