Prepositions after "shop"

"shop for" or "shop at"?

In 41% of cases "shop for" is used

He had been shopping for clothes.

As far as shopping for the holidays.

It's open for anyone to shop for their children.

The Traveling Photographer We offer on-line shopping for artwork and gallery tours.

It really should be about saving cash when you're shopping for an insurance package.

Next, you need to make your way to the Rundle Mall where you can shop for famous brands.

I turn 31 in less than a month and I still can't pull myself out of the juniors department to shop for adult clothes.

Fresh produce at La Boqueria When we weren't busy sourcing food from markets, we were shopping for handmade crafts.

When I went shopping for my first car, my dad came with me and the salesman spoke to him as if I wasn't even there.

Because it means I don't have to go shopping for it!! And deliberate on things!!! I think I'd far more creative for it.

In 22% of cases "shop at" is used

Do I shop at malls and Walmart, yes.

She was shopping at Harvey Nik's.

I enjoy shopping at Mega Mart alot.

And you're shopping at Banana Republic or Bloomingdales, but probably not at Barneys.

He shops at co-ops and farmer's markets because he wants to stay connected to his community.

Poor people are not hiding in foreign countries; they just shop at a different store than you.

The students then has some time shopping at the Citywalk shopping mall before going back to the hotel for bedtime.

Times are STILL tough! Do we WANT to shop at the cheaper stores? Absolutely NOT!!! But some of us don't have a choice.

Why do you shop at WalMart? Do nt you KNOW it's full of Chinese-made goods? Why don't you buy a Japan-made rice cooker.

Some scenarios include the following: Alice is shopping at a particular Web site that uses a shopping cart metaphor.

In 15% of cases "shop in" is used

I would definitely continue to shop in kids department,.

I really enjoyed shopping in the Bamboo Village in Falmouth.

I've been shopping in the 2 Croydon store for years and have always had superb service.

You can also enjoy the tribal handmaid crafts if you go for shopping in the local market.

Experience shopping in night markets, side street stalls, and the many shopping complexes.

We always get emails from people asking for where to shop in Nigeria, unfortunately we never really have all the answers.

Nonetheless shopping in Hong Kong remains exciting and there are plenty of bargains to be found and sights to be seen.

Shopping in comfort this Xmas MAYOR OF Kingston, Angela Brown Burke, is seeking to assure the public that plans are in.

The billionairess was seen not only showing off a bulging bump on her tummy, but she was also shopping in a baby store.

In 9% of cases "shop with" is used

Do as I did and shop with Play.

I will now shop with a new eye.

Going shopping with young children.

Once or twice a week they get to go shopping with their money in the family store.

Clubcard &; coupons You can earn Clubcard points when you shop with Clothing at Tesco.

Save money as much as possible while doing online shopping with the use of these BeallsFlorida.

Most people will find the added surprise a very good incentive to shop with you again and will be very appreciative.

Probably my age, but I can not help feeling irritated when I see a woman out shopping with just her eyes showing.

I could understand if she went shopping with the kids and forgot the hot oil on the fire and then the house was burnt.

Orange already had full knowledge that Victor had pressured some of my friends to shop with Amway by force -- doing 210PV each.

In 6% of cases "shop on" is used

I ordered something from Topshop on 06.

They can not afford to shop on daily basis.

Do you shop on ASOS? If so, what do you buy.

They don't usually go shopping on a credit card.

Membership Do I have to be a member to shop on westfield.

Browsing and shopping on mobile devices and tablets is mainstream.

Thirdly, should you shop on the net, only obtain from reputable on-line stores.

Never mind that they can also shop on the exchanges for the best deal in insurance.

I want to understand how people use mobile and how our customer would shop on her tablet.

This year I have done all my Christmas shopping online with Amazon spending in excess of over 1000.

In 1% of cases "shop as" is used

Tip #8: Do not shop as a form of therapy.

Of course, optional services &; activities, food &; shopping as well as transfers or other means of transport are optional, so they are not included and to be booked separately.

In 1% of cases "shop by" is used

But you can't just shop by brand.

Involve them in food shopping by making a day out of a trip to the farmer's market or a local organic farm.

In 1% of cases "shop from" is used

This medication can be shopped from any of the leading online store or from a chemist.

AND that means you can shop from yourself and get money back!!! doesn't sound so bad to me.

It was my regular supermarket but I've recently started doing online shopping from Tesco to make life easier as I'd pregnant but have noticed a definite difference in quality.

Nigerians today demand convenience and choice when shopping -- needs served well by the Internet, where options seem limitless and people can shop from home, work, or anywhere in the world.

In 1% of cases "shop to" is used

I also enjoyed taking the cutest group of young ladies shopping to my favourite Vintage warehouse.

Housed under one roof you'll find the experience for all the community, from luxury and bargain shopping to entertainment in cinemas and stages.

From drugstores and home shopping to department stores and catalogs, Paula Begoun and her team review the hottest skin-care and makeup products major cosmetic and skin-care lines.

In 1% of cases "shop without" is used

They don't invite us to the pool (have you ever gone swimsuit shopping without your breasts?).

We waste enormous amounts of food and hard earned cash because we shop without checking what we need before leaving the house.