Prepositions after "sift"

sift through, from, thru, about or around?

In 89% of cases "sift through" is used

Sifting through every combination by hand would have taken months.

If people don't lock up garbage cans, bears will sift through the trash.

See this article and, if possible, sift through other relevant articles.

The voters then sift through it all and decide what's relevant to them and what isn't.

After sifting through their website I thought this would be an interesting service to share with you.

You must have somebody who is able to sift through the plethora of good ideas and recognise the really great one.

How could they leave it out? This was storytelling gold, and yet the filmmakers let it sift through their fingers.

She was clearly sifting through the scents to the one which would tell her who the maker of the gruesome object was.

Studio executives have been huddled in meetings since Monday, sifting through potential scripts that can be tweaked.

If you sift through old comics and magazines to find your images for button making then the rotary cutter is excellent.

In 3% of cases "sift from" is used

It is like gold being panned or sifted from sand and they appreciate this by the smiles on their faces as if they have acquired a lot of jewellery or treasure.

In 3% of cases "sift thru" is used

Posted by: Walt September 16, 2012, 5:07 pm 5:07 pm Getting kind of hard to sift thru all the wingnut comments but I have to agree.

In 1% of cases "sift around" is used

I worked the afternoon/evening shift, so missed most of these but I still managed to have some great chats with people there -- its amazing who I'd find sifting around the corridors at night.

In 1% of cases "sift for" is used

I only say this because I receive a lot of newsletters via email and tend to sift for content and immediately block out the sales pitches.

In 1% of cases "sift into" is used

By early evening people had started to sift into the ballroom of the Commodore where official tabulators kept the huge Scoreboard supplied with the latest figures to the very end.