Prepositions after "sip"

sip on, through, from, in or rather?

In 70% of cases "sip on" is used

She kept sipping on her drink and looked the other way.

Maybe compile something for your guest to browse through (whilst sipping on a nice glass of white from the honesty bar).

I'd more often than not doing a little gaming there myself or just sipping on a coffee waiting for a friend or a date to show up when I typically see these guys.

In 15% of cases "sip through" is used

The water carries the ions with it, sips through the crack of the rocks.

Keep a bottle of water near you all the time and keep sipping through it regularly.

Peking Duck Pancake Roll I just love the smell of the Peking duck sipping through the pancake.

In 7% of cases "sip from" is used

Colin Fisher, 22, from Edinburgh, is waiting with two friends dressed in Top Gun jumpsuits, sipping from cans of M &S; lager.

In 4% of cases "sip rather" is used

For me, the trick is to keep sipping rather than gulping down glasses at one go! We often neglect the goodness of water and think about how much water we should be having after we are reminded of it.