Prepositions after "skim"

"skim through" or "skim over"?

In 36% of cases "skim through" is used

I only skimmed through it you see and usually.

Here they are, with the better ones in bold if you'd prefer to just skim through things.

I have not been following this conversation closely, I was just skimming through the posts.

Rather, he has his eyes skimming through the chamber first, before jumping to any conclusions.

MUCH more satisfying and makes it much more feasible to skim through a page looking for something.

I only studied PMBOK (skimmed through the book) and PMP Exam Prep (Rita Mulcahy) in detail level.

I was reading a book this morning, well skimming through a book I have read at least 3 times before.

But if you haven't been to one of these events, simply skim through the magazine you are currently reading.

Read the PMBOK at least once (skim through the book if you participated to the classes actively) No comments yet.

A slim figure, with haste, slid down the pane and landed firmly on the meadow earth, eyes skimming through the air.

In 31% of cases "skim over" is used

Don't just skim over the next few lines.

The next day he skimmed over the video.

I have been skimming over the tons of comments on this post I have been in business for myself for about 10 years minus one in 2005 to relocate.

Yes, either someone just flicked it onto him and he didn't check the source, or he skimmed over the comments section without checking to see whether the commenter was Grog himself.

In 10% of cases "skim across" is used

His cold fingers skimmed across my skin and I froze.

As we skimmed across the lake Geetha and I admired the cliffs one last time.

Like a dragonfly hovering above the surface of a pond, his criticism skims across a subject rather than diving in.

Like a dragonfly hovering above the surface of a pond, Dyer's criticism skims across a subject rather than diving in.

In 3% of cases "skim along" is used

The Governor and I arrived as crowds of children and adults were happily skimming along the length of the pool, or in little groups hazardously trying out their skates after many years of disuse.

In 3% of cases "skim from" is used

The grammar schools took in more pupils skimmed from the top of the middle-ability range.

And a $700 million chunk of the surplus has been skimmed from the pockets of sole parents and their children.

In 1% of cases "skim for" is used

It is actually a separate skill which involves being able to skim for sense rather than reading and understanding every word.

In 1% of cases "skim to" is used

I skim to get the information I.

We just skim to an article to find out if it's interesting.