Prepositions after "slam"

"slam into" or "slam on"?

In 44% of cases "slam into" is used

Bodyslam and Maddox getting his head slammed into the mat.

Fegan slammed into the ground as a choir screamed in his ear.

Behind them, a car crashed into a semi-trailer and two pickups slammed into ditches on either side of the van.

Even so, when the full force of this credit crunch slams into distressed voters, they will blame the Prime Minister.

The glass forms from heat generated when micrometeoroids slam into the surface and fuse soil grains into tiny clumps.

About 10 years ago dozens of tornadoes, some with winds reaching 210 miles per hour (MPH ), slammed into Central Florida.

Ash didn't realize that Misty had stopped, and kept running until he slammed into her back, knocking them both to the ground.

Then the scene where the mother was slammed into the wall, she hit the wall so hard she to injured her back, and her screams were real as well.

House stopped by the elevator, waiting for it to come, when he felt someone's body slamming into his, and some hot liquid pouring on his clothes.

Reports reaching THE STAR are that after the funeral, both deejays were heading off when Lewis reportedly slammed into the back of Beenie Man's Audi.

In 21% of cases "slam on" is used

Exactly the reverse: you should slam on the brakes.

My point is that all the slams on FB are equally off-base.

Spotting one when you're only twenty yards from it, doing 40 in the wet, with a queue of cars behind you is not a good time to slam on the brakes and veer into it.

In 14% of cases "slam by" is used

People in the middle are worried about their families which are getting slammed by high gas prices.

Recent accusations about his personal life and romantic connections have been slammed by his legal team as tired old lies.

These laws, including a possible death sentence for insulting the Muslim prophet Muhammad, have been slammed by civil society inside and outside of Pakistan.

In 6% of cases "slam in" is used

Every time, I had the door slammed in my face for the same frustrating reason, that I lacked experience.

His facts were all wrong which will be slammed in the next 3 presidential and VP debates and on the campaign trail.

They also need to develop a thick skin, in order that they might cope with the knock backs and doors slammed in faces that will occur from time to time.

In 6% of cases "slam with" is used

After he made that comment, the man got slammed with criticisms of being unpatriotic by fellow Americans.

Scalia was at the Union League of Philadelphia on Monday when he got slammed with a $26 parking ticket, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Tuesday.

Four of the city's finest virgins weighed in on the hardships that Tebow might face when slammed with the rampant debauchery that characterizes life in New York City.

In 4% of cases "slam to" is used

We slammed to a halt and descended just a short Easy Bike ride away from home; a relieving quiet and smooth conclusion to our day's adventure.

In 3% of cases "slam for" is used

Brock can be slammed for a lot of things, but it Takes credibility away from other comments in a post when people act like he was just searching for paychecks.

In 1% of cases "slam against" is used

I physically shuddered when Driss was slammed against the car, but mainly because I have seen this happen in a million films before and it seldom ends with a laugh.

In 1% of cases "slam over" is used

One of the most infuriating noises is the mighty smack-crash reverberating throughout the vessel of the tightly sheeted boom slamming over the last few inches that can not be removed.