Prepositions after "sleep"

"sleep in", "sleep on" or "sleep with"?

In 26% of cases "sleep in" is used

No animal shall sleep in a bed.

Over night, we slept in his truck.

Now he'll sleep in the beds he made.

When I finished high school I moved away and sometimes slept in my car to go to school.

We drove up Friday night and I ended up sleeping in the truck's from passenger seat.

PROOF: Research has shown that white noise can help patients sleep in noisy environments.

They should neither eat, nor drink, nor sleep in quiet; but wherever they were, they should be troubled by the frogs.

She'd slept in the room for nearly four years, ever since they'd moved here, ever since she was pregnant with Yasmin.

Babies usually sleep in a bassinet in their parents ' room for the first few months, then in a crib in their own room.

Plus, I get to sleep in a comfy hotel bed and make use of their pool, something that I'd strangely looking forward to.

In 25% of cases "sleep with" is used

Oh, right -- she slept with him, too.

Sometimes people sleep with open mouths.

I am not sleeping with Rosmah, he pleaded.

It's hard to learn to sleep with the sounds of dogs, donkeys, goats and pigs close by.

Do not get into the habit of sleeping with the working classes if you are a worker.

Look and feel like a million bucks every time you go to sleep with these Suit Pajamas.

Every time I drink now I have massive blank spots, I've woken up next to men and not knowen if I've slept with them.

He said that he would sleep with 2 other girls to make us even and said I was selfish to buy only myself some lunch.

If there are women whose disobedience you fear, you may admonish them, refuse to sleep with them, and then beat them.

There were times that she slept with men for money (that she didn't need) or to be taken to the hottest party scenes.

In 17% of cases "sleep on" is used

I said she slept on the verandah.

We slept on floors and ate chips.

Almost all birds sleep on one leg.

The reason some people are having backache is that they are sleeping on stolen beds.

In order to protect themselves they would hire soldiers to sleep on the floor in shifts.

Jul and Jac, having come from a long work day, dropped off to sleep on the 5hr plus flight.

As a child, he wanted to sleep on the floor with no proper bed, and to take his own excreta for food instead of rice.

A number that is still unacceptably high because, in modern Britain, no one should end up sleeping on our streets.

I tried to sleep on it that night, but we went to the hospital the next night and did an MRI, and they knew right away.

Some of them even sleep on greenbelts after taking drugs and others are arrested by the capital police for drug addiction.

In 9% of cases "sleep at" is used

Dinner and sleep at the lodge/camp.

The administration was asleep at the wheel.

Then we went to our rooms and slept at ten.

He and assistant manager Sammy Lee would not sleep at night until they were successful.

When you wake up in the morning and sleep at night, what a clear conscience you must have.

What he has to do to sleep at night is not my problem, accepting his blame is, and I quit doing it.

Follow sleeping patterns: Sleeping at a fixed time every day can help you sleep better and will also reduce snoring.

How this delivery companies owners can live in that castle surrounded by their billions and sleep at night is beyond me.

They dated for 10 years, and he was never allowed to sleep at her house because she didn't feel it was right for the kids.

Knowing that I could cover my next few paychecks to myself even if I stopped making money altogether helped me sleep at night.

In 5% of cases "sleep for" is used


Slept for a whole 7 hours straight.

sleep for not less than 8 time night.

You'll be asked to fall asleep for a series of four or five naps, each two hours apart.

After that I slept for a bit- I love sleeping- while the rest of the team hung out and talked.

I went into the crew bus, into the back lounge, and slept for five hours, I was so mad and angry.

Because of its high metabolic activity, the Pygmy Shrew can only sleep for a few hours at a time, otherwise it will starve.

I think we slept for maybe three hours when Chris's phone rang, it was Julie-Ann Chapman and she was taking us sledding that day.

What a stupid thing to say! If you do not realise by now that it is desperate then you must have been sleeping for a long time.

They may sleep for just a few minutes or up to half an hour before awakening and feeling refreshed, but then they fall asleep again.

In 4% of cases "sleep through" is used

My dog sleeps through the night.

Even as a teething puppy she slept through the night.

Day 2: Furby sleeps through the night and all day the next day.

The flight to Kilimanjaro was unremarkable, as I slept through the majority of it.

But I watched a show with my husband and the boy slept through the night and my jam.

It took me a while before I was able to sleep through the night without waking up in the middle, screaming.

He'd sleep through a nuclear attack, so it was a big surprise to me when my youngest refused to sleep all night.

My darling girl who for the first time slept through the night! Although a 5am wake up was not ideal, I'll take it.

Ever tried to sleep through the death rattles of the number two ranked warrior elephant seal? I mean, that's his thing.

He did n't, or at least, we didn't notice him, so we lay about with impunity, drinking enough to sleep through the heat.

In 3% of cases "sleep under" is used

Slept under the bridges of Paris while at Uni.

They sleep under the London Plane tree by our side deck.

Gone too are the nights when kids sleep under a blanket of stars.

She is five and a half years old now and sleeps under the covers.

Since my bedroom was the office, I never had to sleep under my desk.

He's sleeping under my chair, pushed up against my feet, as I type.

Really, the possibilities for sleeping under the stars are endless.

If you live in an area with lymphatic filariasis: sleep under a mosquito net.

We first travelled to the Atacama Desert in the north to sleep under its impressive blanket of stars.

Nadine said: ' We're not second class celebrities, we're not sleeping under anybody else's hammocks.

In 1% of cases "sleep after" is used

The immediate dangers are apparent in the increased need to sleep after the iftar.

It is unhealthy to go straight to sleep after a heated argument when you are upset.

Veena claims that she was under duress and hence went off to sleep after taking antibiotics.

But here I want to discuss specifically ideas to help you drift back off to sleep after night time awakening.

I liked the people with whom I worked but the hours started to get me down as I was never able to sleep after night duty.

When I went for sleep after dua, I couldnt sleep for an hour atleast and had a random thoughts like cricket match, office work etc.

Like seriously, they expect the listener to sleep after listening to that sensual song that is Lullaby and this pretty upbeat song that is Good Night.

The accused in Smits was found on the side of a rural road in the rear seat of a motor vehicle sleeping after a neighbour called the police out of concern the occupant of the vehicle may be dead.

In 1% of cases "sleep by" is used

It had been easy to be washed to sleep by the sound of waves on stones.

The Buddhist who practices these precepts for a day and a night always sleeps by himself.

This way you are teaching him to settle to sleep by himself, but also reassuring him that you are still there.

ALICE 'S VERDICT: Unless I am being lulled to sleep by air conditioning in a five-star hotel, I find white noise irritating.

The very last straw was when I read to the kids about Deborah and Barak, how she had killed Sicera as he slept by impaling him to his pillow with a stake, I couldn't believe it.

Dean, when she brought in supper, to sit down while I ate it; hoping sincerely she would prove a regular gossip, and either rouse me to animation or lull me to sleep by her talk.

In 1% of cases "sleep during" is used

Even if you can't sleep during the day, put your feet up whenever you can.

Some find night work and sleep during the day, others put up with the rash.

What about staying awake at night and sleeping during the day? Could it be unhealthy? Agnostic atheist.

The only thing is that it is nocturnal, so the kiwi bird sleeps during the day and is active at nighttime.

Controllers are forbidden to sleep during shifts, even during the 20 to 30-minute breaks they receive every few hours.

I sleep during the day and wake up at 10 at night, which is why I've been able to adapt to the babies ' schedule so well.

However the night shifts were unsettling for him, he couldn't sleep during the day, so changed to morning and afternoon shifts.

Do you get excited easily? Do you sleep during the day? If you take naps during the day, try to stay awake instead so that you can rest at night.

In 1% of cases "sleep like" is used

Then, I slept like a little baby.

Food helps and I sleep like a log.

Yes, we too can sleep like a baby.

I'd on my 18th month now and still sleep like a log and feel awesome the minute I open my eyes.

When we use this word in the sense of lying down and sleeping like a dog or cat, we are speaking everyday language.

Always I tell, say, my brother, you know, that money is good, but at the end of the day it's good old-fashioned hard work that makes you to sleep like a baby at night.

In 1% of cases "sleep next" is used

Curse On Us I only met you today but I want to sleep next to you.

In the dark, she reached out for the warm body of her little brother sleeping next to her.

The second day we went back to Senaru and camped at a waterfall which was amazing (but difficult to sleep next to).

In 1% of cases "sleep without" is used

This drugs caused dependence and later on you can't sleep without taking them.

He came to me inviting to sleep without anxieties and 15 minutes before my station he gently wake me up.

I plan to just check a few things, then go back to sleep without having anything to really occupy my mind.

Girl wud always luv me through day night wudnt be able to sleep without hearing my voice, but now she has even phoned me for 1 month.

The noise was loud, piercing, and disturbing but people got used to it after a while and even got used to sleeping without hearing the trains.