Prepositions after "slide"

slide into, in, to, from or under?

In 29% of cases "slide into" is used

If he does slide into the third round, however, I wouldn't hesitate.

The track finally exits the tsetse-ridden woods and slides into Tabora station.

It would have been very easy for the grand old store to slide into a gradual decline.

Sliding into a sitz bath and soaking for ten minutes a few times a day is suggested.

Raxon received breakfast, except this time the tray was slid into the room, and not brought in.

For example, consider the notion of a ' talking cure ' that was inoccuously ' slid into ' these words at the outset.

It's not just that this show is likely to slide into progressive ideology, it's built into the *structure* of the show.

As her first time in the wet, Shelby had more than her share of spins and a long, downhill, backwards slide into a tire wall.

The bridge is not fixed to the towers and has a provision to be able to slide into the towers in case of severe adverse weather conditions.

In 7% of cases "slide in" is used

Spill cooking oil all over the floor and then slide in it 251.

Apparently, Melissa had found projection slides in an envelope.

Besides it annoyed me the way he just slid in there and took over so easily.

It appears we will continue to slide in a downward spiral toward bankruptcy.

The pin slips all the way through and it slides in an out easily yet provides some grip.

I can't help to think what could have been in those seasons where we were on top and slid in the final months.

Unfortunately, the video recording was broken that day, but you can view the presentation slides in HTML5 format here.

In 6% of cases "slide from" is used

Mittal (slides from facsimile and Mittal's copy are shown).

A hitch attached to a V-assembly can slide from side to side.

As Ripley's situation slides from bad to worse, the harder she fights, and she wins.

He mounted his wire and began sliding from the New York bank toward the Canadian shore.

This was then cleverly hinged so that the whole cover could be slid from the trap entrance and replaced easily.

It slid from sight as I descended the steps -- concrete now sadly, and with a handrail to further spoil the magic of the place -- but soon resumed its place, so close I could have touched it.

In 6% of cases "slide to" is used

The yen slid to the lowest in almost seven months today.

He slid to the floor in despair as his father advanced towards him.

I slid to personal psychological defense mechanism system since my husband wasn't there around me.

Copying his tactics, I slid to the side of a group, snapping furtively round the edge of the group.

The airplane subsequently came down through the trees before impacting terrain inverted and sliding to a stop.

As for the poor, they fell further and further behind, with the lowest quintile's income share sliding to just 4.

In 5% of cases "slide on" is used

I slid on my helmet a few feet.

A ' --950 penalty ' will make your site slid on Google.

I'd not sure how sturdy it is as it is build pretty thin and I do no need to stretch it to slide on my head.

I use it to cover the tines for safety in storage (simply press the tines together slightly and slide on the handle cover).

Though the convenient full QWERTY keyboard that comes out sliding on the left is making me type super fast, I'd right now too curious to try out the various apps and games I've installed.

In 5% of cases "slide under" is used

Its fortunes slid under General Manager Don Maloney.

The ball used is three times the size of an average football, preventing it from sliding under any of the chairs.

Ford thanked the waiter for his kind indulgence, attempted to tug his forelock, missed by six inches and slid under the table.

Beneath the surface, two plates of the Earth's crust were slowly colliding, forcing the Pacific Plate to slide under the Caribbean Plate.

If you do this, then as you reach with the little finger for that high B or C-nat then the elbow swing will cause the thumb to naturally slide under the neck.

However, after a few moments, the stern section also slid under the icy waters of the North Atlantic, two hours and 40 minutes after the collision with the iceberg.

In 4% of cases "slide off" is used

David slid off of the sofa and started moving across the floor like a snake.

Maybe he simply missed the signs that his story had slid off the printed page and into real life.

I felt my heart contract, as I slid off the chair to join him kneeling on the floor and gathered him in my arms.

Because the chocolate fudge was slightly war, it caused the whipped cream to melt too quickly, and eventually slid off the top.

It's all a blur churning to the bass beat sliding off the speakers and vibrating in your outstretched fingers, and Saturday was no exception.

In 3% of cases "slide across" is used

During the journey, they made use of carabenas to slide across a river.

Choose an effect, make text bounce or wobble or slide across the screen with a single click.

Not only this, but I couldn't get any traction on the linoleum floor, and my gym shoes simply slid across the surface as I was dragged.

Still groggy with sleep I looked around, taking in the scene of passengers cowering on the floor, glass sliding across its shiny surface with the roll of the train.

In 3% of cases "slide by" is used

I felt his hand slide by so I looked at him and gave him a glare and then left.

In the event you create a misstep, he can slide by you, in addition to that's just what this individual managed to perform.

Houdin had undertaken to repeat his failed feat from the previous year by sliding by his teeth across the Niagara Gorge situated under the Upper Steel Arch Bridge.

In 3% of cases "slide down" is used

The ice gradually built up and started to slide down the mountain slope.

I react by sliding down the side and onto the ground below, running away.

The shame only lasted a moment though because I was soon sliding down a mountain.

Yes, we've seen a few stories about how people fell off their bikes, slid down the road and the cycle helmets prevented head injury.

In 3% of cases "slide out" is used

Punk gets caught but slides out of a hold.

I slid out of bed and dropped to the floor, the weight of a snarling mountain gorilla bearing down on me.

I even had a job interview at a pub and when I was encouraged to order a drink, I slid out of it by saying I was doing Dry July.

We rode up the bottom of it, glancing through the shrubbery at its edge, till Henry abruptly jerked his rein, and slid out of his saddle.

You can lift the top end of the bed by sticking blocks underneath -- although your spouse may object once he or she has slid out of the bed a few times.

In 3% of cases "slide over" is used

The puck snuck-in under Frederik Andersen's skate and slid over the line.

Surfers catch waves in the turquoise waters below, fishing boats trawl offshore and the evening sun slides over the uninterrupted horizon.

They bring out the highs alright and they are shaped to pop the string while sliding over it, much the same as the principal as a giant classical guitarists fingernail.

In 3% of cases "slide through" is used

The probe slid through the opening, heading for the damage in the alien ship? s surface.

A few moments later she slid through the opening in the top of the barrel which floated in shallow water near the quay.

Attaching suckers to all the rocks, the octopus carried the load home, slid through the den opening, and carefully arranged the three objects in front.

Swing, jump, climb and slide through the multi level play areas, take part in the many additional activities on offer, book a wild party and then relax in the 5 star Jungle Express Cafe.

In 2% of cases "slide onto" is used

If you tilt your head you will find that the drool slides onto your bib.

Facilities where objects must be quickly removed or slid onto the belt should stick to belts with a smooth surface to minimize friction.

In 2% of cases "slide towards" is used

The table folded out of the side panelling and slid towards me, and proved stable enough to type on.

And his brutal intransigence invites violence from his opponents as Syria slides towards full-scale civil war.

He got past the initial spin threat, only to go lbw to one perhaps sliding towards leg when India belatedly introduced frontline seamer Umesh Yadav.

Tourist flow to China fluctuated significantly, falling to? 51% annual growth in 2009, but coming back in 2010 with 44% annual growth, then sliding towards 4% growth in 2011.

There are two answers: people will either accept the situation, continuing to slide towards a totalitarian state, or they will come back to the values that were dear to their ancestors.

In 1% of cases "slide along" is used

Houdin was waving the flags of both countries as he slid along the wire.

The woman picked up her drink and slid along the bench seat to Astor's table.

In 1% of cases "slide away" is used

We were gliding sleekly through the water, but Demetrios was slowly sliding away from us.

Either one makes effort and cultivates oneself, or one slides away from Dhamma to deterioration.

In 1% of cases "slide behind" is used

Then, as the sun reluctantly slides behind the distant Adirondack Mountains, a hush shrouds the valley below, only accentuated by the faraway tinkle of a cowbell.

In 1% of cases "slide beneath" is used

The crazy looking crossover is confirmed to slide beneath the family-focussed Dualis with a starting price that Carsguide believes will shimmy below $25,000.