Prepositions after "solve"

solve by, in, with, for or through?

In 48% of cases "solve by" is used

We need a true solution solved by us.

My problem is solved by installing it.

A legal problem is solved by changing the law.

So there isn't actually any problem here that is supposedly solved by the tax changes.

Somali problem can only be dealt with and effectively solved by the Somalis themselves.

The second problem is only solved by blocking the interaction of the opposing pressures.

The **25;2341;TOOLONG Pact (July 1957) the first such attempt of the two linguistic communities to solve by devolution.

That will take a lot, lot longer - and probably will not be solved by the time Hodgson's four-year contract has expired.

GET PROBLEMS SOLVED BY BABA BANGALI JI (GREAT ASTROLOGER) World Famous Astrologer/Vashikaran Guru, Love Marriage Specialist.

They become not people, but subjects and all too often, problems -- problems for, and to be solved by middle-aged male WASPS.

In 14% of cases "solve in" is used

This can be solved in one second.

No problem is created or solved in isolation.

It has to be solved in this more public arena and that's where we are now.

I am not convinced that the political deadlock social welfare always causes can be solved in Washington.

It has also been considered as an important problem to be solved in physics in the late twentieth century.

The Bolsheviks were forced to tackle economic and cultural problems that had long ago been solved in the West.

I think they are more important issues to be solved in restaurants than eating on tables such as TVs and Music playing.

The puzzle was solved in the 19th century by two people you may barely have heard of: Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell.

However, until the advent of computers, these were still impossible to solve in the time-scale required for weather forecasting.

In Ullman, Dietterich and Stauffer 8, ten operators were identified that characterize the problem solving in mechanical design.

In 10% of cases "solve with" is used

Most problems can be solved with a day's notice.

Problem solved with Robin and Valencia and Rooney.

And lets not forget that NOTHING has been solved with the Kurds.

It must be remembered that tomorrow's challenges can not be solved with yesterday's thinking.

Many problems or difficulties you may be having can easily be solved with the help of an acharya.

To the extent that the human race has problems it can not solve with technology, we must simply adapt.

We find that it is most effective to do some problem solving with him about what he can do to help himself comply with what you are asking.

Robertson wants to use city-owned assets to build 38,000 homes in the next 10 years, and says the problem of homelessness can be solved with permanent housing.

Inadequate capacity, ventilation, improper ergonomics and technical maintenance required to service typical portable toilets are the problems solved with this product.

What unites our customers is an almost zealotry belief that network monitoring at speeds in excess of 2Gbps is a problem that can ONLY be solved with purpose built hardware.

In 8% of cases "solve for" is used

So one equation only lets us solve for one unknown.

I think some of them are solved for us while others are not.

We have a value for y (Absorbance) and need to solve for x (Concentration).

The dynamic programming problem will be solved for several gate-closing water levels.

For each gate-closing water level, the problem will be solved for several rainfall frequencies.

If we solve for velocity, we get But the mass get's greater as you get further away from the galactic center.

Diego Cheja even joked their succession problems were solved for the next generation too, pointing at his son snoozing away in a stroller.

Asking for LinkedIn recommendations When you ask people for recommendations: ask that a recommendation include a problem that you solved for the person.

That said, I am beyond tired of the continual seeking for the single-most important problem in US education that an endless string of self-promoting educators promises to solve for us.

In 4% of cases "solve through" is used

Otherwise they are solved through word of mouth, but often the people that need to make these reports do nt use email or Twitter.

I believed that Tanzanians must commit to helping Tanzanians -- that this issue we can solve through the work and the resources within our own community.

When people are presented with a complex task that can be solved through multiple different strategies, males and females sometimes differ in the strategy that they prefer.

I understand each company is only allowed 2 internees (open to correction) but this was easily solved through the use of various company names registered to the same owners.

In 3% of cases "solve at" is used

It is a European problem that has to be solved at a central European level and the way to do that is not to keep chipping away at wages and causing joblessness and poverty.

Harry and his wife Valerie (Jennifer Daniel) have inherited his cottage and move in to find the house a mess and a mystery is to be solved at the heart of this small community in the mansion of Dr.

In 3% of cases "solve without" is used

In fact, most personal grievances get solved without them having to be dealt with by lawyers and outside agencies.

To suggest that the housing problem could be solved without having to build new houses may appeal to the government, which is keen to reduce welfare subsides.

I'd also sure that either your friends or your family members have thanked you so much for helping them solve a problem that you know how to solve without even blinking once.

In the interest of a national integration and unity so necessary for the economic development of the whole country, the Party feels such problems should be solved without loss of time.

In 2% of cases "solve over" is used

I understand that problems can't be solved over night.

For centuries, problems of mankind have been solved over a cup of tea.

In 1% of cases "solve about" is used

Meanwhile, the mystery could not be solved about the authority which sealed the factory last time.

In 1% of cases "solve along" is used

Unfortunately there were a few obstacles to solve along the way.

In 1% of cases "solve before" is used

Moreover, the problems of spherical and chromatic aberration were solved before 1830.

In 1% of cases "solve on" is used

What has happened here? The problem can be solved on the basis of Eus.

In 1% of cases "solve to" is used

Design is evolving wonderfully from Problem solving to Problem finding which is very important.

Tonight, with admirable composure and humour, she adds impromptu problem solving to her live repertoire.