Prepositions after "sort"

"sort through" or "sort by"?

In 38% of cases "sort through" is used

We sorted through a bunch of cool stuff in the attic.

Still sorting through the photos I took in Hong Kong.

He sang softly to himself as he sorted through the clothes.

I hold my breath, savoring it, sorting through the tastes until I find the familiar.

Tuesday I will recap my favorite High Point finds (I am still sorting through images).

Gather up a pile of stuff you need to sort through, and sit down in front of the television.

Sorting through the wealth of Burns material available poses an exciting challenge to editors and researchers.

I then loaded all the files into my Pro ToolsHD 2 Accel rig at 96k and started sorting through the best takes.

It would be much more enlightening if the media would attempt to sort through the spin and separate fact from fiction.

SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, you're playing to the Short Attention Span masses, they will not sort through complexities and nuances.

In 23% of cases "sort by" is used

They are sorted by Publication Date.

You can even sort by platform if you're looking for desktop apps.

It displays a continuously updated list of URLs which you can sort by different criteria.

The misfire/lack of aceleration was finally sorted by replacing the cam follower and chain.

When the grains are sorted by running water or wind, they show different shades of the same color.

How many times do I have to type it? DoesThisOffendYou From what I can tell (Google custom date range search- sorted by order).

Help is fully searchable, and search results are sorted by relevance and divided into lists of related commands and help topics.

Nick Reddan's Newspaper Abstracts with 14,840+ abstracts from various Irish newspapers (1750-1840) sorted by selected family names.

In 10% of cases "sort for" is used

This needs to be sorted for you.

These are: Sorting for the future.

Volkswagen is all sorted for its drivers.

In asking them, I'd coaching the client to sort for solutions.

I asked them to put it right and was told it couldn't be sorted for 2 weeks.

Both conditions involve the person sorting for what is wrong, and associating into unpleasant experiences.

It is a feeling of wanting to get everything ready while you have the spare time -- wanting everything to be sorted for the baby.

Sorting for failure is such a powerful metaprogram, that I believe it often operates independently of any other intention than it's own.

Ask repeatedly for information about what has changed between sessions, and coach clients to sort for success, and to congratulate themselves for their results.

In 8% of cases "sort in" is used

The journals are sorted in descending order based on the highest record count.

Karl is leaving Paris for Dublin soon, so we hope to have it all sorted in a week or two.

Catalogue pages are created automatically and your items are sorted in whatever way you like.

Song descriptions and download links are listed below, sorted in order of subjective relevance.

Registered mail, much of which contained cash, was sorted in High Value Package carriage at the front.

Step A: Cited page items from all the child fo:index-key-reference formatting objects are sorted in area tree order.

In general, they will be sorted in the order of when they are anticipated to be in the Majors, even though it is no guarantee that they will get there.

You have until the week before results day to contact the uni and ask them to reject you for everything to be sorted in time for you to enter Clearing straight away if approproate.

In 6% of cases "sort into" is used

Glass at the dump, sorted into bags.

The application file is sorted into cap counted or non-cap counted cases.

The roots then collected after washing and drying, have to be sorted into different grades.

Major and he said that until we had been sorted into Companys he could not say who would get leave.

All of these will one day be sorted into the notebooks that I am saving to give back to my daughter and to each of her children.

Right now I have a really really high stack of papers that I need to sort into the proper notebooks for my daughter and 4 grandchildren.

He seems to have inherited some of his father's personality, including his irrational and childish fear of being sorted into Slytherin house.

The ideas are sorted into three sections: the connection of science and technology, the principles of technology itself, and the connection of technology and society.

In 2% of cases "sort according" is used

All of them were sorted according to their level of involvement in the LTTE's activities.

Stage II c Ballot papers are sorted according to the votes cast in favour of each party or group.

If I wanted to sort according to your yandex alternative, what would I need to change? I'd using Notepad++ 6.

After LocalScore is calculated for each page from the set N, NewScore values are calculated and pages are re-sorted according to the new criteria.

In 2% of cases "sort to" is used

Processing can mean anything from repacking or sorting to the most complicated manufacturing.

In 1% of cases "sort before" is used

I will be writing to Watchdog as this problem needs sorting before someone gets seriously hurt - Toni Hunter from Lincolnshire Mike Greaves, Middlesex Peugeot 407 Coupe 3.

In 1% of cases "sort from" is used

They slowly appear on people's radars, working their way through junior formulae, and the pretenders are sorted from the potential champions.

In the sort-order declaration, CSScomb by default follows the principle of the inverted pyramid: prefixes are sorted from longest to shortest, followed by the unprefixed property.

In 1% of cases "sort of" is used

I really like the difference that there is with the character and being able to sort of enjoy it as an inside joke with the people that I work with.

In 1% of cases "sort under" is used

Had a few minor niggles which were sorted under warranty.

In 1% of cases "sort with" is used

But if I had my preference, I'd write up an article like this, and it'd seamlessly glide into a clean, simple stream of my writing, organized by topic and sorted with the newest stuff on top.