Prepositions after "speculate"

"speculate on" or "speculate about"?

In 43% of cases "speculate on" is used

I did not speculate on its future.

Koch also speculated on why we are conscious at all.

Opponents of voter ID speculate on possible future legislation.

The authors speculated on the possible putative factors for the Sardinian experience.

This really isn't the place to be speculating on that kind of thing without evidence.

Whether you're looking to speculate on a short-term jump in crude or establish a long-term.

So how can we speculate on what the next iPhone will have in store? One thing is for sure: there will be a next iPhone.

That money is what is used by the financial industry to speculate with, to buy up sovereign assets with, to speculate on food with.

Without knowing the specifics for respondents who still express some pessimism, it is impossible speculate on their negative outlook.

Next, and I want to be nice about it but still make the point -- It's never wise to speculate on what someone knows about pedophiles.

In 34% of cases "speculate about" is used

I speculate about a possible pooling of resources.

And not to speculate about the draft already, but.

Africans do not like to waste much time speculating about the future.

Twitter was having a field day, as users speculated about the lunch time conversation.

Let's speculate about time in some way other than linking it to this alleged entropy increase.

But we do find it intriguing and great fun to speculate about possible Derren Brownian tactics.

Douglas that could have been written on Dailykos by someone speculating about why Congress hasn't impeached Bush.

Your outlook is in line with what scholars speculate about this world: that it is one of seven of Allah's (swt) blessings to us.

The cable speculated about a romantic relationship but the nurse, Halyna Kolotnytska, 38, fled Libya after the fighting started.

I'd just speculating about general possibilities, but I really don't have enough information to apply any point to your situation.

In 6% of cases "speculate as" is used

I can only speculate as to the reasons for her resignation.

I will not speculate as to why he has chosen not to respond.

James is speculating as to the motives of people who disagree with him.

There's no need to speculate as to whether heated rhetoric and spin are essentially harmless.

Spicer wouldn't speculate as to whether there are possible safety implications for the majority of the city's bus fleet but did say the two fires in about two weeks are disconcerting.

We don't have enough information about the bank's business model to make that sort of estimate for our project, so I can't really speculate as to the answer to your question about profitability.

In 6% of cases "speculate in" is used

The citizens of Spain borrowed big time to speculate in real estate.

So when Showbiz met her last Tuesday, the first question that was put to her was what everyone had been speculating in whispers.

Like sailors on a sinking ship, there is little point in speculating in what caused the ship to sink -- what matters is that we organise.

Here is a quick look at the major features of this handset: The Samsung Galaxy Note II has most of the specifications that had been speculated in the past.

David Lewis-Williams speculates in The Mind in the Cave 2 that these images are the results of shamanic trances, possibly drug-induced, certainly ritualistic.

Then, in 1903, after John Truman went bankrupt speculating in grain futures, the family moved to Kansas City, where John Truman took a job as night watchman at a grain elevator.

In 2% of cases "speculate at" is used

The exact causality can only be speculated at this point but the correlations are robust.

Ball Three -- I speculated at Spin Cricket that in the future, every ODI player will be a davidhussey.

At last! Hard evidence for a place which astrophysicists have before now only speculated at: a parallel universe.

In 2% of cases "speculate by" is used

But this is the reasons speculated by the secular in the Watchers group.

It is speculated by physicists that perhaps quantum teleportation may be the ultimate process in the control of dynamics of matter.

In 1% of cases "speculate for" is used

Well it was fun speculating for the moment.

In 1% of cases "speculate with" is used

That money is what is used by the financial industry to speculate with, to buy up sovereign assets with, to speculate on food with.