Prepositions after "squat"

"squat on" or "squat in"?

In 44% of cases "squat on" is used

There was a dark figure squatting on the floor.

The porter was squatting on a stool, polishing an amazing pile of shoes.

Some children ate their meal at school, sitting or squatting on the ground.

A group of housing activists squatted on the road in front of the home, blocking traffic.

By that definition, anybody who squats on land owned by other will have rights to the land.

So a large group of Islenos squatted on a big piece of property mid island on the Carrabean side.

Exactly an hour after ordering a three pound chicken that's been brined, then roasted arrives squatting on a Tuscan bread salad.

To initiate him into the community they put him in a pit, laid planks over his shoulders, squatted on the planks, and pulled out his hair.

Converting to renewable sources that don't require killing the planet or the people who squat on land its buried beneath, is ultimately, the low cost way to go.

The former university official declined to comment on the other problems hounding MSU, including the alleged proliferation of houses squatting on university land.

In 29% of cases "squat in" is used

Pearce and Carney offered diddly squat in attack.

It appeared that fighters from one of the sides had squatted in the house.

I mean, the toilets at my university weren't great, but I was never forced to squat in a hedge between lectures.

I spoke to two young girls shortly after I stopped filming who told me that they were squatters protesting about the recent criminalisation of squatting in the UK.

Squatting in open places to defecate comes with what such people term the fringe benefits of ' free air-condition ', and such satisfied ' users ' find it extremely difficult to let this behaviour go.

In 2% of cases "squat about" is used

Frankly, the El Reg storage desk thinks this is bonkers; the chemistry boffins obviously know diddly squat about the practicalities of hard disk drive electro-mechanics and RAID rebuilds.

In 2% of cases "squat at" is used

There is a noticeable lack of hemorrhoids in countries where residents routinely squat at the toilet.

In 2% of cases "squat by" is used

Some empty buildings are squatted by groups of Africans.

In 2% of cases "squat from" is used

Many young people today are out of touch with movements like squatting from using chairs their entire life and kept from deadlifting and rotating from the Safety Lifting Police.

In 2% of cases "squat to" is used

Squeeze your abs as you lower your knees to the ground and slowly squat to sitting position.

In 2% of cases "squat until" is used

If there is a tax consequence either way, the greater benefit comes from squatting until foreclosure, particularly if prices are rising and they end up owing less tax if they wait.