Prepositions after "stall"

stall in, for, by, on or with?

In 26% of cases "stall in" is used

The four murder cases stalled in the absence of accused parties.

Legislation to remove this voting rights cap is stalled in Parliament.

In 1824, Yohei opened the first sushi stall in the Ryogoku district of Edo.

This is how I find myself at the Rabbani fish stall in Bangalore's Cox Town.

So far the government is stalling in their bid to find a solution to the national issue.

Time seems to have stalled in this era, as seen in the bright paint jobs and classic builds of the cars on the street.

Orders for major durable goods such as computers and telecommunications equipment stalled in September, a report last week showed.

While the bill was originally passed with bipartisan support, a rewrite of the law has stalled in Congress due to disagreements among the two parties.

Obama supports the DREAM Act - a bill creating a path to citizenship for children of illegal immigrants enrolled in college or enlisted in the military - which stalled in a deadlocked Congress.

In 23% of cases "stall for" is used

It does not necessarily say that they are stalled for any reason.

After stalling for weeks, Syria yesterday signed the deal to allow Arab League monitors into the country.

They're not ' gathering evidence ', they're stalling for time, trying to figure out how to cover their asses.

Shin has been watching everything, though, and reports back to Hang-woo that he's been tricked -- Bang is only stalling for time.

Many other shops of their kind ask for time in order to ship in an order, since they would rather fish for the product and stall for time.

The agent, reportedly convinced that the investigation was being stalled for political reasons, then allegedly leaked details of the probe to Republicans in Congress.

Awlaki was also asking for a cooler box to keep his chemicals cold, but Storm stalled for time, instead leaving a USB memory stick and some gifts with an intermediary for collection by the courier.

In 14% of cases "stall by" is used

Shell's first attempts to drill for oil off northwest Alaska were halted after a day, stalled by encroaching ice floes.

With a dysfunctional Congress stalled by ideological gridlock, President Obama's best efforts to revive America's economy and alleviate the misery of millions have been blocked.

Someone who works inside major corporations or organizations to develop and promote practical solutions to social or environmental challenges where progress is currently stalled by market failures.

In 12% of cases "stall on" is used

Succesive governments have stalled on this issue for over 20 years.

The elderly are often out of sight and, therefore, out of mind, which, I presume, is why the Government is stalling on Mr Dilnot's plans.

To be fair, most players will never actually run out of quests, but they'll frequently become stalled on a single quest that asks them to reach a specific number of mastery stars.

In 4% of cases "stall at" is used

Many wounded men were drowned in the rising tide and the first wave, and subsequent waves, were initially stalled at the waterline.

In 4% of cases "stall with" is used

Do not try to take off by pulling your break lines right away as the canopy will stall with the little speed you have.

In 3% of cases "stall behind" is used

And passengers waiting to get their bags were stalled behind him as he spent 10 to 15 seconds on his knees grabbing what he could, Gross said.

In 3% of cases "stall due" is used

Ivanovic, a former French Open champion now ranked 14th in the world, even admitted her game had stalled due to the relationship.

Top energy producer Russia has been in negotiations to supply fuel-hungry China with natural gas for years but the talks have stalled due to failure to agree a price.

In 1% of cases "stall along" is used

The efforts of our bullying matatu driver soon became fruitless, as his matatu stalled along Haile Selassie street.

In 1% of cases "stall as" is used

Talks have stalled as all three parties maintain their stances, although sources in the UK and Italy have told Goal.

In 1% of cases "stall beside" is used

Grilled fish at the stall beside the seawall.

In 1% of cases "stall over" is used

Smoking rates have stalled over the past few years - they are not declining.

In 1% of cases "stall to" is used

The storm nearly stalled to the south of Pensacola later that day and buffeted the central Gulf Coast with 24 hours of heavy rainfall, hurricane force winds, and storm surge.