Prepositions after "stimulate"

stimulate by, to, in, at or during?

In 68% of cases "stimulate by" is used

As the authors acknowledge, their research was stimulated by P.

Reproduction is generally seasonal and is stimulated by increasing daylength.

The activity of PCDHY is stimulated by this substance; that of PCDHX is suppressed.

These can be stimulated by low levels of exposure, or overwhelmed by very high levels.

Don't forget that revenue will increase through economic growth stimulated by tax reform.

Over the next two decades, waves of immigration were stimulated by anti-Semitism and communist persecution.

And, surprise, surprise, these extra pupils passed more exams -- they took more academic subjects and were stimulated by the peer-group effect.

Beside these cytokines, MCP-1, COX-2 and iNOS was most often found to be down-regulated by Resv when stimulated by the pro-inflammatory treatment.

O Murch, reflects a recent renewal of interest in Amhlaoibh's diary, stimulated by the work of such scholars as Proinsias O Drisceoil and Breandn O Madagin.

The dwarf willow then produces a toxin which is stimulated by chewing and after a while the caterpillar can't eat it any more, so it has to close down for winter.

In 11% of cases "stimulate to" is used

New entrepreneurs can be produced and existing entrepreneurs can be stimulated to greater efforts in their business through training.

In 9% of cases "stimulate in" is used

The imagination is stimulated in a way that the more logical connections of the Internet can not match; the Internet will make people literal-minded.

In 5% of cases "stimulate at" is used

You will need to find out what part of the heart is being stimulated at different peaks and what muscles are contracting as a result of this stimulation.

We constantly need to be stimulated at every hour of the day, gone are the days where knitting or reading books on public transport are the activities that help pass the time.

In 2% of cases "stimulate during" is used

The members of the group are motivated and stimulate during training.

In 2% of cases "stimulate for" is used

When cells are not stimulated for long periods of time, your brain reorganizes itself; you naturally lose the unused, understimulated cells.