Prepositions after "stun"

"stun by" or "stun at"?

In 57% of cases "stun by" is used

I was completely stunned by this.

I was totally stunned by the question.

I remember we were stunned by this find.

Morrison, who had called for help, was stunned by the atrocities of the Allied Forces.

As half-time came the disappointing crowd of 103 were somewhat stunned by what they had seen.

With its amazing 1080 Full HD resolution, you'd be stunned by how ingeniously this TV is created.

Our source said Uba was stunned by the demand, and seemed to realize that his ministerial dreams had been torpedoed.

Comments (64) I thought Nicole was stunned by the divorce and she was devastated that Tom wanted out of the marriage.

On arriving you will be stunned by the beauty of the beach, one of the most scenic in Tanzania, said to be on a par with Zanzibar.

As he arrived in their presence, the women got totally stunned by his beauty, and many cut their fingers instead of the fruits in their hands.

In 16% of cases "stun at" is used

My first reaction was to be stunned at the naivity of the message.

Mario is stunned at how overrated the guy who just blew past him is.

He was stunned at the beauty of the lad and paid the highest price at the bidding.

They're all grown men, but you'll be stunned at how many of them forget passports, don't bring their own trousers, etc.

In 7% of cases "stun in" is used

Having been stunned in the CIMB Singapore Masters semi final two weeks ago by Laura Massaro, David was looking to bounce back in style.

I am stunned in disbelief that he would go from being low-pitched in supporting the FOI bill to being aggressive and vocal in contravening its purpose.

Where poultry are stunned in groups in a waterbath, a voltage sufficient to produce a current strong enough to ensure that every bird is stunned shall be maintained.

My spouse and i ended up being 100 % stunned in simply because this operating system had been therefore quick that could finished my best work in much less point in time compared with well before.

In 5% of cases "stun with" is used

The morning dive was stunning with good visibility, colorful soft corals and lots of marine life.

On the stage, Paige fairly much stunned with her professional overall performance because she belted outWhat is actually Love.

In 4% of cases "stun into" is used

Out they flew, attacking the Spaniards at the next table who were stunned into sudden silence.

In 4% of cases "stun on" is used

She stunned on the red carpet at the Grammy's in an embellished Alberta Ferretti gown.

The views to the east over Taveta and to the northwest to Mawenzi Peak are stunning on a clear day, making the short hike well worth the effort.

In 1% of cases "stun after" is used

Absalon looked stunned after the foreman of the jury read the verdict.

In 1% of cases "stun for" is used

His tone was light yet to me it seemed like a thunderclap, I was stunned for a while.