Prepositions after "submerge"

submerge in, under, by, during or for?

In 48% of cases "submerge in" is used

As for me, I had a nap partially submerged in the river.

That has been submerged in abuse over a lack of trophies.

Some streets are easily submerged in flood whenever there is a downpour.

First four floors of the structure are submerged in water, only the top floor remains outside.

But the buzz around Goodison Park, and the watching nation, told of a second half submerged in goals and incidents.

Thus, in the turbulent conditions that prevailed some corpses would have rotted in the jungle or been submerged in blasted bunkers.

Some areas in Luzon are still submerged in flood water which prompted LGUs to declare suspension of classes in schools in the affected areas.

The Bargi Dam irrigates only as much land as it submerged in the first place - and only 5 per cent of the area that its planners claimed it would irrigate.

There are several scientists who contend that the islands of Polynesia were parts left intact of the continent Lemuria which submerged in the midst of the Pacific.

Hour 54, 11PM: While the rest of Britain composted their brains with X Factor catch-ups and Sunday roast lethargy, we were submerged in facepaint and unnecessary sunglasses.

In 11% of cases "submerge under" is used

Land from MVC embankment till Maharaji tola was all submerged under water.

Railway track at Dinapatti between Saharsa -- Purnea has beensubmerged under water.

The old Rangamati town was submerged under lake water and a new town had to be built later.

Ararat once covered by water, but it even erupted while submerged under great depths of water.

It honours Jamaica's ancient capital city, submerged under the sea after an earthquake in 1692.

In 9% of cases "submerge by" is used

The water courses over rock-strewn terrain and at times the flow is submerged by rocky outcrops.

Experts further warned of a possibility of key beaches of Zanzibar and a big part of this island being submerged by the Indian Ocean within the the next 100 years.

In 8% of cases "submerge during" is used

The rest are submerged during high tide.

The rest of the rocks and reefs are submerged during high tide.

However, the stone path will be submerged during high tides, pedestrians might be trapped.

Mangroves store gases directly inside the roots, using them even when the roots are submerged during high tide.

In practice, however, they will be mostly submerged during the surface phase of a dive, substantially reducing their effectiveness.

In 5% of cases "submerge for" is used

Oh, I know motherhood never ends, but the day-to-day support portion, in which I have been submerged for the past 15 years, will start to vanish.

However, the rest of the nation suffered a considerable amount of destruction, along with flooding and most of the islands were submerged for a while.

In 5% of cases "submerge into" is used

Sometimes you think you have a sighting and then it submerges into the rack of other contenders.

The Albanian tribes held their own against the Ottomans, but were eventually submerged into the Ottoman Empire.

In 3% of cases "submerge to" is used

Simply deep breathing while submerged to your chin is a simple way to challenge and exercise your respiratory musculature, and much greater resistance is possible with snorkels and breathing tubes.

In 2% of cases "submerge about" is used

The Sardar Sarovar reservoir, when the dam is at its full height, is going to submerge about 13,000 hectares of prime forest land.

In 2% of cases "submerge below" is used

Food was usually stored in ceramic vessels like amphorae and dolia sealed with stoppers and sometimes partly submerged below floor level.

In 2% of cases "submerge beneath" is used

Then he would jump off a bridge into a hole cut in the ice that covered the Detroit River and free himself while submerged beneath the freezing water.

In 2% of cases "submerge including" is used

Some of the health risks of course will include water borne diseases; reason being that everything was submerged including sewages, safety tanks.

In 2% of cases "submerge within" is used

This is because being submerged within the water has a great way of cushioning our joints and protecting our bones.