Prepositions after "undermine"

undermine by, in, at, from or due?

In 76% of cases "undermine by" is used

But progress has been undermined by corruption and mismanagement.

I would have thought that he would say, if he actually had real evidence of being undermined by Cunliffe.

But that case was fatally undermined by the Minnesota governor's performance on the campaign trail last fall.

It's another to disgracefully admit that our nobler impulses are inevitably tainted and undermined by our sordid natures.

The unions ' position is somewhat undermined by their lack of complaints about all-white German, French or American shows.

That is the truth: the Zulia police are undermined; the Zulia Police undermined by drug traffickers, criminals, kidnappers.

Your first evidence is undermined by the fact that you are talking about issues that will not be solved by banning the burka.

It is up to jurists to safeguard the fundamental freedoms undermined by the Gayssot Law: freedom of opinion and of expression.

It's an effect seemingly intended to jar the viewer, but it comes off as uncontrolled, undermined by Lee's scattershot approach.

In 9% of cases "undermine in" is used

The Pill is on so high a pedestal that alternatives are undermined in comparison.

It is not my intention here to undermine in any way the contribution of Batticaloa cadres within the LTTE.

Their ability to impose their will at Republican funerals had already been dramatically undermined in the summer of 1987.

Where he was at one with them was in understanding that liberty is a fragile achievement that can be undermined in many different ways.

In 3% of cases "undermine from" is used

Pakistan was thus thoroughly undermined from within even before it made the unwise decision to shelter escaping Afghan Taliban in 2001 -- the army's bid to maintain its options in the face of the U.

In 1% of cases "undermine due" is used

We also know about the Northern Ugandan Action Fund - again totally undermined due to corruption.

In 1% of cases "undermine for" is used

So, they surely can not claim any privacy that they agressively undermine for others.

In 1% of cases "undermine with" is used

In a conflict, each side can overwhelm with force, or undermine with deception.