Prepositions after "understand"

understand by, in, about, as or from?

In 19% of cases "understand by" is used

Are they understood by all employees? 7.

Yes sir! I understand by the grace of God, sure.

This had always been understood by both of them.

He needs to be firm and consistent so that his 1Malaysia can be understood by all.

We suggest that they can only be understood by applying a historical-dynamic approach.

This message must be clearly appreciated and understood by the youth and married couples.

The science might be complex, but making predictions that don't come true and pretty easily understood by anyone.

Everything was becoming allegorical, understood by the group mind, and especially this: You're either on the bus.

Ouattara, as is already understood by many Africans, is a loyal servant of imperialism, an IMF/World Bank technocrat.

This could be understood by the fact that when Google launched its Google Music, there was no music from Warner label.

In 19% of cases "understand in" is used

From what I understand in those days.

Yes, I do understand in hardware compatibility issue.

However, I still do not understand in what world Mary J.

This means that there is a large and growing momentum in understanding in the U.

These dualities need to be understood in their proper historical and cultural contexts.

Yet, this work would have been understood in ancient Egypt to represent the real world.

I know this walk will allow me to understand in a very small way just what it was like to walk those 300km as a POW.

As a buyer, Fermina can make herself understood in Spanish, remaining within the comfort zone of her native language.

Since each planet had its own clearly defined gravity, platforming was much easier to understand in three dimensions.

For the sake of justice (as it is understood in Washington) the White House is ready to send soldiers even to Antarctica.

In 13% of cases "understand about" is used

He understood about the orphanage, everything.

This was what he understood about life, and to him, it was normal.

Get coping tools, insights, and understanding about the suicidal.

But I can more than understand about your need to spread the happiness it brought.

I do not know if my 2 rombocious boys would understand about making beauty out of chaos.

I got to grips with screenwriting software, he got to understand about the legal profession.

Information that will give you insight and understanding about the person you are spending your life with.

I sincerely appreciate all the kindness from a whole lot of people who were understanding about my health.

Exactly what do they wish to understand about your market? What exactly do they wish concerning the information.

The thing to understand about ambient, though, if you've never heard it before, is that it's slow and deliberate.

In 10% of cases "understand as" is used

Phusis here should be understood as in Alexandrine terminology.

It is best understood as a reform of the health-care-reform bill.

A lucky break is easily understood as an extension of the basic idea.

Perhaps Panenka's audacity is best understood as a last flicker of the Prague Spring.

When our spending is understood as an addiction, however, this isn't shocking at all.

Every currency devaluation should be understood as the breaking of contract, Mises argued:.

The public relations tug-of-war has long been understood as a central element of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Middlebrow is now understood as a highly complex sociological phenomenon, with boundaries that are almost too flexible.

Irony is understood as an evaluation by an audience which relies on a sharp discordance between the real and the ideal.

Traditionally, fashion design has been identified as an art and costume history has been understood as a branch of art history.

In 8% of cases "understand from" is used

I understand from the blog that you are 17 years old.

Which if I understand from the charts makes it around 1878.

They need to understand from early that life is a mixed bag of health and.

Jews understand from a very young age that going to college is a given, not a choice.

Why such sorrow? I had understood from the start that octopuses don't live very long.

A bit of patience and understanding from everyone (flight attendants and passengers) is what's needed.

Ideal Hijab The ultimate or ideal hijab may be understood from the following traditions: Once when the Holy Prophet (s.

In practice, PRINCE2 requires commitment and understanding from senior management, so it is important to get them on side.

This can be understood from the fact that most of the large business houses have begun to put their products for sale online.

In my experience though, the bigger problem is not discrimination but lack of compassion or understanding from employers/colleagues.

In 5% of cases "understand with" is used

We lingered for a long time here, understanding with all our senses.

Before we make those choices, we need to better understand with whom and what we're dealing.

Al-Sayer signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Toronto? s University Health Network (UHN).

It makes it perfectly clear why I could never seem to make my point understood with the other side.

Certainly, this entails understanding with the Shiite regardless of their sectarian affiliations.

Hilal Al-Sayer, signed another Memorandum of Understanding with McGill University's medical center, in the field of cardiovascular research.

KMG concluded a memorandum of understanding with the administration of the Mangistau Region and the Italian company Castle Oil &Gas; Fields Services LLC.

In addition to the USA, the UAE has nuclear cooperation agreements in place with the UK, South Korea and France, plus a memorandum of understanding with Japan.

What I don't yet fully understand with this Finch committee business is how this is supposed to work when scientific publishing is a truly international business.

In 4% of cases "understand for" is used

What I would like to see is understanding for the decision *not* to join the BCS.

I understand for pamonhas milk is added to the ground corn, or sometimes coconut milk.

The method is easy to learn and the few do's and don'ts are easily understood for safe use.

The end is when the reader should understand for the first time what he or she has been reading.

Most importantly, these groups collaborate safety tips that need to be understood for online social networking.

This article however is intended to provide support and understanding for the straight spouse who often feels very alone.

Back to top What is a unit standard? Unit standards specify what a trainee needs to know, do, and understand for assessment.

There is a difference between legal and illegal immigrants! I do not know why that is so hard to understand for so many people.

Does what she wants, apologises for nothing, says everyone should have sympathy and understanding for her and her actions but is.

After airing out the venue for pepperspray the event continued with its mission to increase tolerance and understanding for diversity.

In 3% of cases "understand of" is used

We should not just read it only to understand of the lower meaning of it.

What I understand of each changes over time, as if there were time enough to comprehend what may be in a poem.

I thought, in my arrogance, that the topic was perhaps avant garde for what I understood of their belief system.

The average Malay has very little understand of the world realities and hardships that affect the non-malays in Malaysia.

Nevertheless, the location planners tend to be clever adequate to understand of which by simply proactively changing they're rising.

Auto Insurance As this article mentioned before, prior to getting auto insurance, you need to be able to get a good understand of what you need.

This therefore can not be understood of the ordinary prophets which were raised up in Israel, but of Christ only, as the apostles expound it Acts 2:22-26.

But one thing was for sure, it served Chinese food that, except for the dimsum, did not really look traditionally Chinese from my own understand of what Chinese cuisine was.

A scientific hypothesis is a theory put forward to try to explain a reality that is observed and experienced but which seems not to fit with what we previously understood of reality.

However, our Lord may here, as in several other places, be using the past for the future; and the words may therefore be understood of the glory which they were to share with him in heaven.

In 3% of cases "understand on" is used

I understand on the day of release you actually made the album available free for download.

Then again, I found lots of good books in the library on my own to teach me about things I couldn't understand on my own.

I can understand on Shanty town because they are quite small (and slightly buggy ), but on SH they are huge glowing portals.

That partnership has become even deeper and broader since we signed a Memorandum of Understanding on wine co-operation in 2008.

But there's just something about a book that's well-written, but contain characters and a plot you would never hope to understand on your own.

Very often it is the mental pillar which receives the least attention, more often than not due to lack of understanding on the coach's part.

For all those who attended thank you for your patience and understanding on the day, which I am sure was helped along by the gorgeous Promo Girls.

Marcy doesn't even understand on her own what happened in the Bush years- she just relies on the liberal media to tell her it was bad- and that's a big problem with our country.

In 2% of cases "understand at" is used

I suppose that I was too young to understand at subtlety and was quite unfamiliar with real class.

He'd first take a piece of paper and write the concept that he was trying to understand at the top.

The socialist's did not understand at the time nor do they understand npw the mindset of the Islam-educated Islamists.

Obviously I understand at the moment they are probably doing so many different things but if it could happen it would be amazing.

The information I was given was extremely accurate and even though not always understood at the time it later proved to be the case.

Your troll like ramblings are an affront to all good christians or indeed anyone who has empathy and understanding at the core of their beliefs.

Bottom line -- Buffett has a very long history of buying good companies in businesses he likes and understands at prices that undervalue the company.

The newspapers on Trove especially, as we are finding stories that had been lost, or may not have even been fully understood at the time, and only are now that we see the full context.

Secondly, what we say about our point 2 (formation of strong memory traces) is relevant to understanding since understanding a metaphor or a metonymy is understanding at a relatively ' deep ' level.

In 2% of cases "understand between" is used

Promoted understanding between China and U.

Cooperation and understanding between the P.

The museum should help enhance understanding between the two groups.

It's understanding between 2 ppl, it's more of a mental approach than a physical one.

Detached work can also help to bridge the gaps in understanding between the local community and young people.

It's about bridging the gap of understanding between the regular everyday person and wounded warriors, Martinez explained.

This instrument supersedes any other agreement or understanding between Alentus and the Customer, whether written or oral.

Richard encouraged clear communication and understanding between suppliers, contractors, designers and the clients in order to avoid any costly mistakes.

The joint co-ordinating commission was set up through a memorandum of understanding between the two governments in 1995 initially to oversee the feasibility study.

The manager will understandably rotate his players to keep them fit for the upcoming grueling schedule; with time, the chemistry and understanding between players will definitely improve.

In 2% of cases "understand to" is used

Why they are failing to understand to that.

The power of supply and demand was understood to some extent by various early Muslim scholars as well.

Not only a well balanced recipe but also very good to understand to someone who likes to be a hobby baker.

Each can be followed and understood to the observing mind which sees the cycles in all things, and realizes that all things follow the Great Law.

However, if we believe things without researching and trying to understand to the fullest of our ability, we end up as one of those suckers born every minute.

Do not take any understanding to be complete and final: you will continue to find more meaning and realize the need for revision as you continue your study.

In 1% of cases "understand after" is used

Nine: There will be many words and sentences, that you will not be able to understand after every effort.

Causes of diabetes- The cause of diabetes can be understood after understanding how glucose is normally processed in the body.

Any publisher who stll does not understand after all these years and all the experience, is a f***ing dinosaur and needs to be shot.

I also understand after reading the Book of Mormon that families are forever and because I have been sealed to my family in the temple I will have the opportunity to live with them forever in Heaven.

In 1% of cases "understand among" is used

FIPS-Mouche shall also aim, within the Olympic ideal, to foster friendship and understanding among all people, and peace in the world, through sport.

This conference, in that relatively short span of time, has become a vital forum for encouraging dialogue and understanding among the participant countries.

He is the founder of International Youth Advocates, an organization that promotes principles of peace and understanding among young people throughout the world.

In 1% of cases "understand through" is used

The temperature of the Earth has a thermal relationshhip with the Sun that is to be understood through any substantial work on thermodynamics.

Tweets is actually positively involved within causing excellent thoughts collectively within link and therefore provides all of them possibilities to understand through one another, Nike Free.

In 1% of cases "understand within" is used

This means that there are different levels of understanding within communities.

There was a glaring absence of political strategy and understanding within the organisation.

Only when understood within the context of this order, will each part yield its fuller meaning to you.

And God's offer of God-self to women and men could be made in ways that they can understand within their cultural contexts.

Importantly - whatever notation system/software you use - its symbols must be understood within your own group or organisation.

In the light of Christ (and this principle of creation and fall understood within him ), everything in creation now? bursts forth with proofs of these two truths?

In 1% of cases "understand without" is used

It's the one thing that blacks will understand without a doubt.

One has to ask how these can be understood without that prior context/skill.