Prepositions after "unleash"

"unleash on" or "unleash by"?

In 29% of cases "unleash on" is used

Bugti was rewarded with the governorship of the province and insurgency unleashed on the province.

Google may turn one of the ideas -- the driverless cars that it unleashed on California's roads into a new business.

What if the Cuban Missile Crisis was not averted? What if nuclear bombs were unleashed on the United States in the 1960's.

A vast array of weaponry, including white phosphorous and depleted uranium munitions, was unleashed on a trapped population.

A wave of killings unleashed on the Hazara community has left its 500,000 members afraid to venture out of their enclaves in the east and west of the city.

It was subsequently revealed by Bengali writers themselves that those found killing and raping were indeed Indian intelligence agents unleashed on innocent Bengalis.

Not that Republicans are all that much better, but at least we might be able to slow down this huge snowball of leftist control that has been unleashed on our country.

They should stop installation now, until human safety research is completed, research that should have been done before smart meters were unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

Futthermore, the undeniable destructive power unleashed on those two days has meant that no-one in the Cold War and since has been under any illusions about the reality of nuclear warfare.

In soft and inviting tones, computerised announcements unleash on an increasingly obese and pliant mankind, ominous forms of food, beverage and services which only succeed in dehumanizing humanity.

In 25% of cases "unleash by" is used

That is, however, until the new ranking irrationalities are unleashed by money thirsty marketing bandits.

UV also forgot that, last year, it was the venom unleashed by the Cobras that defeated them in the semifinals.

Some think it carries lessons for the Arab world, which is grappling with political change unleashed by last year's uprisings.

Central banks are waging a war against the deflationary forces that were unleashed by the banking crisis and the bursting of the credit bubble in 2008.

Even as late as 1939 Hitler had still done nothing to compare with the campaign of violence unleashed by Stalin against the peoples of the Soviet Union.

Most Filipino historians believe that owing to the heavy firepower unleashed by the Americans, the true number of Filipino dead ranged from 1,000 to 3,000.

These new politicians, drawn from more humble, middling ranks, were buoyed up by the rising tide of democratic sentiments unleashed by the American Revolution.

But Norton were not about to give up and went straight down the other end where a strike worthy of winning any match was unleashed by Green giving Proctor no chance.

Gorbachev believed that the inventiveness of a talented nation could only be unleashed by letting ordinary people take more control of their lives through some form of democracy.

In 15% of cases "unleash in" is used

Think of the dark passions that had been unleashed in the aftermath of the assassination of Salmaan Taseer.

He's hoping to render the next NDP BC government powerless but he is ignorant to the storm he will unleash in B.

This founding idea of Eurovision is a richness for a TV producer and provides potential that has not been unleashed in recent years.

First up, let me address the comments from yesterday's post: the positive internet juju that was unleashed in the thread was amazing.

In 8% of cases "unleash upon" is used

It will unleash upon you confidence like you never had.

It can't be released on the downtrodden minority so it has to be unleashed upon the heretic or non-believer.

In 5% of cases "unleash without" is used

A mighty power has been unleashed without moral or legal restraints to reshape the world, and to redraw the maps of the Middle East.

Indeed, it took me three years of graduate school to painfully realize how little of my potential I unleashed without the Sitzfleisch ingredient.

In 4% of cases "unleash with" is used

But now he is unleashed with his long-awaited solo album and the secret is out: Keith Harkin is a major talent.

Here, Michael elaborates on how learning, skills development and innovation can be further unleashed with the support of ICTs.

In 3% of cases "unleash within" is used

She illustrates how to unleash within each of us a wave of creativity striving to express itself.

Suddenly something shifted inside him -- the tree was the same as a person untouched by God, he realised, and an overwhelming sense of love was unleashed within him.

In 1% of cases "unleash from" is used

After Belgium's ill treatment by German forces, a tsunami of moral outrage was unleashed from one end of the English-speaking peoples to the other.