Prepositions after "upset"

upset by, over, after, of or for?

In 45% of cases "upset by" is used

George was really upset by it all.

I am deeply upset by the lynching photo.

The embassy official was upset by the story.

The 40-year-old was upset by this incident and immediately posted a series of frustrated updates.

I'd not upset by the decision to rest some players ahead of the huge game against Juventus on Tuesday.

He said locals in Benghazi were upset by the activities of Islamist groups and would revolt against them.

Children who have been upset by something violent or aggressive can be helped to learn to deal with it by playing about it.

Clean water must be available at all times in a trough or container that is securely placed and not easily upset by the animal.

I honestly don't think it would do any good to be upset by something like this, because you know people are doing it for a good reason.

A child who has been really upset by a hospital stay is grappling with the knowledge that parents can not keep the big bad world at bay.

In 10% of cases "upset over" is used

But eventually, she let it go because theres no point being upset over such matter.

It's business, no reason to get upset over something that doesn't even qualify as news.

Cena says AJ shouldn't be upset over something that never did happen and never will happen.

In 6% of cases "upset after" is used

He had sounded so distraught and upset after Rory had had a go at him.

Very true I can remember Senna being extremely upset after seeing Roland's crash.

But show interest and understanding if he does talk or feel upset after each visit.

In 6% of cases "upset for" is used

Failure at national level may be slightly upsetting for a day or two, but it does not really hurt or matter.

How will breast refusal affect my baby? When your baby goes on breastfeeding strike, it can be just as upsetting for her as it is for you.

For me Undead is very beautiful, alienating and also personally upsetting for the kind of ambient noise-that in some instances is created.

If Larry will forgive me for calling it the way I see it: he's upset for being disparaged -- as he sees it -- for having innocently misheard a number.

In 6% of cases "upset of" is used

In 1948 Truman won the most unexpected election upset of the century.

I'd not trying to upset of offend anyone, but I really do want to try and reach a conclusion, however fanciful that idea may seem.

It is probably the reason why it is still hard to believe for some that on this day we all witnessed the surprise upset of the season (yet).

The Crimson Tide's loss (and Syracuse's 45-26 upset of previously unbeaten Louisville) leaves three undefeated BCS-eligible teams with three weeks to play in the regular season: No.

In 5% of cases "upset at" is used

I was a little upset at the low levels of Twix, and comparatively low levels of Malteser.

An intellectual man, not only should not upset at having a baby daughter, but must be very happy too.

I am a bit upset at mo with the fact my Sus has posted details &; photos (although I hZvdnt approved them so they won't be seen) on my Fscebook timeline of Jamie arrival.

In 5% of cases "upset to" is used

Implying there is something outside their understanding is upsetting to say the least.

Implying there may be something outside their understanding is likely upsetting to them.

I have complained to ATOS regarding information used in the assessment which was not pertinent to her illness but was greatly upsetting to her.

Being a Pagan is hard work, challenging, upsetting to ourselves and others, isolating even -- but, if we're honouring our gods, it is always educational, revelatory and, let's be open, a lot of fun.

In 4% of cases "upset in" is used

Apologize - Keep in mind that who was so upset in customers over the long waiting line? Propose an apology.

One time Sam was extremely upset in a school assembly and for the safety of others, he was sent to my office.

Now, it's a long season and sometimes teams get upset in the regular season, so maybe there's a 1% chance we steal this one.

The only team that didn't go the distance was the 2005-06 Brampton Battalion, who reeled off 14 wins a row, but were upset in the second round of the playoffs by the Barrie Colts.

In 2% of cases "upset about" is used

I am getting a bit upset about it to be honest.

Then again, I am a little upset about the overall lack of worth in my decisions throughout the premiere showing*.

I don't see the Argentineans being the same, they are well coordinated and will be a bit upset about how they got on last week against France.

In 2% of cases "upset as" is used

But it really was upsetting as the cub was crying out for her.

It is, however, highly upsetting as to why the government is bent upon Capital Gains Tax (CGT) which has badly impacted market activity without gaining any revenue.

In 2% of cases "upset due" is used

The cop got upset due to his interference and.

In 2% of cases "upset like" is used

The principal wondered out loud to me as to why I wasn't upset like my other colleagues who had lost their bonuses.

In 2% of cases "upset with" is used

That is his ritual which you only try to upset with your iconoclastic views.

This episode also had me very upset with the parenting techniques of Danny Tanner and the spoiled nature of Generation Y as a whole -- with Michelle Tanner as the poster child.

In 1% of cases "upset out" is used

How often have you felt emotional or upset out of the blue but didn't know why.