Prepositions after "vary"

vary from, in, depending, between or according?

In 37% of cases "vary from" is used

Results vary from seat to seat.

It varies from person to person.

The exact dates vary from year to year.

The flat fee will vary from adviser to adviser as does the adviser's account minimums.

Usage (practice) varies from field to field: religion, law, medicine, business, etc.

The Bond films vary from deadly serious action to not-so-serious fun adventure stories.

The per hour pay of the medical biller and coder can vary from each establishment, but usual ranges are between $12.

The reactions towards these misunderstandings may vary from one individual to another based on individual character.

Introduction Effects of drought upon plant welfare vary from reductions in size and vigor to actual death of plants.

Catheter lengths vary from 25cm for females to 44cm for males to accommodate the length of the urethra in both sexes.

In 13% of cases "vary in" is used

They vary in sizes from small to large.

The rules vary in some other countries.

They also vary in function within a company.

Reverse osmosis systems vary in membrane quality, output capacity, and storage capacity.

The first issue is handled by vendor-specific inter-AP protocols, which vary in performance.

The pain can vary in occurrence and be mild and intermittent, or more pronounced and steady.

Really it is something you could vary in all sorts of ways and still get something economical and delicious every time.

Various dishes, containers on display Serving plates could vary in fineness, depending on the owner and the type of meal.

The trails vary in length from a few hours to several days and can be steep in parts - but are always taken at your own pace.

In 10% of cases "vary depending" is used

Fares vary depending on location and time.

This bit will vary depending on your country.

The price may vary depending on loading location.

For other types of properties, payment term varies depending on the developers.

The cost per semester for eligible students will vary depending on program length.

Please not that arrival time at the gate may vary depending on the road conditions.

The cost of brachioplasty ranges from RM7000 to RM9000 and this varies depending on the complexity of the case.

Cooking time varies depending on size but try 375 degrees for 4 hours covered and 1 hour uncovered (breastside down).

Advertising such as pay per click can also vary depending on the maximum number of clicks that the site owner has preset.

Partial seizures involve specific areas of the brain, and symptoms vary depending on the location of the seizure activity.

In 9% of cases "vary between" is used

Mara experiences vary between cultures.

The requirements vary between each state/territory.

The price will usually vary between USD 25 and USD 40.

Estimates on reserves vary between reserves lasting another 10, 15, or even 50 years.

A normal CD4 count in a healthy adult varies between 500 and 1,200, according to HHS.

The actual audience seems to vary between 300,000 to 500, 000 out of a population of 4.

I can't comment about the attendance at morning prayer as I am at work, but evening prayer varies between 1 and 8.

Similarly, the concept of what makes an image realistic has changed throughout history and varies between cultures.

The internal consistency was satisfactory, but the test-retest reliability varied between items from excellent to low.

And if skewness of citations really doesn't vary between journals, the mean will give you this without introducing bias.

In 7% of cases "vary according" is used

The charges vary according to the rent.

The temperature will vary according to location.

It seems the relief varies according to state.

The process of the web hosting package might vary according to the web hosting company.

The amount of the allowance varies according to the group to which the riding belongs.

Recruitment processes vary according to the type and size of employer you are interested in.

Choice of slipper components also varies according to the climatic condition of where your hotel is situated.

The number of stock units a property will support varies according to soil type, pasture quality and climate.

End-to-end timing is 51 minutes, with headways varying according to demand, from two-and-a-half to 15 minutes.

Guiltless he certainly can not be, though the degree of his guilt may vary according to the vainness of his swearing.

In 6% of cases "vary by" is used

Participation may vary by location.

Mediation processes vary by county.

Yet, as this situation unfolds, the speed and magnitude of response has varied by market.

While having a race long battle for last place, the lap times varied by close to 3 seconds.

If speaking times are varied by leave, the clerks are instructed to set the timing clocks accordingly.

They are all affected by the loss of habitat, poaching, and conflicts with people, but the threats vary by region and species.

While this varies by culture (national and organizational ), the general tendency is for whistle blowers to be retaliated against.

BLS publishes thousands of indexes each month; these indexes can vary by which items, geographic areas, and populations are covered.

In 6% of cases "vary with" is used

The race distances vary with the age groups concerned.

The results will vary with each type of brush you use.

Children have different needs that vary with their temperament and developmental stage.

The CRO uses a CRT to produce a graph of how an input signal voltage varies with time.

Similar to adults, 7-12 month old infants have several smiles, which vary with the context.

This would be someone with very good hearing and these values vary from person to person and they also vary with age.

The way we write it in Maths is 5 x 3 = 15 Now 5 is the constant speed while the number of seconds varies with time.

As the displacement/velocity disparity is going to vary with the time difference, it'd certainly not work in every case.

In 2% of cases "vary across" is used

Deployment costs vary across the UK 2.

Margin varies across car and vendor type.

Literacy rate Literacy rate varied across states.

Deployment costs vary across the UK Then why is BT apparently trying to establish a standard price? 2.

Found in at least one in every 5000 people, the diseases often involve many genes, and symptoms vary across organs.

Muslims who advocate it forget that modesty is a moving target that varies across time and from culture to culture (e.

Communicating research in a way that delivers on all these counts is difficult and varies across contexts and cultures.

All foster carers receive a weekly allowance, which varies across the UK and according to the needs of the child, starting at 134.

In 1% of cases "vary among" is used

Typically the alteration is a semitone or less, but this varies among performers.

Current commercial preparations use complex formula, which varies among manufacturers.

Though it varies among geographical regions, for decades the overall measurement was 7.

It is also important to note that duty structures vary among states for the same product, thus creating disparate pricing.

What's a healthy way to put on weight? Bear in mind that weight gain varies among women, and how much weight you put on during your pregnancy depends on many factors.

Main telephone number is 00353- 1 - 6028202/LoCall 1890 221 227 (Please note that the rates charged for the use of the 1890 (LoCall) numbers may vary among different service providers.

In 1% of cases "vary as" is used

Vision bulbs seems to vary as to size, etc.

Reports have varied as to the motives behind the murder of Mr.

The stages are not linear and can vary as the victim works their way through.

The amount or duration of the weight transfer will vary as the weight of the shot called for and the same.

Why is it crucial to complete the schedule? The number of doses will vary as the purpose of vaccination is to create antigens, says Dr.

This thesis examines a specific social cue during social interaction - how the correlation of movement between two people varies as a result of their affiliation.

Similarly, there is a total absence of guidance as to the standard of proof necessary to establish abuse and, therefore, practice varies as between District Court areas.

In 1% of cases "vary for" is used

Results might vary for a wider range.

You have to keep everything varied for him.

The kerning of non-proportional fonts vary for the various letters.

The environment scenario of Delhi amazingly varies for every period.

Results might vary for people with different educational qualifications.

When is the application deadline? Application deadlines vary for Mini Seedcamps.

The preference varies for other purposes such as policy development and program fund allocations.

What are the daily schedules of the projects? Project schedules vary for each project in Sri Lanka.

Check the product's certification seal: It should meet the requirements of the American Society for Testing Materials, which vary for each sport.

In 1% of cases "vary of" is used

Estimates vary of the number of political detainees.

Reasonable housing units in the value vary of Rs 15 Lakh - Rs 30 Lakh do well.

The priority among developers revolves around mid-segment units in the value vary of Rs 50 Lakh - Rs 1 Crore.

The market witnessed marginal appreciation in capital values in the vary of 1-3 percent that in 3Q11 across varied submarkets.

The bucks you are able to take advantage out of this financial loan can be varies of £100; to £1500; according for you.

In 1% of cases "vary on" is used

People vary on their preference of fabrics to use for their tapestry.

Naturally, the time needed will vary on each person's motivation level, access to material and environment.

Open seasons may vary on our fisheries so it is important that you check prior to ordering that you will be fishing within the season.

However, this rate varies on the basis of factors like physical size, gender, age, how much food has been eaten, type of alcohol and metabolism (NHS, 2012).

In 1% of cases "vary over" is used

The intensity varied over time.

This weighting will vary over time depending on portfolio activity and composition.

However, the strength of the relationship between the Australian dollar and the terms of trade has varied over time (Graph 6).

This chart shows how sub-soil temperature varies with soil type and depth: This chart shows how sub-soil temperature varies over time.

Factors that affect capital transactions are a third major influence on the exchange rate, although their importance has tended to vary over time.

However, we know intuitively that it is not true and the volatility would have considerably varied over time, with high volatility in certain periods.

In 1% of cases "vary throughout" is used

The sugar packet sizes &; weights vary throughout areas of the whole world.

Soils also vary throughout the region and are often a mix of limestone, sandstone, rock or clay.

Different enemies require different tactics and while not overly challenging it keeps the combat varied throughout the game.

We also get our fruit and veg from a food co op so we don't choose we just get whatever is in season which varied throughout the year.