Prepositions after "visit"

visit from, by, in, with or on?

In 27% of cases "visit from" is used

I was in town visiting from New York.

The Dixons and their two-year-old child were visiting from Canada.

The Sims siblings, visiting from Cornwall, England, unanimously approved of the display.

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I will visit and get all the great places to visit from Paris and Jean Ai and I am excited!!! hehe.

The town was recently linked to the KTM Komuter rail network, making it even easier to visit from KL.

Was really looking forward to taking a vegetarian friend visiting from Australia out to an old Boston favorite.

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On Friday night, the latter included an attempt at mind reading with a couple visiting from Calgary, performed with a stack of Post-it notes.

Women who give birth at the centre, or in their homes on the reserve, are also pleased to get an additional postpartum home visit from maternity care worker Janet Homer on Day 2.

In 16% of cases "visit by" is used

I didn't think that all the designers were visited by Tim.

Kizimkazi is most visited by tourists for its dolphin tours.

What are your views on this? DK Thanks for visiting by my weblog.

Since then Bwawani was visited by thousands of sick people and fortune seekers alike.

The tomb at Sebaste continued, nevertheless, to be visited by pious pilgrims, and St.

The Kintampo waterfall is mostly visited by many people from all parts of the country.

Although little visited by international tourists, Shenzhen is a popular destination for Chinese domestic tourists.

Fraser Island, Australia is visited by a lot of tourists annually, with the number ranging from 350,000 to 500,000.

Enraged at this, Xiang Yu was about to attack Liu's forces when he was visited by his rival in his camp at Hong-men.

Bomb and grenade attacks have been indiscriminate, including in places visited by expatriates and foreign travellers.

In 14% of cases "visit in" is used

Got lucky and visited in mid-December once.

visit in addition to compare them with the footwear.

There are many things and places to visit in the area.

The outlets visited in Ifo local government area of Ogun State were AP, Oando and MRS.

I have open manual license and my own car, and hoping to visit in the next week if I can.

When we visited in August 2009, we thought it felt more like a family home than a lodge.

Begin your visit in our Interpretative Centre located in the beautifully restored 1830's Gate Lodge of Graiguenoe Park.

If you've never heard about Almost Famous it is literally the best burger place you will ever visit in your whole life.

The first doctor that she had visited in the morning, said afterwards to me that everything had been alright and normal.

Abel sent this pamphlet to several mathematicians including Gauss, who he intended to visit in Gttingen while on his travels.

In 10% of cases "visit with" is used

I had the chance to visit with Dr.

She and her husband, George, were visiting with us.

So I'd thankful we are at a much better advantage visit with her, etc.

Author: Kardian kekeran Thank you for visiting with your willingness to read this article.

Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales is one of the best spots to visit with the family.

When we visited with Jonathan Lindvall (of Bold Christian Living ), we talked about this verse.

Alternatives Once your alternate arrangements are established, you should take the time to visit with the provider.

The OA and I had three favourites near our old home and we even took Orange Jammies for a walk when she visited with us.

As a matter of fact, those are the Greek comrades who I visited with two years ago and with whom I am in email communication.

So it was natural to experience this when my lovely G and I recently visited with Uncle Bill, Dads younger twin, and his wife.

In 7% of cases "visit on" is used

He can be visited on the main deck of the Dreadyatch.

Brazil Brazil is the final country we will visit on this list.

This ID is added to the address of each page visited on the site.

Especially if you visited on Monday or tried to share some posts on Facebook, LinkedIN, etc.

The shame they have regularly subjected their wives to are then, ironically, visited on them.

However, Iran is probably one of the most safe and friendly countries one can visit on this planet.

We have cited a host of other writers on the terrible economic depredation that Jewry visited on the people of Tzarist Russia.

Among the places we visited on the way, were the border stations of Katuna in Kabale District, and Cyanika in Kisoro District on the same day.

Pictured above: the local early morning market in Luang Prabang, which we visited on an informal walking tour with the chef from Amantaka resort.

I visited on a dark winter's night and the view of the city from the approaching road made me think it must have been Tolkien's inspiration for Mordor.

In 6% of cases "visit for" is used

visit for a taste of burger history.

I have been absent from visiting for a while.

You could also visit for free the Cathedral of St.

Elegant, chic and stylish, Paris is the city to visit for a classic shopping experience.

This is the place to visit for all ethnic handmade products, t-shirts, homemade pasalubong.

Alison, I haven't visited for while, and as always I find your posts are thoughtful and poetic.

We had been to Andaman islands, a place which I wanted to visit for a long time, and I finally got a chance to go to.

If you plan to use a waiver, you should also contact the embassy of the countries you plan to visit for more information.

Celebrations Visiting For Memorable Honeymoon The Peninsula has long been hailed as one of the finest hotels in the world.

All this makes Montenegro a great country to visit for a variety of pursuits, like snowboarding, whitewater rafting or cycling.

In 6% of cases "visit to" is used

Then a member may propose to visit to Anuradhapura.

We made a sudden decision to pay a visit to Ritigala.

In these two month people can visit to maximum visitors in disney world.

King on his March l8, l968, visit to Memphis when he stayed at the Holiday Inn Rivermont Hotel.

He also includes participation in religious ceremonies and even visits to churches and the like.

visit to Rudrapur means visit the extracurricular academic activities of Rudrapur Primary School.

The big building is Prema Cooperation After the visit to the Koneswaram kovil we started our long journey back to home.

A fantastic result for players fans and management sees us all looking forwards to next week? s visit to Surrey Street of Silsden.

While the mega-star would personally be present in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai, it would be his visit to Tokyo that is of optimum interest.

We simply downloaded the cities that we'd be visiting to offline storage while we had WiFi access at a hotel (but back home would've been smarter!).

In 3% of cases "visit at" is used

We visited at the right time, that was before the snow's full bloom.

I had a sister in Calgary who I was hoping to get to visit at some stage.

There is so much to see and do here and a great city to visit at any time of the year.

Visit during the day and see the city in all its brilliance or visit at night and witness the city sparkle.

All the destinations can be visited at a selfsame depression cost and without any disturbed caused to the travellers.

Our most merciful AchArya Sri RaamAnuja was visiting at one time ThirukkOLur, the birth place of Madhura Kavi AzhwAr.

This makes the country one of the best places to visit at this point in time especially in the areas of affordability and scenery.

On the 5th of February 1920 Runge was visited at his home by 3 officers of the police and Heppert, the Head of the administration of the jails.

It's one of the most beautiful and atmospheric places to visit at this time of year with its crisp cold air and cozy diners beckoning winter tourists from round the globe.

No indication was given as to how many units of each tablet are being stocked, but interested customers must visit at &T's; online store or a brick-and-mortar outlet to claim the discount.

In 3% of cases "visit during" is used

You can have 3 guests at once visiting during the day between 8am and midnight.

A friend would only visit during the appointed at home hours, but the rules of behavior were less strict.

visit during the day and see the city in all its brilliance or visit at night and witness the city sparkle.

We shall recommend and guide you regarding appropriate areas to shop and visit during your volunteer orientation.

The third and final word is located at Arcwind Point, a place you may already have visited during vanilla Skyrim.

And if you happen to visit during winter, Hyde Park boasts of its Winter Wonderland, London's largest open-air ice rink.

Now we'll riffle through each other's collections when we go to visit during holidays but mine is always the most impressive.

I had been traveling full time for 16 months and the 19 countries I had visited during that period had all started to blur together.

If you've never been to Tasmania before, you might want to consider visiting during the summer months when the climate is more welcoming.

Spokesman Robert Larocca said no photograph could perfectly represent a property and encouraged consumers to visit during the open inspections.

In 2% of cases "visit as" is used

I was happy that he was able to visit as a mentor.

Ever since I visited as a nine year old girl I've been hooked.

Those just watching will have to pay $50 to visit as the jump is located on private land and only accessible by 4WD.

Many cities in the Netherlands will be visited as part of a much larger campaign organized by the Dutch Cyclists ' Union (Fietsersbond).

It takes a little over an hour to get there from Ngorongoro Crater, and is mostly visited as a cultural tour to see the Hadzabe and Datoga Tribes.

TNMOC Trustee Kevin Murrell spotted the computer, which he'd visited as a teenager, in a photo of stored equipment, kicking off the restoration process.

I visited Zanzibar with two couples and had a wonderful time! It is one of those places that you can visit as a single female with no problems, and no one staring.

The second word is a little easier to spot, since it is located in the middle of the frozen lake at Forgotten Vale, which you will visit as part of the quest-line.

Book Online Now! Private Wine Tastings If you are visiting as a group, family or even a wedding party, request a private wine tasting as a fun and educational experience.

I know this site will always have something thought-provoking and interesting up every time I visit, and I usually regret visiting as an intended 10-minute break turns into an hour of slacking off.

In 1% of cases "visit after" is used

One of his projects was a Sri Lankan Folk Museum, which we visited after touring the cabin.

In case you truly and truly want to visit after the jackpot -- that may be under your control.

The region was visited after two months when the water in the rivers receded and crossing them through motorcycles became possible.

You could pick the hall that you wanted to visit after coming out from the Metro exit in the middle of the exhibition venue These neatly cut-out art deco were made by NAGA.

In 1% of cases "visit before" is used

Most days of the week I visited before work.

The crocodile ponds at Hans Botel can be visited before returning to Accra.

We visited before the official memorial was even open and it was still a very sobering visit.

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In 1% of cases "visit upon" is used

It's the Windows that will fix all of the ills visited upon them by Vista.

I dn't think I need to list the various horrors that the elites have visited upon those not in their class.

Only through a just system of health care can Jesus ' promise of life abundant (John 10:10b) be visited upon all persons.

Robert Oppenheimer felt after having invented the atomic bomb: If I'd only known this plague that I've visited upon the world.

It seems rather petty for God to take offense to people wanting to rid themselves of the pain that He visited upon them in His divine wisdom.

Despite the terrible ravages of the Allied blockade, the country had not duffered the kind of domestic physical destruction that ' Bomber ' Harris was to visit upon it in 1940-5.

The hardships and losses endured by many Americans during the struggle for independence were not visited upon the signers alone, nor were they any less ruinous for having befallen people whose.