Prepositions used with "recognition"

"In recognition" or "of recognition"?

In 42% of cases "in recognition" is used

This is in recognition of the response to the M.

in recognition of the fact that community and voluntary groups have a need.

This monthly feature showcases the work of our forum members in recognition of this.

in recognition of his extensive achievements during his office in the public sector, Mr.

On Tuesday, the Lake Oswego City Council held a moment of silence in recognition of the crime.

It is in recognition of this crucial struggle that AID has continuously endeavored to support her.

In 2001, Yale University named Linden a Poynter Fellow in recognition of his writing on the environment.

John Clifford was knighted in recognition of his efforts and in turn, he knighted his brother Roger Clifford.

All stood silently in recognition of his contribution to our parish, to the county and to the GAA in general.

The Braggs received the 1915 Nobel Prize for Physics in recognition of their important contribution to science.

In 25% of cases "of recognition" is used

Users enjoy a moment of recognition.

Savage the validity of recognition after this post.

The level of recognition will depend a lot on the taste of your recipient.

If we don't reward Somaliland with some form of recognition, they risk sliding back.

The most frustrating element of my profession is the lack of recognition of the work we do.

The moment of recognition may produce terror in the European or respectful admiration in the Yolngu.

By the time this letter was written, Yeshua had already received a place of recognition equal to the sages of the ages.

Rule of recognition: General agreement among those to whom a legal system is addressed that the law is binding on them.

To eat with people was a sign of recognition and acceptance; as far as the Pharisees were concerned these were non-people.

The warrants are a mark of recognition that tradesmen are regular suppliers of goods and services to the Royal households.

In 16% of cases "for recognition" is used

I truly don't do any of the things I do for recognition.

The meeting literally dampened Egla's hope for recognition.

There are two theories that have been advanced for recognition.

We shouldn't crave for recognition and credit outsde of the club and supporters.

I'd not saying rapists are screaming out for recognition and for help in rehumanising.

The cherished desire of India for recognition of Bangladesh by the UN that year was delayed.

Ou is a career diplomat with long experience in Latin America, one of Taiwan's main battlegrounds for recognition.

This short book is a seriously funny account of his life, his complaints, and his erstwhile desire for recognition.

He may be only an agent of the western powers and competing with his younger colleague Milinda Moragoda for recognition by the west.

And then there's the third group, struggling for recognition and displaying little strength to combat the other two -- civil society.

In 8% of cases "beyond recognition" is used

His body was mutilated and beyond recognition.

The world of communication has changed beyond recognition.

His body was burnt beyond recognition amid claims that his hands and feet were bound by a rope.

We later discovered that all the people in the house they set ablaze were burnt beyond recognition,? he said.

But they may help to identify people, perhaps injured beyond recognition in disasters, or people suffering from amnesia.

If this approach still leaves the in-flight instances in danger because the task has changed beyond recognition, we use a more extreme approach.

Mills ' departure, be prepared for a lecture on single digit inflation, free school uniforms and generally an economy that is booming beyond recognition.

Too late, the hull of wood which may have taken a year to assemble, trembled and was within an hour ruined and grounded into splinters and beyond recognition.

In 2% of cases "to recognition" is used

He is gradually bouncing back to recognition.

The theory propounds that statehood does exist prior to recognition.

The Agreement only deals with the process leading to recognition of Mi'kmaq as Status Indians.

Of course, the notion of exploitation in this regard is recent and substantially relates to recognition that use of animals for food and other products is no longer necessary for our survival.

In 2% of cases "with recognition" is used

The contributor of the solution is, in some cases, compensated either monetarily, with prizes, or with recognition.

This builds on the work of Cohen (1985) and Turner (1969) in that a sense of ' we-ness ' can still be attained even with recognition that ' race ' continues to differentiate.

Egypt and some Arab states are reluctant to empower Somaliland with recognition because they see it as an Ethiopian ally and do not wish to strengthen Ethiopia's regional position.

In 1% of cases "as recognition" is used

You will receive training and support as well as recognition for your efforts in the form of a Future Consultant Certificate.

We also talk about cultural rights every time issues such as recognition of our linguistic heritage or our culinary heritage spring up.

However, we really need basic cost remuneration as well as recognition so that it can help the creatives with their portfolio/services.

In 1% of cases "at recognition" is used

A good way to begin one's career is to look at recognition, respect, congruence with your personal aspirations and yes, the money -- in that order.

In 1% of cases "through recognition" is used

In essence, states are only established as subjects of international law by the will of the international community through recognition.

Her work in the human resources field has been recognized through recognition from the BC Human Resource Management Association as a 2006 Award of Excellence finalist.