Prepositions used with "sea"

at, of, to, above or by sea?

In 32% of cases "at sea" is used

On Tuesday the ship was at sea.

He died at sea aboard the Malta.

I guess worse things happen at sea.

Sure it's a few weeks at sea and more expensive, but on a one way trip might be an option.

Sarah Watt died on 4 November 2011, a month after Worse Things Happen at sea was published.

at sea, marine archaeologists may excavate ships fully loaded with today's antique pottery.

They usually live out at sea but can be blown inshore with Blue Bottles if there are a number of days of onshore winds.

After ten days at sea the ship was wrecked on the west coast of the Auckland Islands in the early hours of the 14th May.

A suggestion was made about burying Kasab at sea like Osama Bin Laden, but was finally rejected in favour of Yerwada Jail.

The boat, a catamaran, was detained at sea and escorted to the port of La Corona in Spain where it is now under armed guard.

In 16% of cases "of sea" is used

Mumbai must also study the impact of sea rise.

An ornithologist will see species of sea birds.

A hint of sea salt just intensifies the flavour.

The search is concentrating on a 60-mile area of sea from the east of Cromer to The Humber.

Measurement of sea ice from space is not an exact science, as these different methods show.

The current rate of sea-level increase is just over 2 mm a year, or about 20 cm per century.

Along the Atlantic Coast, new development is still expected on almost 60 percent of the land within 1 meter of sea level.

The story of sea water intrusion in Pemba was reported early this year and was discussed at the national level at Zanzibar.

The moment of victory in the Pacific found the United States suffering from a shortage of sea power in the midst of plenty.

In 16% of cases "to sea" is used

From there? I looked out to sea.

Jonah denoted bad luck on to seamen.

And so? in 1659? I went to sea again.

One thing led to another and soon she was going out to sea with them and even on her own.

The plane runs parallel to sea, landing almost makes you feel it would just run in the water.

I always wanted to be a writer and I had in my head that a writer should either go to sea or go to war.

Stirling was one of a small group of lifesavers which rescued nine people dragged out to sea by a powerful undercurrent.

Furthermore if we consider that the monsoon period is ending and that pirates might come back to sea with renewed energy.

One moment you are enjoying a swim, the next you feel yourself being irresistably carried out to sea to an uncertain fate.

Really we should of just gone to seaworld but my mum and dad had booked a tiger experience so we were all going as a family.

In 11% of cases "above sea" is used

Minico's elevation: 4,157 feet above sea level.

above sea Level) and enjoyed the service/ambience.

More than half of the world's active volcanoes above sea level are found in this zone.

Kabul is 6,000 feet (1,828 meters) above sea level, which means about 20-25% less oxygen.

Cuzco is a little tiny, picturesque town situated at approximately 11,000 feet above sea level.

Col de l'Iseran 2270m (thats 7,448ft above sea level folks) Starting from Val D'Isre the Col de l'Iseran is 48 km long.

It is to be built on a parcel of land of 75 hectares that is 1,100m above sea level, with a natural topography range of 22m.

High clover inclusion rates are a key feature of all the swards on the farm, which runs from 650 to 800 feet above sea level.

In 9% of cases "by sea" is used

He had his coal imported by sea.

Chapter 1: To Korea by sea Part 1.

South pole is land surrounded by sea.

The three main types of goods transported by sea are dry bulk, oil and containerised cargo.

The wings are then taken by sea to be assembled in Toulouse from parts built across Europe.

In a European crisis, at least half of our supplies for NATO would go through these areas by sea.

Examples highlighted during the conference included the innovative ViaMilano Program operated by sea Aeroporti di Milano.

There were small ' Milefortlets ' every mile with a pair of turrets in between-evidently to prevent unauthorised landings by sea.

But although Korea is surrounded by sea, its situation to leeward of the greatest of continents has given it a climate of extremes.

He returned to Constantinople by sea, made a treaty with the Avars, and with their help kept the Persians at bay round the capital.

In 6% of cases "in sea" is used

He knew that the Persians were weak in sea power.

He's seen for himself the dramatic decline in sea ice.

They live in islands of affluence and influence in seas of effluence.

Looks like the rise in sea levels has slowed down! And goodbye to Florida.

These efforts have seen a sharp decline in sea turtle poaching and consumption.

A simplified table of the major ions present in seawater from the above link is given here.

But, isn't this all to do about nothing? Natural variations in sea ice extent account for all of this.

A seasoned industry leader, Bezemer previously lead Lumesse SaaS Solutions ' business in sea and ANZ as Managing Director.

My favourite picnic items -- apart from the obligatory nostalgia of hardboiled eggs dipped in sea salt -- are pies and tarts.

What Minerals Make Up the Rock? mostly calcite How Was It Formed? Most limestone is formed by a chemical reaction in sea water.

In 4% of cases "from sea" is used

Elevation ranges from sea level to 500 feet above sea level.

from sea to plate in one day, you can't get any fresher than this.

This forest type occurred from sea level to elevations of 400 m or higher.

He is now trying to divert attention from Coalgate and terror from sea etc is cheap politics.

Daily sailings to the Aran Islands and Daily sightseeing trips to see the Cliffs of Moher from sea level.

Truck loads of sea sand are brought to the mineral sand factory where mineral sand are separated from sea sand.

How is the climate in Kenya? Kenya lies directly on the equator and elevations vary from sea level at the coast to 7,000+ ft.

MASIE is a fine resolution operational -type product, suitable for more-urgent tasks like keeping your boat away from sea ice.

They want to represent that by having the new flag show surrounding bars of blue representing Canada as being from sea to sea to C.

After grade 2, they sent her on the beaches of Puerto Galera in the Philippines to sell necklaces and bangles made from sea shells.

In 2% of cases "for sea" is used

But the water is denser, so for sea water, density = 1.

Combine this with inclusive, great value fares for sea and rail.

Maybe that's a good metaphor for sea level rise too -- it is non-linear in the same way.

for sea freight Partial Load(LCL) service WE OFFER: Partial loads by sea also available to any destination.

Other areas that proved to be the most dangerous places for sea turtles were the East Pacific Ocean (from the U.

It seems okay to use the 20 year results for sea levels but not air temperatures when the results do not favour your case.

For tour ideas and things to do in Galway, join skipper Joe Brady abaord the Tarrea Queen for sea Angling, Ecotours, Scuba diving and Sea Surveys.

Does the Irish Federation of Sea Anglers have a stance on the subject and if so would they speak up, after all they are the representative body for sea angling in this country.

In 2% of cases "on sea" is used

I especially liked the punchliner brunchs on sea days.

Biota -- Biota were observed on sea floor photographs (Figs.

Restrictions on sea movements affected the fishing industry.

The warm North Atlantic Drift has a marked influence on sea temperatures.

B-7810) in the implementation of not successful, the helicopter crashed on sea ice damage.

However there was nothing on sea The Stars, a horse it could be argued is the best ever produced by this country, who put.

It is almost exclusively vegetarian and feeds on sea grasses, algae and occasionally sponges, and lays between 80 and 150 eggs per nest.

According to Nkutumula making use of aquaculture as well as improving income for families and creating more jobs would, above all, reduce pressure on sea fishing.

How many news article report both sides of the story on sea ice today? Back in 1963, surveillance satellites used in the Cold War could find an object 2 feet wide on the ground.

And, because an estimated three billion people depend on seafood as their primary source of protein, pirate fishing has significant food-security and humanitarian consequences as well.

In 2% of cases "with sea" is used

She works with sea organisms that emit light.

We had our lunch at Golden Prawn 555, a restaurant built on a lake filled with sea water.

Dairy products, along with sea fish and sea salt are all good sources of iodine (NHS 2011).

The drop-in center was ruined, its floors buckled, its electrical outlets filled with sea salt.

Other buildings were not as architecturally important, but were connected with sea and river life.

Clean the outside with sea salt solution twice a day with clean cotton buds and just generally baby it for a while.

Dory knows how to party with sharks, play hide-and-go-seek with sea turtles and -- fortunately for Marlin -- she even speaks whale.

As a hydrologist, I was struck by the similarity of the problems with sea walls to the ones associated with levees along flood-prone rivers.

Approximately, 40% of the Japanese coast is lined with sea walls of varying heights, but as the New York Times describes, these sea walls provided little barrier to the March 11 tsunami.