Prepositions used with "conference"

at, of, to, for or in conference?

In 27% of cases "at conference" is used

It makes Ed sound good at conference.

She's spoken at conferences in the U.

Great meeting some of you at conference by the way.

I speak at conferences and I yammer on about what I'd having for lunch on Twitter.

She's found her own presentations at conferences rewarding and worthwhile, however.

That trust has built up over time through meeting them at conferences and email exchanges.

Potential mentors are probably all around you: other staff members, fellow students, people you meet at conferences.

The overall maximum expenditure in respect of attendance by councillors at conferences will be significantly reduced.

They pull from all sources of inspiration, write about it and then get on stage and talk at conferences, meetups and barcamps.

When you remove the people who were not actually at conference in your list, you're left with just Mike Smith and Patrick Gower.

In 21% of cases "of conference" is used

The life had long been sucked out of conferences by this point.

The number of conferences on peace and reconciliation is ever increasing.

The road to nationhood was, however, a long series of conferences, conventions, debates, discussions and referenda.

After their first set of conferences at the end of November, they will have a better idea of how the new system will help.

FAR EAST COMMAND ORGANIZATION, INCHON AND WONSAN LANDINGS There followed two days of conferences of an extraordinary nature.

She will now be adding Fusion to that impressive list of conference experience, where she is sure to once again get great reviews.

Oh, and you get to go to lots of conferences and parties and be really famous and get in Evening Standard features and all that stuff.

The web site will hold information about our organization including office bearers, goals, minutes of meetings, announcements of conferences, etc.

There was some kind of conference with Welsh UKIP speaking against the idea, talk of it being ' worked on ' and finalised as a proposal, then nadda.

Other Asian leaders took the cue and a series of conferences was held in various parts of Asia, such as Colombo in Ceylon, and Bogor and Bandung in Indonesia.

In 15% of cases "to conference" is used

If you don't usually go to conferences, and you are in the Midwest.

I do read about blogging and go to conferences but I don't follow every piece of advice.

We visit partners, go to conferences, and take note of the interesting things we see along the way.

Next up for Orient is a trip to conference North side, Gloucester, in the First Round of the FA Cup.

She has spoken to over 10,000 college students as well as to conferences and corporations about generational diversity.

Evaluative comments on the 1996 conference were compiled here in Webster's World, as a service to conference participants.

Get out to conferences, they can seem a little cost prohibitive at times but the connections you make there are more than worth it.

Hopefully, the Senate and House will be in a position to move forward to conference and reconciliation of the two measures early in 2010.

My list of self-training sources includes: It also involved talking to people, going to conferences, and booking some training or mentoring.

In 12% of cases "for conference" is used

I just made pumpkin pancakes for conference breakfast.

I saw him in line at registration for conference I was at.

One such need is the use of the data network for conferences.

I highly recommend Causal for conference paper collation, editing and production.

I'd been to Toronto a couple times for conferences and whatnot, but never spent much time exploring.

Throw in a couple of seasons where you are ' loaded ' and compete for conference crowns and double digit wins, and I'd elated.

City Wall Space is ideal for conferences, meetings, arbitrations, launches, seminars, workshops, lectures, company training days and cultural events.

ETA Business Visas are designed for business people visiting Australia for conferences, visiting subsidiaries, investigating markets or conducting business.

So, when no one was looking, I cached them under a couple of chairs in the little room that the railroad officials used when it wasn't engaged for conferences.

In 12% of cases "in conference" is used

There was no tilt at the leadership in conference that I saw.

My friend listened to all these excuses offered up in conference.

There Admiral Higgins spent the day in conference with Korean and U.

Women's swimming, meanwhile, expanded its talent and improved in conference rankings.

There in conference with the Commander in Chief they learned the plans for their employment.

No report on a SCOTUS case in conference challenging Obama's eligibility? No report about an Army Lt.

The White House revealed some details of the plan in conference calls on Tuesday to transportation industry groups.

Throughout the morning the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Army, and the military chiefs were in conference at the Pentagon.

People from AccEase attended the Every Body in conference, New Zealand's first disability Studies Conference, at Otago University, where we presented two papers.

They work much longer hours than people down the income scale, driving their kids to piano lessons and then taking part in conference calls from the waiting room.

In 4% of cases "with conference" is used

You will have a dedicated 2 hour slot to engage with conference participants without competing with other events.

When I'd not on the road, I'd often starting my day at 6 or 7am with conference calls to customers on the East Coast or in Europe.

In 3% of cases "by conference" is used

Add to that the amount of revenue generated by conference and I don't see anything changing for a long time.

Use of the network by conferences hosted by external bodies will be covered by a JANET Proxy Licence that will be obtained by the Computing Service.

In 3% of cases "on conference" is used

You'll find providers that offer free trial version, which concentrates on conferences and conference.

I saw her once at a conference in a windowless midtown Hilton, and she even sits on conference panels like a lyric poet.

In 2% of cases "from conference" is used

The goals are to: While some activities are repeated from conference to conference, others come from brainstorming sessions with the participants.

We received excellent feedback from conference attendees about the high quality of the publications, so I would like to thank you once again for a fantastic job.

J Patterson, implementation of decisions arising from conferences, summits, special meetings, inter-sessionals and other regional gatherings has long been a sticking point.