Prepositions used with "storm"

"by storm" or "of storm"?

In 44% of cases "by storm" is used

We must take the gates of Heave by storm.

A web browser that took the world by storm.

We believe he is going to take the world by storm.

TIP! Do not try to take the world by storm when trying to start your affiliate business.

She's in the new crop of internet savvy Kenyans who are taking Twirra and blogging by storm.

The seaside community was almost washed off the map by storm surges, some as high as 50 feet.

Too much hype in SL about younger batsmen who are going to take the world by storm, only to fall flat on their faces.

The original mix will take over the clubs by storm and has, without a doubt, serious commercial cross over potential.

In short order, the multi-billion dollar international phenomenon of group buying has taken the online world by storm.

It's been pretty hard to avoid the intense and effective marketing campaign for IGO Yogurt taking the country by storm.

In 27% of cases "of storm" is used

Man is at the mercy of storms, earthquakes, floods and other calamities.

He is at the mercy of the sea, of storms, typhoons, currents and becalmings.

A reader of Geography in the News recently wrote asking about the rotation of storms.

The affect of storm size and angle of approach on storm surge A 2008 paper by Irish et al.

We have witnessed a couple of storms like that thus far in Ukraine but nothing quite that extreme.

That this kind of storm is new and represents a disturbing departure from weather patterns of the past.

The person afraid of storms will hold it in memory as terror, the person who enjoys them as an interesting diversion.

Forecasters warned that another round of storms was possible in the afternoon, which could complicate cleanup efforts.

The northern Pacific Ocean archipelago nation has a record of being battered by an inordinate number of storms or typhoons.

By getting rid of FEMA and ignoring Global Warming Romney should increase the drama and entertainment value of storms a lot.

In 6% of cases "in storm" is used

These can be found here in storm Lake, IA.

I see a lot of young people getting very much involved in storm relief, other community work and a lot more.

However, the existence of natural variability in storminess confounds reliable detection of anthropogenic effects.

In 5% of cases "for storm" is used

Seriously, Fredster! Water in the bathtub is SOP for storms.

The two people to be hired will be leading 2 different, very strategic teams for storm.

Risk assessment, risk management, vulnerability reduction -- for heat waves, for storms, for everything.

Heating of low-lying air is crucial for storm formation, so the oceans don't experience as many thunderstorms.

Obama wins plaudits for storm response Polls taken in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy have shown large majorities awarding President Obama high marks for his handling of the disaster.

In 5% of cases "from storm" is used

However, the main impact from Opal was from storm surge.

MARYLAND Eastern Maryland cleaned up from storm surge, while western Maryland dealt with as much as 29 inches of snow.

It has cost billions upon billions of Euros to construct -- but also save billions of dollars in damages from storms and countless lives.

It has cost billions upon billions of Euros to construct -- but also save billions of dollars in damages from storms and countless lives.

Regardless of debris needs to be removed from storm damage to rebuilding that special room, there are going to be times when dumpster rental is necessary.

Tabbakh was jailed for seven years but MI5 managed to divert attention away from storm, who did not have to appear in court, and his cover remained intact.

In 3% of cases "like storm" is used

In the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Israeli soldiers operate like storm troopers.

Global temperature rise leads to warmer waters thus having the POTENTIAL for stronger Katrina like storms.

His old X-teammates like storm, Iceman and Beast are now the ones trying to stop him but they have no freakin ' idea how to, expect for.

Later immigrants with lower dispersal capacities have only a slim chance anyways, and depend on rare, special conditions like storms for successful immigration.

Against non-interactive decks like storm or Infect, where you need to kill them before they combo off, you probably need to be attacking for as much as possible every turn.

A decade ago, herders first observed the impacts of climate change with the increase in severe weather events like storms, droughts and extremely harsh winters, known as zud.

In 3% of cases "to storm" is used

An estimated 80% of the islands are one metre or less above sea level, making them particularly vulnerable to storms and changes in the sea level.

Therefore, design for the carport should maintain it steadily attached to the ground especially if your place of residence is susceptible to storms.

In 3% of cases "with storm" is used

Kathy -- It's so good to hear that young people are among those who are volunteering and helping with storm relief.

Why not promise a cure for the common cold at the same time? I really would like to think that the weather will be really, really hot tomorrow or filled with storms and snow.

In 2% of cases "against storm" is used

Trees offer a natural protection against storms, floods, and tidal surges.

Cities can respect flood plains and rebuild mangroves that are a natural shield against storm surge.

I played against storm, we split the first two games and I managed to win the third by remanding the first ritual.

This makes for the perfect shelter against storms, and also makes for a nice place to have a small harbour setting.

In 2% of cases "during storm" is used

In these 4 teachings, Pastor Jon shares with us about the faithful God to whom we can cling during storms.

Penguins that face the bitter cold and icy winds of Antarctica often huddle together in large groups for warmth during storms.