Prepositions used with "surprise"

"by surprise" or "of surprise"?

In 48% of cases "by surprise" is used

This caught Arthur by surprise.

The results caught Berna by surprise.

This morning, I was again taken by surprise.

Even Nkrumah's secretary was taken by surprise when she heard the news on the radio.

I never thought I'd be one to suffer from them and it took me completely by surprise.

Friends believe this proved Cruise, along with Connor, was taken totally by surprise.

The first thing to do as per the report is to exit the euro by surprise over a weekend when the markets are closed.

Q: Did you expect to become an action hero or was it something that caught you by surprise? No, I don't think I am.

What is most plausible is the CIA and government intel where simply caught by surprise and failed to properly react.

Although you know how the play unfolds, it develops in such a way that the moment comes when you are taken by surprise.

In 33% of cases "of surprise" is used

Always full of surprises and wild animals.

The bowling though had couple of surprises.

A series of surprise activities is organized.

In 2000, AOLiza returned to the element of surprise on the AOL Instant Messenger system.

Is this true? It certainly is a big number but we must consider the element of surprise.

The element of surprise may be gone, but at least you know that you will get something fun for her.

For the perfect holiday full of surprises, eclectic cultures and natural wonders, the time is now, the place is Malaysia.

Suddenly Rohan loses most of its element of surprise at the Pelennor, and the Gondorian fiefs don't get to defend the White City.

Envelopes containing orders were opened simultaneously by French Sheriffs which gave them the element of surprise in the endeavour.

What Adiga's book and Yuri Honing's music have in common is the sound of surprise in the narrative, as well as a compelling vibrancy.

In 10% of cases "in surprise" is used

Her mouth opens just a tiny bit in surprise.

When Elladan's lips met his, Faramir could not help but gasp in surprise.

Pushing open the door, Denise flicked on the lights and gasped in surprise.

Two of the children looked up and then immediately looked at each other in surprise.

The young Sallust, who was thought the best-natured man in Pompeii, stared in surprise.

I looked in surprise at the piece of paper and unfolded it to see a message, ' Follow the white rabbit.

They swung out on the trail with remarkable lack of exertion, turned their heads uneasily, and stopped in surprise.

These restaurants appear in surprise locations and often give patrons access to new foods or new dining experiences.

Insoon hesitantly confides that when she was in high school, she accidentally killed someone, and Sang Woo chokes in surprise.

After visiting LifeChurch's Global Command Center our leadership team wanted to build a similar room to evaluate in real-time our remote campuses in surprise and Scottsdale (opening soon).

In 6% of cases "with surprise" is used

Karma Yoga? I asked with surprise.

He turned and gently bit it making her yelp with surprise.

A tour of the factory was filled with surprises and lessons.

They were organized, not boring, and certainly filled with surprises.

Both episodes are filled with surprises and it did the perfect job of wrapping up a wonderful show.

One time I could have caught him because he was frozen with surprise -awe, I hope- to see me leaving the shower naked.

I totally enjoy the trek which makes me discover the undiscovered land coupled with surprises you would be amused to hear as we go further.

with surprise cameos by some of the world's most famous actors and actresses, you will be truly amazed at how much fun this film actually is.

I shared this with a close friend recently, giggling with surprise and awe like a little girl who just received a marvelous present from her Daddy.

We submit to doctors and nurses and students gawking with surprise when we disrobe for exams (not the oncologists, of course, but we still need regular checkups like everyone else, you know).

In 1% of cases "as surprise" is used

This would not come as surprise to any one as why Pakistan is one of the most backwards country in South Asia even after getting so much aid.

In 1% of cases "for surprise" is used

The thing about buffets, of course, is that there is very little room for surprise.

In 1% of cases "from surprise" is used

Often our biggest arguments come from surprises.

Reactions I've encountered range from surprise (in the U.