Prepositions used with "sale"

"for sale" or "on sale"?

In 56% of cases "for sale" is used

This one will be for sale soon.

Now their place is up for sale.

I have a number of roses for sale.

A printed copy of this soft-cover, 262-page publication is available for sale from SAA.

However there are components to be thought to be earlier than buying gold bars for sale.

Another 13 buildings were declared surplus and should be put up for sale or disposed of.

One afternoon, late in March, a man appeared who was interested in buying any of the woods horses that were for sale.

We will be located in the Rural Crafts Pavillion and will have a good selection of rugs and ladies clothing for sale.

So plan well! The owner of this blog may receive monetary compensation for sale of products displayed on this website.

Reports say the company used to keep diamonds mined in many countries and released a limited number for sale each year.

In 28% of cases "on sale" is used

Windows 8, which goes on sale Oct.

Specifically when it goes on sale.

Zombies on the Phone is on sale for $1.

If you buy a TV on sale and it turns out to be a lemon, you can return it or replace it.

The best thing about buying on the internet is you can find discounts and items on sale.

People who visit your website for the item on sale may wind up buying other items from you.

I've isolated the games I'd like to see and made some notes to have handy the day that single game tickets go on sale.

This product is a CE marked medical device and is on sale in some parts of the world already, being used successfully.

Some dresses will be on sale for between 35 and 50 per cent less than the regular price, as well as jewellery, handbags.

It has clocked up just 86 miles in its lifetime; and now its set to go on sale for the first time since the early 1980s.

In 10% of cases "of sale" is used

Make that one a condition of sale for the hardware.

Particulars &; conditions of sale may be obtained in London of Messrs.

Examples of annexures are a contract of sale or a child's school report.

Almost ALL chicken for example is halal slaughtered and not marked as such at point of sale.

That extra $9,300 (which must be paid in full at the time of sale) made selling my home impossible.

POS -- This software is used to operate the museum's point of sale features in the museum's gift shop.

The product, he said, seeks to organize the points of sale and converge cash channels to make buying and selling easy.

In a nutshell, capital gains is based on the increased value from time of purchase to time of sale on any real property.

This was an obvious improvement on the existing practice of wrapping the product in brown paper sheet at the point of sale.

No amount of persuasion at the point of sale is going to make them think differently -except a completely NEW naming system.

In 2% of cases "per sale" is used

Ways to decrease cost per sale.

Look at ways to increase profit per sale.

The easiest of the above to work on, is increasing conversion rates &; decreasing cost per sale.

There are other level bags that could give some profit but this specific bag tends to give the biggest wow gold profit per sale.

And it's equally easy to see that if your average profit per sale is not more than $200 -- you're making a loss on PPC advertising.

Online affiliate programs pay 75% or higher per sale because here you do all of the promotion and they take care about the customer.

By combining your average cost per click &; your average sales conversion rate -- you can work out your average cost per sale -- with PPC marketing.

So you'll be making significantly less per sale than you would make by selling the product on your own, but the volume of sales can be pretty significant.

Another advantage is that Linn Energy by hedging its exposures to these commodities has ensured a fixed profit percentage per sale it makes, irrespective of the price of the commodities.

In 1% of cases "from sale" is used

It has been withdrawn from sale.

The more severe penalty was the court order for the removal of goods from sale.

Proview counterclaimed and in the meantime some Apple goods were removed from sale in some parts of China, whilst the trial continued.

It will also have a bearing on Google's attempt to block Microsoft's Xbox games console and other products from sale in the US and Germany.

Sources of funding the External Account are limited to: Proceeds from sale of ringgit instruments, securities registered in Malaysia or other assets in Malaysia.

This does not answer my query I learned the hard way not to deal with this company bought from them before Christmas from sale brochure, took a while to come but it did come.

Many even middle-class university educated people struggled (unless they had some big family money behind them ), and despite some partial bonanzas from sale of council houses etc.

In 1% of cases "in sale" is used

All furniture iincluded in sale.

The increase in sale of premium brands is more important.

The interest set forth in sale contract must be sufficient to offset actual discount charges.

in sale contracts itmam occurs once the goods are transferred and the hukm (ownership) is hence firmly established.

Ruthless adoption of open auctions as the only valid method in sale and purchase of services would eliminate such corruption altogether.

Two examples reflecting above numbers are: Bajaj Auto reported sluggish growth of -5% in sale and Maruti Suzuki had reported sales growth of -4% for the month of August.

Lack of transparency in processes and procedures, and adoption of intricate normative criteria in sale and purchase of goods and services are the two main reasons for such corruption.

In 1% of cases "to sale" is used

Look at the overall effectiveness of your site in converting visits into sales.

The only task is to produce value added items and put to sale on a higher price.

In order to smooth selling, he has appointed 2 persons Ghasiram Mahakud and Narayan Naik to sale Handia.

The property dealer is suggesting that I purchase it on the registered agreement to sale and power of attorney.

Due to sale slowly for backlight television fourth quarter 2010 &; first quarter 2011, it should be rised again in the end of this year.

Here in NZ there are regulations requiring milk to be pasteurised prior to sale or use in the manufacture of cheeses and other dairy products.

Many people over estimate their websites ability to convert visits to sales -- the fact is that average web conversion rates are very, very low.

This intention by the British Government to resume to sale of arms to South Africa should not only be deplored but any attempt to enforce it should be vigorously resisted.

If she goes to the Hat, then the regular sellers might not cooperate her to sale and no customers would purchase Ranu from her and it would also take more time to make the customers towards her.