Prepositions used with "speed"

"for speed", "of speed" or "at speed"?

In 28% of cases "for speed" is used

Just wasn't an evening for speed.

Optimize your mobile website for speed.

I feel the need for speed when browsing.

So to sum this up, many of the wanted features on your wish list are for speed purposes.

In addition, the car set several world records for speed and endurance in a 72-hour test.

You can download Need for speed Undercover absolutely free of charge directly at our site.

This is not a sequel to the 2005 game of the same name, this is Need for speed: Most Wanted through Criterion's eyes.

I always used a GPS for speed as I maintained thatbitvwas the actual speed that I am interested in when making passage.

What I really liked about Need for speed Most Wanted was the free world roaming, similar to that in Grand Theft Auto games.

It's hard to generalize EA's creation as, for those of you who aren't aware, Need for speed is split into three generations.

In 23% of cases "of speed" is used

I prefer Mr Fairbanks assessment of speed.

Some examples of speed signs are shown below.

Both of these are now almost equal in terms of speed.

The challenge in dead reckoning was the accurate and regular estimation of speed and heading.

But it was one of those things: we had a lot of speed but just couldn't use it in all the race.

It's a neat way to avoid direct comparisons and still retains the original's amazing sense of speed.

How the teams juggle the parameters of speed and durability will once again form the key to their different strategies.

What Next? The next stage for me is seeing where our racehorse is on its journey and what kind of speeds it's achieving.

Also I can't come to imagine popular websites being eliminated just because of speed - unless they're reverted back to say.

In our anthology for the marathon runner, you shouldn't follow a day of speed work with a long distance or technical session.

In 16% of cases "at speed" is used

But you need players who can play at speed.

It ’ s impossible to reverse at speed.

We arrived into Cahersiveen backwards and at speed.

Traveling at speeds close to 300 kilometers per hour, the low-flying cars zoom and dash.

Lots of rattles on buy roads and tyre noise in the rear seats when at speed on motorways.

Not only that, it ’ ll whiz along at speeds up to 95mph but always remains economical.

Unlike many other convertible models, the roof can be operated whilst the 12C Spider is moving at speeds of up to 30 kph.

Older drivers are easier to dazzle and frankly it's not a good idea to dazzle people who are driving towards you at speed.

The handling was grippy and steering informative at speed, the brakes had loads of feel and body roll was flat and minimal.

These in turn drive innovative, highly efficient carbon fibre propellers capable of driving the boat at speeds of up to 12 knots.

In 9% of cases "with speed" is used

The messengers move with speed 20 kilometres per hour.

We need at least one player with speed on the pitch at all times.

This means ' juggling ' distance with speed with length (time) and recovery.

One last point - as I mentioned you need space on the pitch if you wan na play with speed.

My point was that if Jamaica wants to play with speed they would benefit from a bigger pitch.

Best had hustled Bangladesh in the first innings with speed, but had too often sprayed it around.

Coefficients of heat transfer vary with speeds of rotation but they are of the order of 900-4000 J m -2 s -1 C -1.

These pltogether withforms are enajewelry distributed buyers marketers to be comrubbisexualsh bisexualned with speed and perfection.

We'll see tonight against an Oilers team with speed to burn and nothing more to lose on a season that has already hit the ocean floor.

I can see New England mixing it up with speed and size, using Aaron Hernandez and Danny Woodhead and primary tailback BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

In 8% of cases "on speed" is used

The zealots have me on speed dial.

Or the one who remains on speed dial.

There's a huge amount of focus on speed.

It all boils down to irrespective of whether your car runs on speed density or huge air.

Place egg whites in TM bowl with cream of tartar and beat for 4 minutes on speed 4 with MC off.

It's a minute-long, free jazz-ish piece where all the band members sound like they're on speed.

More than a decade ago, Peter Weyand, a science professor at Southern Methodist University, conducted a study on speed.

I would like to see a more structured reform process; a lot of people are concentrating too much on speed of the reforms.

As the cruisers put on speed to intercept the enemy, the torpedo boats, with more bravery than discretion, turned to attack.

I think when they think something needs doing, they go and do it and I think there is too much emphasis on speed and not proper sequencing.

In 7% of cases "in speed" is used

We are woefully behind in speed of play.

Differences in speed are the main problem.

This causes dangerous differences in speed.

The fun begins and the joke is on the crews who can not keep in speed and arrive later.

There are three engine classes, but only a mild increase in speed and difficulty across them.

My Higher Physics is still in my head after all these years and an increase in speed from 40mph to 50mph is a 56.

A speed test also has to consider the technology used to deliver those packets of data and account for variations in speed.

Slow ticking sounds begin each phrase, which increase in speed and amplitude culminating in a buzzing sound towards the end.

Vassell's sprightly contribution lacked the vision or awareness of a true international striker but was rich in speed and ambition.

The assumption is that smaller object requests would come more often, so the little fragmentation is worth the improvement in speed.

In 3% of cases "about speed" is used

If you want to talk about speed, that's different, but not these two features.

We'll tap into his knowledge about speed work and that kind of thing while he is here.

Obviously not enough children have been killed for them to do anything about speed near schools.

Contrary to what many people generally think about speed limits, this short FAQ seems to speak otherwise than what MIROS said.

Second, I think you are making a lot of unstated assumptions about how you think yum works to make a reliable comment about speed.

I will talk more about speed of play in my next post, and will also expand on the HOW TO part to get Jamaica to transition into a system that suits our players ' strengths.

It had fun things like this huge maze through which you could throw a ball and learn all about speed and acceleration and then there were these mirrors to learn about light reflection.

In 3% of cases "by speed" is used

Phuket to Phi Phi Islands by speedboat.

He got beat off the edge a couple of times by speed rushers.

All within just a short hop by speed boat ride from each other.

Phuket to Phi Phi Islands by speed boat Duration: 8 hours (approx.

I will ship the items within 5 working days, by speed Post or Courier.

All up over 800km of cycling, plus 150 or so km by speed boat across Lake Tonl Sap.

We visited the coral island from Pattya by speed boat, but it was very crowed and badly managed.

THOSE who have been caught by speed cameras may take comfort in the fact that they belong to a long tradition of suffering motorists.

While human beings used to build their relationship to nature in the long run, nature is nowadays dominated by speed and an obsession with quick results.

In 2% of cases "to speed" is used

But I was quickly brought up to speed by the other very helpful press gallery journos.

As to speed limits, sometimes I can't figure out what was the thinking for the speed limit.

I seem to only be able to post at the end, so please forgive me if I respond to Speeds above post at 11:56 AM here.

In 1% of cases "from speed" is used

But apart from speed, none of that is true any more.

Make it mandatory that any app in the store works the same on wifi as it does on BIS (aside from speed of push).