Prepositions used with "classroom"

"in classroom" or "of classroom"?

In 31% of cases "in classroom" is used

We has spent a lot of time together (in classroom).

In classrooms, that change has almost certainly been far from dramatic.

Props may or may not be used in performing in role or in classroom drama.

The program started already in classrooms where students gained the theoretical basics about biodiversity.

What is going on in classrooms when teachers are present and teaching takes place is obviously quite important.

Then, the researcher evaluated whether using English solely in classrooms facilitates second language learning.

In the first half of the course, you will participate in classroom seminars exploring the nature of journalism and democracy in today's society.

What are its benefits? We need to make learning in classrooms a participative activity and build a sense of wonder and discovery around the concepts we teach.

Huckleberry Finn is going to be talked about in classrooms, that much I can assume, and we have too many socially competent teachers to just go banning the N-word from the book.

We can al tell tales of when we were on the top of our game in classroom and everything seemed to be clicking; but we never really know when it's clicking for every kid in the class.

In 30% of cases "of classroom" is used

Our coaching approach has been met with a timely redesign of classrooms.

Our coaching approach has been met with a timely redesign of classrooms.

Unlike the managers, entrepreneurs are not taught in the comfort of classrooms.

For Phillips, who appeared at home out in the field, hours of classroom instruction had paid off.

Globacom had during the Ojude Oba festival last year promised to deliver the block of classrooms to the school.

Group work may challenge many teachers as control of classroom knowledge and organisation is passed to the students.

I have seen this in dozens of classrooms of novice teachers, often associated with programs like Teach For America.

Participation to discussion and deliberation (40%) The course is a seminar format, which requires lots of classroom discussion.

The use of classroom amplification (sound field) technology is the most cost-effective and acceptable means for facilitating classroom listening.

We also wanted to decentre (sounds a bit like new age nonsense I admit!) the classroom away from the perennial ' face the front ' style of classroom.

In 9% of cases "for classroom" is used

For a large culture for classroom use, a 15 gallon aquarium of glass or plastic with or without a lid can be used.

Please Note: Students currently enrolled in our degree programs will be transitioning from the Surrey Campus to the Langley Campus for classroom related activities.

In 7% of cases "on classroom" is used

Some students also took it upon themselves to bang on classroom doors to tell students the walk out was happening during first period.

The work of Betty Lou Dubois on spoken conference presentations and Craig Chaudron on classroom interaction are frequently referred to papers on spoken discourse.

On classrooms and Im sure that made the show extra special and I am totally also like freezing and public long underwear on it and -- mystery and -- -- -- it -- and while.

MDP programs are designed to provide graduate students with training beyond the typical focus on classroom study of economics and management found in most development studies.

I think they should bring in a more phased retirement -- perhaps cutting down on classroom hours and doing more mentoring or administration work, or even job-sharing in the final months.

In 7% of cases "to classroom" is used

These resources range from international research studies and clinical findings to classroom observations and federal legislation.

While my A-level contemporaries were lounging about in the college field, I was dragging my back-injury-inducing bag from classroom to classroom.

Enroll their children in mentoring programs, hire black male teachers, give boys examples of positive black male role models, bring in adult black male readers to read to classrooms.

In 7% of cases "with classroom" is used

Studies have shown student retention to be up to 250% better with online learning than with classroom courses.

Make sure that these students get to answer questions, to help out with classroom chores (passing out paper, etc.

Installation We can help with classroom acoustic testing and assessments and will assist your school in the whole installation process.

Many primary schools encourage, and even depend on, the voluntary participation of parents to assist with classroom activities, school fund-raising, excursions, etc.

In 4% of cases "into classroom" is used

The Saturna Ecological Education Centre on Saturna Island and Beachcomber Community School in Fanny Bay also turn their natural habitats into classrooms.

One way of teaching for metacognition is to make explicit and infuse the language of thinking and learning into the planning of teaching and into classroom discussion.

In 3% of cases "from classroom" is used

While my A-level contemporaries were lounging about in the college field, I was dragging my back-injury-inducing bag from classroom to classroom.