Prepositions used with "need"

"in need" or "of need"?

In 57% of cases "in need" is used

I loved to help people in need.

He campaigned for those in need.

Nothing for the citizen in need.

These are the people I expect will reach out when I'd exhibiting signs of being in need.

Obviously a person can not help everyone person in need but you have to start somewhere.

People in need, be they middle-class or grassroots, could benefit from relevant services.

The Somali justice system has been ignored since the independence and Brain need put justice on the top of the agenda.

If that happens, then generally you have a diesel generator which you can kick in to generate the electricity in need.

State pension will be gone, unemployment benefits will be gone as will other current benefits to support those in need.

Sometimes the government steps in to help people who are in need of a helping hand, but that's not why tax benefits, etc.

In 30% of cases "of need" is used

He will not fail us in time of need.

These types of need a arranged framework.

You can support someone in a time of need.

In those days, a neighbor may not live close, but always seemed to help in time of need.

If they are well cared for they can be readily sold in the time of need for a good price.

Watching the news night programme this evening has confirmed the scale of need to be bridged.

Instead of producing goods, the focus is on the creation of needs and desires through creative marketing and selling.

In Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, belongingness is part of one of his major needs that motivates human behavior.

The concurrent crises engulfing everything from climate to energy to the economy are creating a spiral of need for change.

Care should be taken in accepting the properties having no entrance to avoid problems in disposing the same in case of need.

In 3% of cases "on need" is used

For more information on need for Speed, visit http: //www.

On the other hand, rehearsal venues may change depending on need.

For more information on need for Speed Most Wanted, visit http: **34;9681;TOOLONG.

The Karl Roves, Rush Limbaughs, the Kock brothers and the list goes on need to be removed from the election process.

The states would still exist as geographical locations but services would be focused on need, regardless of boundaries.

The community and reproductive health program in World Neighbors program areas is based on needs that the community identifies.

Your levels that you could have on need to have to generally be lumination to make certain you possibly can take into consideration these folks during types very own exercise.

Once you have the cash for gold in your hand, you can use the equivalent to meet operating expenditure on needs like renovation of home, restoration of car or vehicle, going for.

In 3% of cases "without need" is used

Works autonomously and without need for direction.

And without need to bother with silly things like substantiating claims.

Judge Katz ruled that these groups had won their case without need for a trial.

By nature of how quickly one can lose the reins on a mission, players adapt to these survival concepts themselves -- without need for tutorials, or on-screen direction.

For I too have spent many a year being a slave to fashion, to trends, to wants without needs and I have been cursed for such excesses, but I now find myself in a period of reflection.

In 2% of cases "for need" is used

Among other things, EA debuted a trailer for need For Speed: Most Wanted, their newest addition to the Need for Speed Franchise.

To create this unique promotional spot, Bay spent time playing the game and spoke with the creative production team to get a feel for need for Speed the Run and the franchise itself.

In an innovation sense, he or she searches for needs not yet met or even fully expressed by the organization's donors and tracks how donors use the website, then changes it to meet these needs.

In 2% of cases "to need" is used

The work that Humanists undertake in this area is likely to vary from country to country according to need.

Yet still close to needs to be reduced one or two had content material, besides be released during each meal.

Indeed, people today are frequently bombarded with answers to questions they have never asked and to needs of which they were unaware.

Social community cohesion is maintained not by law, but by those whose actions support each other within the community - from each according to capability, to each according to need.

Further, it would appear that you favor a large centralized government, severely punitive tax rates that would, essentially, result in wide-scale wealth redistribution according to need.

In 2% of cases "with need" is used

Assisting students with need especially health problems.

We've also set up our main communications hub there, to coordinate offerings with needs.

Articles that you provide your contacts with need not always be promotional, for many individuals find such types of email annoying.

But i got a problem - if source image is in the area with need of authorization then the functions that read some files from that place (i.

In 1% of cases "by need" is used

Sponsors are matched with a child from our waiting list, which is prioritized by need.

The game is also succeeded by need for Speed: Carbon, which serves as a sequel to Most Wanted.

Looters from Baghdad's slums, driven by need rather than anti-Jewish sentiment, joined in the action.

This has meant that many people have not venturing into a library as an adult unless forced by need or curiosity.