Prepositions used with "scope"

"in scope" or "of scope"?

In 49% of cases "in scope" is used

This small book is large in scope.

He favored a strong government, limited in scope.

Battles are smaller in scope but often twice as intense.

Returns an array of Namespace objects representing the namespaces in scope for this object.

In trial form all of the features work, but some are reduced in scope until the licence is added.

I'd not going to chew my fingernails off worrying about nuclear Armageddon, not even regional in scope.

Our Track of the Week is absolutely monumental in scope, and comes from a band who are surely destined for big things.

If there is a good deal of emotion involved, the thoughts will be more intense and possibly broader in scope and even less relevant.

Its contents are broad in scope and deep in meaning, drawn from lectures and interviews that took place over a period of two decades.

It is smaller in scope than the Wilayat of an infallible Imam but it has a wider scope than the other forms of Wilayat previously mentioned.

In 30% of cases "of scope" is used

Identify things that are out of scope or not recommended.

Yet this breadth of scope is our key concern for its long-term future.

Taken together, they result in there being plenty of scope for marginality.

The Holy Family Sisters garden enclosure has plenty of scope for improvement.

The design of the banking union is key and there is plenty of scope to get it wrong.

In short there is lot of scope in blogging If you are willing to give it your hard work and dedication.

In a complex society this is not totally possible but there must be a lot of scope for changes to this end.

The project priorities establish the ranking of scope, budget, and schedule in terms of greatest priority of the project.

Finally it is only intuition that enjoys the greatest universality of scope and dives deepest into the mysteries of existence.

Like local variable, a local inner class does not exist until the method is invoked, and goes out of scope when the method exits.

In 12% of cases "to scope" is used

To be honest, the practice days were only useful to scope out the course.

Three months ago I was hired to scope out a global intranet for a London-based global media company.

As for Adolf: it's impossible to scope his behavior without noting that he was on meth with variations during most of the war.

Hit The Streets: Another good and obvious way to find a research a potential franchise opportunity is to scope out and visit existing franchise businesses in your local area.

Hi Gerry, agree with both your points -- for those reasons I deliberately chose to scope this post to the tone of the interface rather than the mechanics of typographic legibility.

Over a period of 10 minutes in screen time (and what seems to be about 3-5 hours in diegetic time ), both sides attempt to scope and eliminate enemy targets using high-powered sniper rifles.

In 2% of cases "for scope" is used

It promises to be a hugely exciting journey for scope --.

In 2% of cases "on scope" is used

A new client requested a quote for a small project but produced no written definition or instructions on scope of work, schedule or goals for the project.

Can you brief me on scope of engineering in Navy? Shekhar Sanyal answers, Hi Parul, Electronics and Communications are backbone of the Navy and very interesting cutting edge work is done there.

Some delegations need greater precision on scope and the elements of flexibility, progressivity, and special and differential treatment that should be provided to meet developing countries? needs.

In 2% of cases "within scope" is used

No harm because of ferrous material but does it benefits the growth? Guys are saying that option D is within scope.

In 1% of cases "about scope" is used

Let me know your views about scope and future of blogging.

In 1% of cases "between scope" is used

This example is a common dilemma for project managers trying to find a balance between scope, budget, and schedule on the project management triangle.