Prepositions used with "sector"

"in sector" or "of sector"?

In 33% of cases "in sector" is used

Earth is located in sector 001.

The company has one theatre in sector 37 B in Chandigarh.

So WEB is fast in sector 1, PER is slow in sector 2 and fast in sector 3.

Since creativity seems flourish in sectors without copyright protections, e.

Most were in professional engineering jobs, in sectors such as car manufacturing, energy, aerospace and process automation.

A surge in FDI could result in increased two-way or three-way trade in sectors involved in such international production networks.

There's not a lot of slack in sector 1, sector 2 differentiates out the weaker teams, sector three also splits out the midfield teams.

Significant progress has already been made in sectors like Microfinance measures, data aggregation and rating tools have been developed.

While this applies to traditional labour-intensive manufactures, trade could expand rapidly in sectors linked to international production networks.

They also depend on the environment to earn incomes in sectors such as agriculture, fishing, forestry and tourism, both in formal and informal markets.

In 27% of cases "of sector" is used

I'd guessing you have some ideas already about the types of sector that might be appropriate.

When diversifying your portfolio, remember it's about spreading your stocks over a variety of sectors.

Work on the identification of sectors was mandated at the APEC Economic Leaders? Meeting in Subic in 1996.

Companies in the area span a broad variety of sectors including finance, insurance, trade, telecoms and IT.

Full time, part time, temporary and contract opportunities at all levels of experience exist across a wide range of sectors.

According to Major Michael Etete, spokesman of sector Two of JTF, the special security agents on patrol discovered at about 9.

Some have spent several years in industry before deciding to convert to law, and have joined us from a huge range of sectors.

Indeed, mechanical engineering graduates have many transferable skills which are highly valued by employers in a range of sectors.

Rebasing involves changing the weighting of sectors of the economy to reflect changes in economic activity over the past three decades.

In 8% of cases "across sector" is used

Deep racial inequalities persist across sectors, including education, employment and criminal justice.

The development of Africa offers huge opportunities across sectors, including manufacturing, infrastructure, services and agriculture.

In South Africa a number of pilot projects across sectors are on the go, including examples of enterprise resource planning taking place in the cloud.

Which sectors are the most attractive to Indian companies? What are some of the major companies involved in these areas? Africa is investment-hungry and Indian companies are working across sectors.

In 8% of cases "by sector" is used

But on a sector by sector basis our drops are quite similar to those of the US.

The BIG Guide therefore organizes its advice and employer contact information by sector.

The next step is to reproduce sector by sector the kind of ecosystem that sport has developed.

IPOs by sectors in Q2 2012 The leading sectors by capital raised were the high technology sector (US$17.

In 5% of cases "with sector" is used

For private companies a special advisory board made up of with individuals with sector / geographic experience may be a helpful strategy.

For public companies, directors with sector / geographic experience who understand the duty of care required in the public markets can bring invaluable expertise.

Community service should bring students into direct contact with government at every level and with sectors of civil society appropriate to their study of civics and government.

In 4% of cases "between sector" is used

Ensure collaboration between sectors and the integration of their strategic interests during program development.

The debate on the future of the Millennium De-velopment Goals has started in earnest, and if ever there was a need for constructive ex-change between sectors, it is now.

In 4% of cases "from sector" is used

It's usefulness varies from sector to sector, but it offers a free trial.

It seems the delusions are coming mainly from sectors of our ' support ' rather than management.

Review and provide feedback on monthly reports from sector supervisors and ensure timely reporting to donors.

This meant that women who would be appointed should be from sectors that had been excluded from decision-making circles.

Subsequent outcries led to the rapid removal of both postings, but the mentality behind them continues to spread, slick as an oil spill, from sector to sector.

In 4% of cases "on sector" is used

You can filter the results of your job search based on sector, salary, job type, location or keyword.

What was added by Lula's ' pink ' government in 2003 was an emphasis on sector policy making on a federal scale.

In 3% of cases "per sector" is used

But the disk communicates the system as if it is maintaining data in 512 bytes per sector which creates this anomaly.

In 3% of cases "to sector" is used

Infrastructure also plays imp role in these to sectors.

It's usefulness varies from sector to sector, but it offers a free trial.

Subsequent outcries led to the rapid removal of both postings, but the mentality behind them continues to spread, slick as an oil spill, from sector to sector.