Prepositions used with "sequence"

"in sequence", "of sequence" or "to sequence"?

In 43% of cases "in sequence" is used

Each step is recorded in sequence.

Comics are an exercise in sequences.

They emerged both in parallel and in sequence.

The stands are made from wood or chrome and allow for the tiles to be stacked in sequence.

The idea was to show a complete set of the shows in sequence as a nostalgic reminder of the pop charts.

Main sequence (dwarf) stars have only a certain amount of internal fuel available within their hot cores.

Among classes G and K, temperatures are up to a few hundred degrees cooler than they are for main sequence dwarfs.

A definition of space-specifiers, and the interaction between space-specifiers occurring in sequence are given in 4.

Examples of main sequence stars are Acrux, Vega, Sirius, Porrima, Chara, Alpha Centauri A and B, and Proxima Centauri.

The area-class trait is an enumerated value which is xsl-normal for an area which is stacked with other areas in sequence.

In 20% of cases "of sequence" is used

I've been enjoying the new set of Sequences.

For any given fo:page-sequence, only one of the possible set of sequences will be used.

The sea and it surroundings, the lives of the fisher folk wee brought in a series of sequences.

The scale of the disruption can be magnified by the extent to which such events occur out of sequence (or time).

The PAM 250 matrix This is appropriate for searching for alignments of sequence that have diverged by 250 PAMs, 250 mutations per 100 amino acids of sequence.

This typically happens when a method is invoked out of sequence, or perhaps a method is only allowed to be invoked once and an attempt is made to invoke it again.

The last storm in these sort of sequences is almost always the wildest so I'd expecting strengthening of the storm on Sunday and it could get quite a bit larger.

The ever increasing research in proteomics and genomic generates escalating number of sequence data and requires development of high throughput screening technologies.

The method used to count the replacements is different, unlike the PAM matrix, the Blosum procedure uses groups of sequences within which not all mutations are counted the same.

In 19% of cases "to sequence" is used

Set your camera to sequence and shoot some poses.

Then it will still take 4-5 YEARS to sequence 700 TB of data.

You would have to sequence the same piece of DNA several times to get a reliable DNA sequence.

He has taken the map of the Milky Way and reduced that information to sequence of 3,867 DNA base pairs.

Sorting out your thoughts Use mind-mapping software such as X-Mind to sequence ideas from brainstorming.

Because of back mutations and silent mutations this corresponds to sequences that are about 20 percent identical.

He's a coordinator of the effort to sequence the legume Medicago truncatula, whose genome is now available in an early form.

I heard that Trent Reznor couldn't figure out how he wanted to sequence his last album, so he hired Bob Ezrin to sequence it for him.

It took over 2,000 man-years of effort and over 6 billion dollars to sequence the human genome using technology available 10-15 years ago.

Yet it's one of the larger plant genomes that geneticists have managed to sequence so far: genetically 10 times the size of the lab staple Arabidopsis.

In 5% of cases "with sequence" is used

Specifically dealing with sequence headers and enders is tricky with FLV streams.

A message with sequence number &1; has been sent when sequence number &2; was expected.

In 3% of cases "for sequence" is used

From these formulae algebraic formulae for sequences can be deduced.

Using computational tools, the team combed Volker's DNA for sequences that vary from person to person.

In 3% of cases "from sequence" is used

Also we expect to find similar peptide/protein sequences, perhaps from closely related animals, or from sequences for closely related proteins.

In 2% of cases "about sequence" is used

You can find out more about sequence formats here.

In 2% of cases "between sequence" is used

Her transitions between sequences are jarring, often shocking the viewer through leaps in space, time, sound, and tone (e.

In 1% of cases "as sequence" is used

BOLD is a searchable repository for barcode records, storing specimen data and images as well as sequences and trace files.

In 1% of cases "into sequence" is used

Eric made me wholly had the impression he star Caitlmn asked her to send a party far beyond him into sequence and appens to.