Prepositions used with "setting"

"in setting", "of setting" or "to setting"?

In 30% of cases "in setting" is used

In Settings open Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Don't sweat this part; you can always change any of it later in Settings.

There is an option in settings (movies -- >scrapers -- data) to global lock certain.

You can turn them on in Settings > General, but be warned that they clash with some apps.

In Settings > Wi-Fi, make sure that Wi-Fi networking is set to On, and then tap Advanced.

When notifications are turned off, you can still check for Wi-Fi networks in Settings > Wi-Fi.

I'd sure Kirk has figured this out as the text size in Maps can be increased in Settings > Maps.

If an app is accessing something you don't want it to, you can just revoke those permissions in Settings.

In Settings > iCloud, enter your Apple ID and then turn Find My iPad on near the bottom of the screen.

If it does, and you don't want it to, you can change this setting too in Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced.

In 26% of cases "of setting" is used

Previous research on the effects of setting (e.

This can cause some problems if you use your laptop in a variety of settings.

It has lots of settings on it and I'd sure I can do lots of fancy things in it if I wanted.

They can live in a variety of settings such as independent apartments, group homes, supervised apartment settings,.

Working with our Brand Ambassador your will be in charge of setting appoints for Product Launches in individual states.

The services are provided in a range of settings, including patients ' homes or clinics, at little cost to the patient.

This curriculum is based on 5 years of Connie's experience, bringing the wonders of cosmic science to kids in a variety of settings.

After the mania of a Full Moon party, take a gentle stroll along the beach, and recharge your batteries in the most idyllic of settings.

Theresa will also suggest therapeutic play activities that they can be utilized in a range of settings or geared to specific populations.

Equally important, teach them the value of setting and working toward goals, and of not getting discouraged when things don't go their way.

In 23% of cases "to setting" is used

Go to Settings and then Connections.

To configure it, go to Settings, then General > Network.

Go to Settings and find Publishing option in your dashboard.

After that go to Settings >> Login Screen and paste the link of logo and favicon.

This next step is a big one: Go to Settings > Messages > iMessage and turn off iMessage.

Turn off 3G (if you don't need it) Go to Settings > General > Network and set Enable 3G to Off.

There's a link to settings, but we'd love to see some hardware toggles here, as found on the Samsung Galaxy S III.

But I found an explanation and a solution online: Go to Settings, Wi-Fi, then tap the blue arrow to the right of the network you're connected to.

Head to Settings in your app drawer and press the ' About Phone ', ' About Tablet ' or ' About Device ' section depending what appears and then press the ' Check for updates ' option.

There are key anti-virus stuff other ones xoftspyse to settings these anyone it handles the random money to fix all the professional rules and all savvy owners working and operating the system easy.

In 6% of cases "under setting" is used

In general, they can be found under Settings.

Look under Settings => About to find what firmware you have.

To re-enable the standard (built-in) iDevice Bluetooth, you will just need to switch it on under Settings > General > Bluetooth, as usual.

In 4% of cases "on setting" is used

Instructions on setting ' double-sided printing ' as the default mode for printing from the computer have been emailed to all office members.

This page focusses on settings and standard tools - you won't find discussion of esoteric modifications, strange crystals or green marker pens.

For that, hover the mouse over the friend's name, click on friends, and click on settings to decide ' How many updates ' and ' What updates ' you want to see from that person.

In 3% of cases "into setting" is used

Go into Settings before you enter the game.

These days it's as simple as going into Settings and clicking the Add new user button under the Users section.

In 3% of cases "with setting" is used

Games use standard scoring to 15 with setting allowed.

Of course, if you're not comfortable fiddling with settings, and want an antivirus program that simply works, then there are programs designed specifically for beginner PC users.

In 2% of cases "for setting" is used

It can be deployed alone or as part of a larger display, making it ideal for settings ranging from schools and showrooms to trade shows and exhibitions.

In 2% of cases "save setting" is used

The control for adjusting screen brightness is absent and is now found in the XMB menu under Power Save Settings.