Prepositions used with "shock"

"in shock" or "of shock"?

In 43% of cases "in shock" is used

I was in shock for a long time.

I am still in shock at that time.

Still in shock, Kennedy accepted.

By the time Broughton returned approximately 25 minutes later, Bessie Smith was in shock.

But on Thursday night, a horrific car accident took his life, leaving his family in shock.

Paul gasped in shock as the blistering sting forced him, like Helen before, up on his toes.

He turns around in shock and there in the distance is a small group of Muslims sitting together enjoying a Hugh feast.

That's what I have and iPhone users I know are in shock when I tell them that I've never even come close to using it all.

Words reaching our newsroom is that a large crowd gathered to see the commotion, which has left many in shock and disbelief.

She told him I was and he was in shock and told her that he's been seeing someone for a while now and what a shame about the timing.

In 33% of cases "of shock" is used

So I go buy 6 pounds of shock this time.

Yeah, this was one of those kind of shocks.

I was just in a state of shock for about 3-4 hours.

Thoughts of shock, helplessness and a burning sensation filled my body from head to toe.

Out of shock, I said his name and thanked him for the compliment while he wished me luck.

In th, obtaining said that, When i waived it, that you will discover a specific symbol of shock,.

As to be expected, there were inevitable gasps of shock when a genuine attempt was finally made to combat corruption.

The wife hesitated at first, but seeing the policeman was in a state of shock, she followed his instuctions obligingly.

Buy 24 packages of shock in a box for another $58 bucks and another bottle of wine This time I am not going to be defeated.

There were reports of looting, but the general mood was one of shock and numbness, rather than of widespread social disorder.

In 10% of cases "with shock" is used

The judgment was received with shock and outrage at.

The Captain lit a lantern and suddenly caught his breath and went numb with shock.

The Board of Trustees, Management and staff of ActionAid Ghana have learnt with shock the.

Most of the cast respond to this revelation with shock and horror as he's more infamous than anything.

If many households experience similar problems, a community's capacity to cope with shocks may be affected.

It was with shock and deep sadness that I had learned of the sudden death of President John Evans Atta Mills.

He said she was weeping with shock, but was not taken to hospital and instead was met by her boyfriend and taken to stay with her sister.

In 4% of cases "for shock" is used

But definately NOT going for shock collar.

Directors from Denmark who do stuff for shock purpose.

I guess he wanted shock value for shock's sake whether it was tasteful (who cares) or made sense (I care).

Right footwear provides the necessary ground for shock absorption along with stability in the fast motion condition.

Most of the passengers of the four rear coaches escaped unharmed but for shock and minor injuries such as cuts and bruises.

It was lined with thirty-two inner tubes for shock protection with an empty space in the middle for himself including an air cushion.

That you're laughing at this crap doesn't mean you have a sense of humor, it just means you get off on cheap shots thrown out for shock value.

In 2% of cases "from shock" is used

Her shoulders are strained and she suffered severely from shock.

I had no idea that she had been hit and thought that she had fainted from shock.

Of course, Starfall would freak out around a griffin, which was the main cause of concern; by the time that passed, Iron was becoming a loopy narrator from shock.

On the other hand, show me something that wouldn't benefit from the built-in Twilight fandom and I will pass out from shock, so there's sound logic behind courting your Cullens of choice.

In 2% of cases "into shock" is used

I fell into shock, but kept enough consciousness to communicate.

In 2% of cases "to shock" is used

According to AACOFD spokesperson Keith Hamilton, an ambulance transported a man, whose name has not been released, from the 5500 block of Wasena Avenue to shock Trauma shortly after 9 a.

In 1% of cases "after shock" is used

Countless after shocks have followed.

Male mice, however, showed decreased release of all interleukins (IL-1, 2, 3, 6) as well as splenocyte proliferative capacity after shock.

In 1% of cases "by shock" is used

The result is a continuous battering of the economic system by shocks that never allow it to come to rest.

In 1% of cases "on shock" is used

I mixed the other songs I did on shock Value at our room here at The Hit Factory in Miami.

Like all one-man shows, it draws on timeless clichs, like the reliance on shock value, the gimmick of playing an instrument on stage, and moments of over-dramatic physical theatre.