Prepositions used with "situation"

"in situation" or "of situation"?

In 38% of cases "in situation" is used

I've never been in situations like this.

They feel touch when in situation like this.

He totally responds with emotion in situations.

In situations like what you describe it can be hard to recommend a course of action.

I haven't been driving very long and I feel very intimidated in situations like this.

He's doing what warriors have always done in situations like this: he's playing possum.

Student Visitor Visa in situation 4 above, you will need to apply for a Student Visitor Visa to return to the UK.

If you never set them, you'll be in situations where youll be taken advantge of, you'll be overwhelmed, or worse.

In situations like these Melon tries to assist, by offering work to the Families, or providing food when necessary.

Article 6(3) was amended in order to clarify what happens in situations where the exact number of 50 cases occurred.

In 37% of cases "of situation" is used

This process is needed in a lot of situations.

It's easy to use, and can be used in a variety of situations.

People have read about this type of situation in the university.

But being vigilant and helping people to become humble in all level of situations.

It just seems odd that they would have had so few guards in that type of situation.

We take advantage of situations and people, so that we can get the most out of it.

Fast forward to today and, on paper, the hovercraft still seem like the perfect vehicle for a lot of situations.

Those that find themselves in this kind of situation oftentimes live in perpetual fear and exhibit low self-esteem.

I think I have been through a similar kind of situation in my life, so I think as if the song has been made for me.

Whether Suarez said something racist or not, I think it's dangerous to find someone guilty in this kind of situation.

In 9% of cases "to situation" is used

This group believes age brings wisdom and experience to situations.

The Moon gives me their emotions and tells me how they react to situations.

Good in one-on-ones but positionally all at sea and too slow to react to situations.

Most of the time you are reacting to situations of your own creation, or random chance.

The forms of violence directed at particular groups are different from situation to situation.

Andre is pretty good at adapting to situations as they occur and hopefully this will help him in life.

The theory goes, this process has an impact on emotions and a person's emotional responses to situations.

The response of Asian churches to situations where people are forced to suffer has been far from encouraging.

Thus, by linking structural theory to situations the learner is able to induce the meaning from a relevant context.

In 4% of cases "for situation" is used

I even have disposable mascara and lipgloss wands just for situations like these.

This is particularly the case for situations in which honest contraceptive efforts (e.

Fortunately, I had a place just for situations like this; The Ocean View Bar &; Grill.

He and Cassidy look for situations where students work as team and for perhaps more than one client.

It involves knowing the right thing to do or say, being prepared for situations beforehand and avoiding problems.

In essence, when you have dreams while asleep, that's your mind's way of preparing for situations that may come up.

The payment was made by credit card, so I thought that payments made this way online were covered for situations such as this.

This is ideal for situations where you need money urgently, such as to pay a bill that you don? t have money for, or to pay for college to register classes.

These types of plays don't just get the Lakers easy buckets, but also set the defense up for situations in which they can alternative easy buckets later in the game.

It's necessary for situations like these or if you ever leave a question or comment and want a response! You don't even have to have a blog to have your email connected to your account.

In 4% of cases "with situation" is used

It's exactly the same but with situation and Task combined into Context.

I empathized with situation in New Orleans, 911, the Tsunami in Indonesia.

Starting with their friends who ran away leaving them to deal with situation.

For some, it gives a sense of security when faced with situations like bullying.

Section 10 39 of the Act deals with situations in which removal of goods under hire-purchase from Kenya is prohibited.

My question is how do you deal with situations when you have brilliant ideas but seem too busy to pen it down? That is if you ever do.

Courtly love deals with situations in which lovers are unable to consummate their feelings, usually because one or both is wed to another.

Within the Garda Sochna, there are Garda officers who specifically deal with situations involving children who come into conflict with the law.

They also pick up many new drills from the practical sessions and get educated about new ways to deal with situations and problems from the theory classes.

In 2% of cases "about situation" is used

We need to be smart about situations like Afghanistan not blunder in like dummies.

But your point really struck home; if we think about situations like hurricanes, etc.

Two of my friends just this week were telling me about situations with their current eum's.

Unreal conditional is also used in conditions contrary to fact to speculate about situations that are unreal.

I'd not talking about situations where you click on a link and you don't know where it's going to take you or anything like that.

You will be able to shift your thoughts, the way you think about situations and look at the positive aspects of living, enjoy every day.

Interesting statement from Pius XII about situations very similar in which inducing an early delivery is not prohibited, nor is treatment that the mother requires.

In 2% of cases "like situation" is used

Even drought like situation was predicted; 4.

Prediction of drought created panic like situation all over India; 2.

The finance is also great when it comes to solving urgency like situation.

Flood like situations happened in many states, especially from Western India, in which acute drought was predicted; 8.

Flood like situations happened in many states, especially from Western India, in which acute drought was predicted; 8.

In Ionesco's Ameldee'there is a dream like situation on the stage where a middle aged couple are living with a corpse in their bedroom.

The near-curfew like situation is expected to continue tomorrow, Friday 16 November, with Mumbaikers wondering how they will deal with another day of no business.

In 2% of cases "on situation" is used

CHALLENGES: Challenges are many in life, depending on situation.

It gives us another eye on situations in places where media access is restricted.

We have Intelligence Burau whose work is primarily to collect information on situations in various parts of the country.

They may be angrier, more confrontational, show less time for others and impose an urgency on situations which is unrealistic.

In 1% of cases "from situation" is used

The forms of violence directed at particular groups are different from situation to situation.

Gigi De Canio is a shrewd coach with plenty of experience from situations like this and the knack to get the best out of his players.

As a consequence, Besiktas largely kept to a pedestrian trod, never actually threatening much from situations when HJK players didn't make individual mistakes.

This book provides real-world examples from situations where the critical determinants of quality and speed are the flow of information and the interaction between people.

In 1% of cases "into situation" is used

Alternately alternately, considering how often realism or simple logic creeps into situations in this comic, Gackt may still be dying.

Don't put yourself into situation to be stuck with a job you don't like because you can't finish school, get into college you want or finish one.

I jump into situations, sometimes they fail, sometimes my husband gets left to play the playstation all night, sometimes I doubt myself and everything I do.