Prepositions used with "spirit"

"in spirit" or "of spirit"?

In 43% of cases "in spirit" is used

He shows ego in spirit of conduct.

The body length of the Glaucus in spirit 12.

Diameter in spirit ot the disk of Porpita = 10 mm.

Reader, God is a Spirit, and they who worship him must worship him in spirit and truth.

The Bundeswehr is closer in spirit to the Salvation Army than it is to Hitler's Wehrmacht.

I believe that worshipping in spirit refers to worship that emanates from the spirit of man.

Though I live elsewhere, am with you in spirit! I've been saying it here for a while although you do a better job at it.

What we require now is offering unto God fervent praises, worship, prayers, supplications unto God in spirit and in truth.

Earlier, throughout his time in Java and Sumatra, Raffles had sent home many consignments of creatures preserved in spirit.

We the people are thoroughly tired in body but fired up in spirit from being sold out by you to your other cronies in the 1%.

In 41% of cases "of spirit" is used

A wind, not of air, but of spirit.

First, his generosity of spirit and deed.

Again there was great confusion of spirit.

Whatever religion (or not) this is generally a time of hope and the raising of spirits.

There is a strong Japanese influence in my work, but it is one of spirit and not of form.

A lesser truth will always be replaced by a greater truth; such is the evolution of spirit.

I am going to be trained up in dance, the traditional dances of the land of spirits which is what we call our country.

Every human being is the synthesis of spirit and body, the infinite and finite, freedom and necessity, destined for spirit.

Instead, another story form which recounts the adventures of spirits is narrated at public and private sacrificial rituals.

This door out leads away from the materialist frame and into subtler realms -- into the realm of spirit, if one is to be blunt.

In 4% of cases "to spirit" is used

With a range of nearly 4,000 miles, the aircraft was the ideal vehicle to spirit Hitler away from the clutches of his enemies.

Cynthia works professionally with you on a spirit to spirit level to gift you a space where you can come into empowerment effortlessly.

Did nt want me to lay hands on him, I just have to be firm, honestly I was abit clueless what to do, because I know He do talk to spirits.

Its emphasis is less on celebration, rather it is an opportunity to give gifts to spirits of the dead to provide comfort and ward them off.

While waiting for rain, sacrifice to spirits and ancestors is more likely to help you fill your store house than technical anticipation in the field.

From Count Dracula to Frankenstein and from Zombies to Spirits, every freaky story you have heard will become a reality within this massive multiplayer online role playing game.

In 4% of cases "with spirit" is used

But in reality, health (and a connection with spirit) is attainable by every single person.

Voodoo is mainly about connecting with spirits and reaching other levels of consciousness.

It was actually a piece of silver--a tiny piece trodden upon by many feet, but still with spirit enough left to shine a little.

I had the privilege to meet and work with amazing people, all stepping stones and catalysts for me to deepen my connection with spirit and my clairvoyance.

Early humans were known to worship trees, and even today, in some parts of the world, forests are regarded as places of awe, with spirits attributed to be living there.

In 3% of cases "by spirit" is used

This is the medium used by spirits to appear torevivalists.

As i am taught by spirit Time determines nothing our actions determine everything.

In 2% of cases "from spirit" is used

A new production from spirit of the Fringe Award-deserving company Sugarglass Theatre.

George's Lodge style, 2010-2011is a busy year, commencing with the arrival of our Brothers from spirit of St.

The following definitions may be used as a starting point: This number represents the inverted octahedron emerging from spirit into the mundane world.

In 2% of cases "on spirit" is used

You know I've been working on spiritdancer for some time.

I decided this would be my piece to work on during the week and work on spiritdancer on the weekends.

In 1% of cases "for spirit" is used

Other words might include the Lao word for spirits: Phi, Pi, Pee, etc.

Every human being is the synthesis of spirit and body, the infinite and finite, freedom and necessity, destined for spirit.

In 1% of cases "than spirit" is used

It is going by the letter rather than spirit of national and international obligations to the people and the world.

Philippe Aghion and colleagues have shown how regulations can breed distrust, as companies behave to the letter of regulations rather than spirit.