Prepositions used with "nation"

of, between, in, to or by nation?

In 67% of cases "of nation" is used

Good citizens of nations deserve some credence.

Such defense means the defense of national values.

We know what many Malaysians think of national service.

How dare a man as a minister of nation -- can drive a motorcyle without wearing a helm.

Utaka made his debut in 2002 and has played at three Africa Cup of Nations tournaments.

After Versailles, it won the permanent chair upon the Council of the League of Nations.

The Russian Federation is an example of largely harmonious coexistence by many dozens of nations and nationalities.

But at the different stages of nationalism and in different countries, the contents of nationalism can be different.

Law of Nations: In an underdeveloped country, don't drink the water; in a developed country, don't breathe the air.

The 2012 African Cup of Nations final ended 0-0, with the Zambians holding their nerve with an 8-7 penalty kick win.

In 6% of cases "between nation" is used

So balance this would benefit the relationship between nations.

Economic and ecological links between nations have grown rapidly.

Relations between nations living ounder one roof need to be handled with the utmost sensitivity.

We remember that violence does not happen just between nations but contaminates our entire society and our way of thinking.

What do these people want -- Nelson's victory and the battle of Waterloo? It's meant to be a time of peace between nations.

Legatum Prosperity Index redraws world map, grouping new continents together according to shared attributes between nations.

This is contributing to increased international financial and economic linkages between nations, particularly among emerging economies.

The draft NEP recognises the need for international co-operation in taking into consideration ecological relationships between nations.

On a larger scale, beyond the everyday spectacle of conflict between police and protesters, there is conflict between nations and ethnic groups.

In 5% of cases "in nation" is used

Bush and Cheney had a great deal invested in nation building in those regions.

I agree that we must begin to re-negotiate the unity of our great nation if we are to succeed in nation-building.

Instead, communities with long and bitter memories were meant to accept becoming minorities in nations they feared.

Not only in Korea, but in nations across Asia, Cold War turbulence has given way to new partnerships and cooperation.

Attention surgeons in La perform more Lasik procedures than any other town, not only in nation, however the entire world.

Muslims in nations like France need more places to open mosques for worship and restrictions in Switzerland need to be challenged.

By this means, provisions and labour still remain cheaper among them, than in nations that are not half so rich in gold and silver.

Better buy gold or silver then keep euros And better belive in nation states then in failed socialistic project such as European union.

If this were the case military conflicts would be most common in nations where poverty is at its most abject and the reality is not as simple as this.

Coming from PAP, he ignored this issue &; sees no problem that others have been or are going to be enslaved in national slavery while he gets his freedom.

In 5% of cases "to nation" is used

Also has the same relationship to nation building that Pork Barreling does to getting re-voted.

Wars begin with words, so we should be careful how we speak, especially to nations where there is tension.

In addition awards are offered to persons said to have made outstanding contributions to nation building in their work.

The threat posed by the increase in the illegal traffic in small arms is particularly troubling to nations of the Caribbean.

When economy is controlling individuals to nations is such a way, no one can afford to sit back and let some one else to control it.

It is the temple of Jehovah which, being thus rendered visible to nations afar off, exerts such magnetic attraction, and with such success.

A combination of cheap credit and increased social spending helped cover up, to some extent anyway, what was happening to nations like our own.

Exploitation is a human disease, but it is the League of Nations that conferred sovereignty to nation states and brought about the United Nations.

Humans are granted inalienable rights maybe it's time to grant similar rights to nation states too? Islam's bloody history Be aware of the language you use.

Slearmlarp for his contributions to nation and international agriculture are from: Agricultural Science Society of Thailand under the King Patronage in 1978 D.

In 4% of cases "by nation" is used

Attacks on the IMF by nation State Google Docs at risk.

Such are the miseries of sporting endeavour demarcated by nation state.

Essentially all US deaths in Afghanistan have been caused by nation building, not by the war itself.

The service will be competing with Nation Hela, a service launched by nation Media Group and Diamond Trust Bank.

Territory can now be transcended by nations leading to what international relations scholars call ' transnationalism '.

Managing within these restrictions included prioritizing some portfolios, a strategy utilized by Nations Trust Bank (NTB).

First you need to understand that the problems in most third world countries is as a result of poor policy making by nations in the west, like yours.

Why purchase gold? The importance of buying groceries for gold has been well-known and practiced by nations with the goal to stabilize their economies.

In 4% of cases "for nation" is used

And what works for people, works for nations.

He died for nations, not just for individuals.

It may not matter whether America is going down the slippery slope for nations will fall and will rise again.

This was bad news for nations like Cambodia and Bangladesh where a large part of the food consumed is imported.

With regards to God's material provision for nation building, it is not about who is in power or who wants to come to power but whom God has chosen.

In 3% of cases "among nation" is used

As it encourages dialogues among nations, it is also for an open interaction with children.

Those groups were used in more than one assassination and massacres among nations mercilessly.

Today, six decades later, the big issues confronting us go far beyond the threat of war among nations.

Among them, the discussions included division of labor within households, societies, factories, and among nations.

In 2% of cases "with nation" is used

So it is with nations, and with a nation's spirit.

The service will be competing with nation Hela, a service launched by Nation Media Group and Diamond Trust Bank.

Taxes imposed on American companies who do their manufacturing outside the United States, with nations which do not have our level of environmental protection, labor laws, OSHA, etc.

In 1% of cases "against nation" is used

It ushered in a global political climate that pitted nation against nation despite the attacks being perpetrated by non-state actors.

In 1% of cases "from nation" is used

He received many death threats from nation of Islam members.

These students come from nations on every continent knowing that an American liberal arts education will provide them with the best preparation for their future.