Prepositions used with "campaign"

"of campaign" or "in campaign"?

In 35% of cases "of campaign" is used

Upon joining a battle, I had to wait for several minutes before the start of campaign.

Back then, he was just a minor league slimeball, cheating people out of campaign loans.

In 2010 more than 2/3rds of campaign contributions came from one quarter of 1% of the population.

Police too should be mandated to arrest any individual spewing vile propaganda in the name of campaigns.

Here, you will join a team of online players and a friendly AI aircraft to complete a variety of campaign missions.

He is Head of Campaigns at English PEN, a blogger, and a founder of digital design company Fifty Nine Productions.

Because of the number of campaigns that we run we do not keep them live indefinitely - and this appeal has now been closed.

Much later, as a lobbyist, Snyder pleaded guilty to nine misdemeanor counts involving the laundering of campaign contributions.

This business traditionally garners the bulk of its revenue during the Christmas period so there are a LOT of campaigns going out.

The immoral and possibly illegal aspect is the politician who votes against his or her consience because of campaign dollars received.

In 19% of cases "in campaign" is used

It hides in campaign ads and a monsoon of e-mail messages.

In the old days all you really saw was your own agency reel and a few UK ads in campaign.

We've all fought hard for the Party and we value our role as the Labour Party's ' troops on the ground ' in campaigns.

This weekend 5,000 sports events will take place under the Join in campaign, aimed at encouraging people to take up sport and volunteer.

Proof is the $125 million in campaign bribes given by the insurance industry to keep it off the table and give us instead ObamaCare mandates.

In negative ads and in campaign appearances, she cast Thompson -- who has spent the last 12 years as a lobbyist -- as a hostage of the healthcare industry.

Google has battled hard in campaigns surrounding the open web and the media-genic issues of free speech and-anti censorship that other ITU proposals allude to.

Not in the big dramatic way we see in campaigns of women with black eyes and broken bones, rather it is in day to day interactions that demean us and do not allow us to speak back.

Holding a brand new election in November is stretching activists to their limit, especially in campaigns that are far larger in scale than most of us in British politics are used to.

In 11% of cases "for campaign" is used

I see organisations with no idea on return for campaigns, no tracking or measuring.

Moreover using billboards for campaigns in the national polls might be made flexible.

As for campaign finance, I have many thoughts and entries in my journal on the subject.

These lead to a target customer base for campaigns, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, etc.

Even though I was a young boy during the Mbakwe era, I can visualize those glory days when we listened to Imo Broadcasting Service (IBS) for campaign jingles.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM TIME: FIREWALL MARYLAND FROM SPECIAL INTERESTS: After the November elections, it is clearly time for campaign finance reform in Maryland.

Ireland has been an inspiring example to many, and yet has a low score for campaign spending, and did not increase tobacco taxes in 2005, the first time since 1995.

Tommey Walker: Graphic Designer and Branding Specialist Tommey Walker has created successful graphics for campaigns for Detroit bred musical artist Big Sean and more.

That's a result of the bureaucracy, but also the complexity of working on global businesses like adidas and Sony -- and also the likes of AGM -- for campaigns that might be running in 150 countries.

In 11% of cases "on campaign" is used

Then Obama ran on campaign to send in drones if PAK refuses to act.

Our tracking data on campaign coverage is archived at http: **35;428;TOOLONG.

Gray's 2010 election campaign illegally paid another candidate to undermine Mr.

He held several posts including majority whip, chairman of the Special Committee on campaign Expenditures and majority leader.

I don't mean DC politicians, but I've worked on campaigns and been around local Republicans my whole life, and they are some of the best.

For companies whose marketing budgets are small, it is necessary to ensure that all funding is spent on campaigns that can be proven effective.

Trivedi's cartoons on campaign against corruption was on display during Anna Hazare's anti-corruption fast at Mumbai's MMRDA Grounds in December in 2011.

As a result, a political system which imposes no effective cap on campaign finance leads inexorably to plutocracy: governance on behalf of the richest people and corporations.

I can't tell you how many laughs we have had together over the years waiting for press conferences to start or sitting on buses and dodgy planes travelling together on campaigns.

Nixon campaigned on his record of working with the Republican-led General Assembly to slash spending, eliminating 4,300 government jobs, and to balance the budget without raising taxes.

In 7% of cases "with campaign" is used

This time it's even bigger with campaigns in various parts of the country.

I'll be back soon with campaign updates, as well as resuming my cycle-touring-related programming.

They write the rules, because they bought our representative government out from under us with campaign cash decades ago.

Today Baghdad is papered over with campaign posters and the printing shops on Saadoun Street seem to be open 24 hours a day, cranking out more.

Party leaders appointed candidates for elections, and there were allegations that wealthy candidates could purchase nominations from party leaders with campaign contributions or personal gifts.

In 5% of cases "from campaign" is used

The news: Switching from campaign mode to gubernatorial affairs, Gov.

These messages are interesting because they don't come from campaigns or their surrogates.

The following could be covered in a balanced and fair manner: - Campaigning and excerpts from campaign speeches.

Unfortunately I do think that the potential for violence is much higher now, as they must detract the MSM from campaign coverage and onto their narrative instead.

The New York Times reports that it is now commonplace for everyone from campaign advisers to the Treasury Department to edit and approve quotes before journalists allow themselves to print them.

In 4% of cases "to campaign" is used

I think people got pretty immune to campaigning, but this is not the campaign.

They compared to campaigns run at about the same time, one in the UK and one in Victoria.

In two years, several national pro-vouchers groups have set up shop in Tennessee, contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to campaigns, particularly to local House races.

In 3% of cases "during campaign" is used

Calling all fainters during campaign rallies.

At a time when many politicians would use and dump their followers, he surprised his own supporters and admirers during campaigns.

I used to work part time at small local pollsters who, during campaign seasons, would get contracts from the big outfits such as Gallup.

The Independent National Electoral Commission INEC has to start with free nomination forms as well as peg how much a candidate can spend during campaign.

In 2% of cases "about campaign" is used

I write about campaigns that work and some that do n't, from Australia and around the world.