Prepositions used with "cloud"

"of cloud", "in cloud" or "on cloud"?

In 49% of cases "of cloud" is used

The column of clouds is now upon us.

Saturn contains three layers of clouds.

The other is named King of cloud Self-Mastery.

This will give the students an opportunity to get a firsthand experience of cloud apps.

One of the characteristics of cloud Computing is to scale resources up or down on demand.

There were patches of cloud above the horizon, but a clear space emerged where the sun rose.

To add to that, the gale was blowing in a covering of cloud and the surrounding mountains soon disappeared from view.

Captain Osbon's dramatic description of clouds looking like legions of dark angels is neither inspiring nor friendly.

Then as the sun disappears, different layers of clouds take turns to shine pink for the last time as night settles in.

Therefore as the climate gets warmer there will be less seeding of clouds over the ocean - clearly a positive feedback.

In 13% of cases "in cloud" is used

Thus, the sky is covered in clouds.

All data in cloud Drive is protected by One.

That day, I feel jolly, exactly in cloud nine.

In the dark, in cloud above a freezing sea, over 100 miles out is not a comfortable place to be.

in cloud computing, servers, network capabilities and storage are provided to the enterprise as a service.

The anticipation of working with him had me in cloud cuckoo land and couldn't wait to get to the band call.

As often as not, though, the Peak is shrouded in cloud and rain in the early morning making it a depressing experience.

Besides, it has a modern infrastructure and an excellent connectivity and this makes Japan a pioneer in cloud adoption.

Building momentum Governments across the continent are also starting to take a more active role in cloud services rollouts.

Atop the Ark was the Mercy Seat, a throne of solid gold where God Himself sat enveloped in clouds when conversing with Moses.

In 11% of cases "on cloud" is used

I will be on cloud nine if I be second.

I'd be on cloud 9 despite all my problems and hardship.

Excitement is in the air, and the bride-to-be is on cloud nine.

Each business that signs up for KiSSFLOW is allocated with separate database on cloud SQL.

Latest offerings Hitachi is working on cloud strategy for both public and private segments.

With this strong presence on cloud based storage, this opens up new opportunities for your business.

These forcings are spatially heterogeneous and include the effect of aerosols on clouds and associated precipitation e.

Annabel might still be on cloud 9 this morning, ready to float back to her Grade 8 classes at Trafalgar School For Girls.

So she spent the next 24 hours lounging around on clouds and playing the harp and singing, which was almost as enjoyable as her day in hell.

In 7% of cases "for cloud" is used

The same holds true for cloud solutions.

There are evangelists for clouds and sceptics.

News on what's on the horizon for cloud security and.

There is already a sky over that country, waiting for clouds or smoke.

A common comment regarding GCMs is that they do not account for clouds very well.

But practical solutions do exist -- key among them are data encryption and tokenization systems for cloud applications and cloud storage.

Strong government support, a favorable regulatory environment, and an effective broadband/IT infrastructure are critical for cloud development.

Feedbacks are a function of the dynamics and the subgrid models and the subgrid action and its chaotic details does matter for clouds for example.

In India, the demand for cloud computing is picking up-the foundation for cloud growth in APAC depends on the extent to which data centers are being built.

He has authored a number of technology white papers; and at present, he is involved in defining Cisco's various data center architectures, including infrastructure for cloud services.

In 7% of cases "with cloud" is used

Same is the case with cloud too.

Often sunny mornings with cloud build-up in the afternoons.

Recover deleted files with cloud Drive, you can recover previous versions.

Lacquer Tray with cloud Design Height 5cm length 78cm width 48cm Unearthed from Tomb No.

Lacquer Tripod with cloud Design Height 28cm diameter at mouth 23cm Unearthed from Tomb No.

Lacquer Fang-Vase with cloud Design Height 52cm side length at belly 23cm Unearthed from Tomb No.

Survivors often describe the desperate crush as hundreds rush into narrow corridors filled with clouds of toxic smoke.

History suggests that brave adventurers of Skylands piloted airships, far and wide to explore skies filled with clouds.

That GCMs are not yet capable of dealing objectively with clouds so they are accounted for with subjective parameterization.

And with cloud now roughly same monthly pricing as shared hosting, it now makes as much fiscal sense as it does business sense.

In 3% of cases "about cloud" is used

Find out more about cloud Player.

Enterprises remain skittish about cloud security.

The way enterprises think about cloud computing has changed.

In my subsequent articles, I will take my readers through all other issues they need to know about cloud computing.

It contains all the requisite positivity about cloud adoption: 61 percent of global businesses surveyed are implementing or testing cloud.

In 3% of cases "by cloud" is used

While there, it's virtually scoured clean of toxic particles by clouds.

Some satellite images have been covered by clouds, and some people have noticed their houses in ponds etc.

New technologies are being introduced by cloud providers like the cloud gateways, and they have been effective to some extent.

It is not affected by clouds, it obtains complete data every data (except when there may be a sensor issue ), it has only consistent, automated processes.

Usually the sun shines clear, unimpeded by clouds or rain with a warmth that makes everyone smile and walk with that hopeful step of the pure joy of being alive.

This can be achieved by cloud technology that allows computers to be built cheaply that still perform complex and memory heavy tasks by using the ability to store data on the cloud.

In 3% of cases "like cloud" is used

With her own name there and her own dark hair like clouds over fields of May.

We expect to invest savings from headcount and non-headcount actions in a lot of things like cloud, software and services.

They do not behave like waves, they do not behave like particles, they do not behave like clouds, or billiard balls, or weights on.

The result is brilliantly original fiction that reveals how disparate people connect, how their fates intertwine, and how their souls drift across time like clouds across the sky.

Likewise, it could be argued that the amount of money needed to service the expanding data demand simply might not exist without more efficient technologies (like cloud computing) in place.

In 2% of cases "through cloud" is used

The solution to low herbage yield during drought periods may lie in man's ability to control weather through cloud seeding.

I need thy presence every passing hour; what but thy grace can foil the tempter's power? Who like thyself my guide and stay can be? through cloud and sunshine, O abide with me.

The company provides an easy way to automate their businesses using abundantly available Mobile phones and tablets through cloud without the need of on premise software and infrastructure.

This modus operandi of Cloud Computing has gained it legions of new converts and their ranks grow frequently as more and more organizations come to realize the potentials through cloud Computing.