Prepositions used with "comedy"

"of comedy", "in comedy" or "for comedy"?

In 47% of cases "of comedy" is used

But stand up is just one type of comedy.

As always, election day had its moments of comedy.

However, his humorlessness is itself a source of comedy.

The film was a bit silly and gross at times but silliness is an essential part of comedy.

WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR: i am looking for an anime with lots of romance, and maybe a bit of comedy.

There has to be the right amount of comedy mixed with intensity and it's really an acting tightrope.

It's a commercial cinema at its best-entertaining and fast paced with exact proportions of comedy, romance and action evenly.

There are moments of comedy that lighten the mood of the book and all of the characters are well written and a pleasure to read.

So we're finding that our new generation of comedies are really breaking out, specifically Adventure Time, Gumball and Regular Show.

Pros of comedy sketches and outrageous improvisations reign at this popular 74-seat venue, which gets drop-ins from casting directors.

In 13% of cases "in comedy" is used

This series also throws in comedy and booty, in the form of Megan Fox.

But frankly it's in comedy shows and attempts to raise it as an election issue were quickly swept away.

The Twain prize, named after the 19th century satirist, is the nation's highest honor for achievements in comedy.

It was just a whole bunch of mixed feelings! But I think they were both great but Rooftop Prince more in comedy wise and QIHM more in romance wise.

In a long-form show with such a brilliant structure and a clearly talented cast I had hoped for more grounding, relationships, connection, and truth in comedy.

Obviously, The Panel Show is never the same show twice, with new questions from host Ned Petrie, and rotating guest list of local talent in comedy, theatre and broadcasting.

In 12% of cases "for comedy" is used

Puns and wordplay are usually considered the bottom line for comedy.

It was during this year, spending much of his time clowning around, that he discovered a taste and talent for comedy.

Though current events are great material for comedy, here nothing novel was offered and the comedy felt forced and strained.

Your body is just one part of who you are -- along with your talent for comedy, a quick wit, or all the other things that make you unique.

It's a hefty price, but as organizers promised, the 45-year-old would be doing all new material for the first time, a pretty rare treat for comedy fans.

In 7% of cases "on comedy" is used

He was also on comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav.

Colbert, on comedy Central, who continue to expand their reach and influence.

He is widely known as host of The Daily Show, a satirical news program that airs on comedy Central.

My wife did not read books on comedy but I read a joke in front of her on a daily basis and the result is that my daughter is always smiling and is an active baby.

According to a recent survey it has been revealed that women who read books on comedy and jokes at the time of their pregnancy gave birth to naturally smiling and laughing kids.

Before his current role as the host of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher hosted a similar late-night talk show called Politically Incorrect originally on comedy Central and later on ABC.

In 5% of cases "to comedy" is used

Wiig should stick to comedy not writing.

Oh maybe I forgot to mention but, I'd addicted to comedy.

Sadly was unable to find a working link and being in Canada doesn't help when it comes to comedy Central stuff.

In 5% of cases "with comedy" is used

This marks Maron's first album with comedy Central.

It will be a typical Shetty film with comedy, action and romance.

Now he's back with comedy drama She Hate Me, about a redundant businessman who finds a new revenue stream impregnating lesbians.

I agree! with comedy, it can be harder to determine where the boundaries are; however, I'd sure they knew that this one went too far.

In 3% of cases "as comedy" is used

We have to do what people normally do as comedy bad acting, but make it good.

In 3% of cases "by comedy" is used

Madeleine has written the season with prolific playwright Thomas Sainsbury and it will be directed by comedy heavyweight Oscar Kightley.

In 2% of cases "about comedy" is used

Standups themselves seem to think and talk about comedy theory kind of obsessively.

In 2% of cases "from comedy" is used

The best films -- apart from comedies -- will transfer seamlessly from one country to another.