Prepositions used with "confidence"

"of confidence" or "with confidence"?

In 56% of cases "of confidence" is used

Thank you for the vote of confidence.

It is more of a matter of confidence.

It's also a close cousin of confidence.

He's just the kind of striker who needs to be loved and shown a lot of confidence.

Careless use of language instills in the reader a lack of confidence in the writer.

Corruption in public services has resulted to lack of confidence in the public eyes.

Being fashion forward comes with a great deal of confidence that you believe and feel confident on what you wear.

The new government must have a vote of confidence in both houses before it is sworn in, probably around mid-June.

I have since been trying to wean my daughter off formula but felt a real lack of confidence in my ability to do so.

I believe the dollar trashing/loss of confidence which will cause the hyperinflation will come upon us very suddenly.

In 24% of cases "with confidence" is used

Stay at this Hotel with confidence.

Be able to defend your views with confidence, yet.

Unfortunately we could not identify it with confidence.

He said that I need to own it to be able to carry the pixie cut with confidence.

My website has clients flooding in and life is definitely filled with confidence.

Also, I wanted to take professional graduation pictures and smile with confidence.

Chaotic fluctuations on continental spatial scales and decadal time scales are difficult to predict with confidence.

It provides students with the knowledge, tools and inspiration to develop successful colour schemes with confidence.

We have a good record against the Cottagers but this might not continue should the players not play with confidence.

The position deals with dry shipping work and would suit someone with confidence in dealing with contractual disputes.

In 11% of cases "in confidence" is used

After the injury I am lacking in confidence and form.

Dilshan clearly lacked in confidence when he was batting.

Please reach out to me if you need someone to talk to in confidence.

Sophia Grace was born to be a star, and its great to see Rosie has grown in confidence.

To get people rising in confidence to be what God intends them to be, we have to ENCOURAGE them.

Apart from Chris Gayle, we have (Marlon) Samuels, who's growing in confidence in both Tests and ODIs.

In the services sector the loss in confidence was marked in the euro area but more contained in the EU as a whole.

OVER 28: ENG 70/0 (Cook 44* Compton 26*) Compton, growing in confidence, is starting to use his feet to the spinners.

In both areas, the loss in confidence was particularly strong among consumers, retail trade and construction managers.

He may be lacking in confidence, think a comment is inappropriate, you may click to report it to our monitors for review.

In 2% of cases "for confidence" is used

You said there is no ' definition ' for confidence.

I stood, more for confidence sake, but did not move.

But don't mistake all of this posturing for confidence.

National do not need the Maori party for confidence and supply lol.

In neither case is the unity of the Communion a requisite for confidence that we know the truth.

Grids are good for confidence because once you are over the first jump you can just smile as you know you will be on the correct stride for the rest of the line and its easy peasy then.

In 2% of cases "into confidence" is used

If you take people group into confidence, I think no other contributors can beat people intelligence.

As with any good coaching, turning doubt into confidence is key and that is exactly what my coach did.

So as to achieve this objective ' RAW ' was taken into confidence and millions worth of financial incentives provided to traitors (political leaders) and the Maoists.

However, after several months with the company, the apprehension has turned into confidence, molded by an unmatched professional, efficient and understanding support staff.

The Prime Minister will take the Parliament into confidence on the whole range of measures regarding matters relating to Pakistan's future cooperation with US/NATO/ISAF, in the near future.

In 2% of cases "on confidence" is used

If you are a player short on confidence in playing arond water, bring loads of balls.

I do nt think Kagawa was low on confidence, we weren't getting the ball to him in good positions.

It's interesting that I published two articles on confidence over the past week and the ideas are very similar.

Berbatov had missed two easy opportunities was clearly low on confidence, offering no threat to the City defence.

It could have a negative effect on confidence, I suppose, but given that we are in a sort of stable, low equilibrium, I doubt it.

Nagging concerns about a synchronised slowdown in global economic growth across Europe, Asia and the United States returned to drag on confidence.

After such a superb effort, they have plenty of reason to be optimistic when they entertain a Fermanagh side low on confidence on Saturday afternoon.

Squires Gate came to Surrey Street with a new manager in Garry Hargreaves and somewhat low on confidence following a difficult few weeks on the pitch.

Reina - Very low on confidence but I really don't see Jose Reina going negative at home to Stoke, so at his current price he's worth a gamble in my opinion.

In 1% of cases "about confidence" is used

Humour lets the world feel you are strong; it's about confidence.

But often we miss the number 1 point that it's really about confidence and safety.

In 1% of cases "to confidence" is used

Part of it is probably due to confidence.

And in most cases, it is better to tip over the line than be below the level of requirement when it comes to confidence.

A while back I kept harping on the fact that not all attraction boils down to confidence on the Roissy blog, and for my efforts got my comments deleted and edited and delayed for days.

Taking control of their PhD Many of the cohort members mentioned overcoming problems related to confidence, assertiveness and knowing how much power they had in controlling their own research.