Prepositions used with "consumption"

"of consumption" or "for consumption"?

In 39% of cases "of consumption" is used

Fanny died of consumption at age 38.

That kind of consumption isn't at all uncommon.

The society of consumption, of course, impossible.

There is an uneven geography of consumption, environmental damage and human impact.

The lads at untappd also reward you with ' badges ' for your patterns of consumption.

The society of consumption, therefore, produces a collective experience, optimizing budgets.

As to raise the level of consumption, consumers expect more and better convenience, low carbon appliance product.

It's as much about your choices of consumption and consumerism as it is about industry practice and corrupt government.

Sometimes, it seems to me that this is a holiday of consumption rather than a holiday of celebrating the coming of New Year.

We don't know that the number of people living at European standards of consumption is not going to double and double again.

In 24% of cases "for consumption" is used

She prepares Handia mainly for consumption purpose.

for consumption, of course, we have our online store.

Animals we kill for consumption are not treated like this.

I agree with your comment on 7inc being good for consumption.

This mirrors the rules for supplies of goods for consumption on board.

So what we need, in the short term at least, is for consumption to hold up.

How I wish I could use more apples but it would probably be too mushy for consumption.

The purest food for consumption is food that is energetically pure in every phase of its life cycle.

She has been preparing Handia since six years, but at first she prepared Handia for consumption purpose of the family.

This asks for consumption pattern changes however (not be able to use the car if there were no surplusses or pay a lot for charging).

In 13% of cases "in consumption" is used

An equivalent increase in consumption of goods and services.

Continued growth in energy use is going to enable continued growth in consumption.

The reduction in consumption in 2010 was as a result of frequent shortages in supply.

The second is a consumption function -- to bridge time in consumption as well as production.

So both the ONS and the BBPA show that there appears to have been a fall in consumption in recent years.

Anticipating a rapid increase in consumption, ComServPac? s Petroleum Office made early requests for larger allocations, and fortunately so.

They lost position not only because of a generalized decrease in consumption but also due to growing importance of value brands and own label.

Moreover, the ties that fasten the price of food to changes in consumption and the impacts of the market have grown only more intricate over time -- e.

While gold production has also fallen over this period, compressed air requirements are largely fixed, so the reduction in consumption represents a real improvement.

In 8% of cases "on consumption" is used

On the other hand, the light smokers may represent previous heavier smokers who have cut down on consumption.

If Romney wins, people start spending on consumption again because they're confident, but that's not a good thing.

Eliminate taxes on incomes below 100k, put emphasis on consumption taxes, tax those above 100k modestly at 15-20%.

Revised advice on consumption of peanut during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and early life and development of peanut allergy www.

Money spent on consumption don't disappear, they get recycled by the recipients of that money through other economic activities.

What is required is a shift in consciousness and a realisation we can no longer live in a paradigm based on consumption and capitalism in its current narcissistic form.

This paper aims to introduce the special issue and attempts to take stock of the last decade and reflect on the transformation of key areas of the changing marketplace and its impact on consumption.

In 6% of cases "to consumption" is used

This is again in turn the money they can spend to consumption or non-consumption.

The review will tell us whether or not it has made any difference at all to consumption levels.

As to consumption, it is up to the individual to cut down, its up to our governments to regulate their industries.

It called for some fundamental changes in direction, particularly with respect to consumption patterns in the industrialized countries.

Steps to tackle the chronic inequality that has developed in our economy over the past four decades are a boost to consumption and demand in themselves.

In 3% of cases "between consumption" is used

It's a false choice between consumption and investment.

I have to allocate my income between consumption and saving.

The project by Rem Koolhass for Prada is a good example where the boundary between consumption and life is blurred.

Since there is a strong relationship between consumption and availability this is exactly what would be expected during a recession.

Lisa, American in Hong Kong While I don't disagree that many environmentalists avoid discussing population, I do think John Feeney oversimplifies the interactions between consumption and population.

In 2% of cases "by consumption" is used

The pre-Recession economy, driven by consumption and amenities, celebrated the uniform.

The quality of the arguments doesn't matter because they're not intended by consumption for knowledgeable or even curious people.

Through the Keynesian multiplier, income increase will be followed again by consumption, giving rise to a positive feedback loop.

In 2% of cases "from consumption" is used

We talk about everything from consumption to disposal.

In 1% of cases "with consumption" is used

Often the disposal of the waste associated with consumption is not appropriately priced.

Two things stand out: there is a strong seasonal pattern; and it seems net generation is keeping pace with consumption, so one can wonder what the big deal is.