Prepositions used with "contact"

"of contact" or "into contact"?

In 38% of cases "of contact" is used

He was completely out of contact.

Xu had been out of contact for some time.

Embassy in New Delhi is a good point of contact for U.

We have lists of the systems we need to restore first, lists of contacts, and so on.

Labels have a few light spindle marks and a little bit of contact wear, no other problems.

There is clear evidence in Mafia of contacts in the Graeco-Roman period from about BC200.

Drupal site and content administration is challenging enough without adding a huge new layer of contact management.

The Public Enquiry Point is the initial point of contact for information on the work of the whole of the Department.

The list contains the niche of contacts with which the company should be establishing deals and communicating with.

The Indian firm may not have the vision to go beyond the existing list of contacts that they have nurtured over time.

In 26% of cases "into contact" is used

When a T cell comes into contact with an invader (e.

We really look forward to getting into contact with you.

You really don't want to be coming into contact with this stuff.

A cleverly designed walkway safely brings children into contact with aspects of the forest.

I was horrible to everyone I came into contact with because I had to lash out at something.

Amazingly, siblings and cousins tended to clump together in groups, even though they had never come into contact.

The same recommendations apply to frozen goods to avoid any heat from outside coming into contact with the cargo.

Sobieski also introduced the firing of salvos only after the enemy had fired theirs and then charging into contact.

What to do after your phone comes into contact with liquid: DO NOT TURN ON POWER! In doing so the board will be fried.

In 13% of cases "in contact" is used

I love you and I want us to stay in contact '.

I published articles in contact centre topics online.

Was in contact two galactic rotations ago, wants to be friendly again.

He was a most approachable man and gave everyone with who he came in contact a pleasant smile.

At her best she allied all with whom she came in contact -- except older girls and some women.

The only problem is that it is sometimes hard to tell if a player is injured in contact or not.

Twenty-four hours after I got the news that my son was killed in action, I was in contact with his unit in Afghanistan.

I'll be telling my kids to chuck me in a home, and just make sure they visit me every now and again and keep in contact.

The scholarship application form and other information on the Indian High Commission for Education Wing -- will be in contact.

Children whose parents do not live together have the right to stay in contact with both parents, unless this might hurt the child.

In 6% of cases "for contact" is used

So next stop HDN website for contact no.

The data app was so flexible, for contacts, or flat file databases.

Produce Contact Computations? Look for contact information internet pages.

The peak period is a year-round source of dread for contact centre agents the world over.

PPE for contact lens wearers includes splash or dust resistant goggles, and safety glasses.

As for contact with household tap water, jewelry was made to be worn and shouldn't be put away.

It is common for fraudsters to ask for contact via another email address and ask for payment for goods by non-traceable means.

If they were sapient, then the system had to be interdicted until their technological and social level was sufficient for contact.

I am NOT referring to bloggers asking for contacts to blogger outreach campaigns, known blogger friendly companies or posted online campaigns.

The recommedations also inlcuded the provision for contact vetos which would mean that if either party did not want contact they could place a veto on this.

In 5% of cases "with contact" is used

Make him comfortable with contact gradually.

There are restriction with contacts and also glasses.

This is, of course, what happened with contact Energy.

Maori were also receptive to many of the new ideas that came with contact.

Get the names of all the parties, along with contact info for Wells Fargo.

While at said event I was able to network with contacts that worked for the brand in question.

Let me offer some constructive criticism; 1) There is no jesus unless you mean some hispanic guy with contacts (amigos).

with contact and organization types, Rosemary Mann (the other main Open Outreach developer) and I decided to start simple.

If concerns arise, I can supply the requesting party with contact information for the associated payment processing service.

In 3% of cases "from contact" is used

For this reason, these addresses should be removed from contact lists immediately.

Less often, acquisition occurs from contact with infected wild or domestic animals.

Start typing in the To field, and Messages autocompletes the names you type with matches from Contacts.

The more levels, the further removed from contact with reality, and the more scope for losing touch with it.

These pre-determined how Maori would interact with Europeans and also determined Maori expectations from contact.

From contacts with other ' illegal adoptees ' we know that illegal adoptions were arranged by individuals and also by church run adoption agencies.

So it is with kissing as a mark of affection; but this is innate, in so far as it depends on the pleasure derived from contact with a beloved person.

Safari prevents this by detecting web forms and presenting a drop-down field, letting you choose to use AutoFill to complete the form with information from Contacts.

The BMW man made his way past 14 cars in the first race to finish fourth, only to be dropped to seventh after the race due to a penalty from contact with Volvo driver Tommy Rustad.

He has heard from contacts in Yemen that the leadership of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular has set about trying to kill him in revenge for the death of Anwar al-Awlaki, their figurehead.

In 2% of cases "by contact" is used

The air is warmed by contact with the various surfaces that are absorbing sunlight.

Photosensitivity induced by contact with certain items can be tested by photopatch tests.

Judo is a natural sport for the visually impaired, because so much of it is done by contact and feel.

Bird flu, as it is otherwise know, is spread by contact with the secretions or excrement of infected fowl.

The Arahants feel pain and pleasure, but their minds are neither elated by contact with pleasure, nor depressed by contact with pain.

It can be transmitted through the air from respiratory infection; by direct or close contact between horses and by contact with contaminated equipment, clothing, or hands.

When you mix a purely natural overall look with increased comfort and ease and superior vision, it can be noticeable that the rewards provided by contacts are many and important.

In 2% of cases "on contact" is used

NK Cells contain granules filled with potent chemicals, and kill on contact.

We printed out the words to make stencils that we could cut out on contact paper.

HOW DO NK CELLS KILL? NK Cells contain granules filled with potent chemicals, and kill on contact.

Shock and awe This may sound improbable, but the enemy can't stand copper, because it gives them a small shock on contact.

Volunteers were asked to wash their hands and place them on contact plates which were then incubated to measure bacterial growth.

Typical eye assessments certainly are a necessity, particularly if you put on contact lenses to ensure that the eyes are generally fine.

The only thing that may help is for a mediator to get agreement on contact with the children and who has the cat They tried this before under Thatcher.

Permethrin (a synthetic pyrethrin) is available in a spray solely for application to clothing (it is inactivated by skin lipids 16) and is particularly effective because it kills ticks on contact 17.

In 2% of cases "through contact" is used

He also argued that force can only be applied to an object through contact.

Through contacts he found his niche in the litigation marketplace as a fireman.

Transmission occurs through contact with urine from carrier animals either directly or in water.

The virus is transmitted through contact with the blood or other body fluids of an infected person.

The contagion is easily passed to domesticated poultry such as chickens and turkey; human workers pick up the virus through contact with these birds.

In 2% of cases "to contact" is used

The most common hazards to contact lens wearers have been discussed.

Please refer to the FAQ Adobe provides which usually point to contacts at MPEG-LA and Via Licensing.

The most notable change in the new guidelines is that they do not contain any requirements pertaining to contact information.

According to contact Music, the following night when Manson performed LA's Sunset Strip Music Festival he asked the crowd if they were on drugs.

What do you do with my personal details? Ans: We need your particulars only to contact you in case of any problem in delivery or to reconfirm the orders in case of high value items.

Provide training and education about eye hazards - particularly those specific to contact lens use - and training on the proper use of eye wash stations and procedures for rinsing the eyes.