Prepositions used with "council"

"of council", "in council" or "to council"?

In 30% of cases "of council" is used

Protection of council and members thereof 39.

It has also changed the social demography of council tenancies.

He serves as a Member of council of Advisors at The Think Environmental Co.

Some members of council staff threw their hat into the ring to assist in this regard.

We are very concerned that this Bill could lead to withdrawal of council funding for the CAB.

The people of council Bluffs and the people of Iowa appreciate the confidence you have shown in our state.

The committee makes recommendations to council on the composition of council committees and who gets to chair them.

Their mates have become Councilors, Chairmen of councils, members of the House of Representatives and even Governors.

Earlier in the meeting the committee of council heard from Sophiasburgh resident Jim Johnston and his son-in-law Frank Kolb.

In 22% of cases "in council" is used

The common people are treated almost as slaves and are neither heard nor listened to in councils.

SIs could also be placed under the orders in council made by the statutory bodies listed in CFRN 1999.

He acts in council with other significant members of the family in the management of the affairs of the unit.

I wouldn't fund the people in Belgravia or the people in council housing to just get together and talk to one other.

An application was then made to Her Majesty in council for leave to appeal, but that too was refused on April 21,1955.

Traditionally, the Governor in council appoints three judges from Ontario, two from the West, and one from Atlantic Canada.

The first thing we did was to issue two successive Orders in council placing all vessels coming from the Baltic in quarantine.

Under it, the Governor in council appoints all superior court judges across Canada, including judges of the Supreme Court of Canada.

We must build on the success of the Unionist Women 2000 conference with more women in councils, at Westminster and in the Assembly.

In 16% of cases "to council" is used

A report to council is expected before the end of the year.

From courts to council meetings, and the local league match of the round.

He serves the Brotherhood as one of two Chapter Representative s to council.

This will involve taking a certificate from your vet, back to council for verification.

The proposal for the first phase of development at Station Square went to council last fall.

Matt, Tony and others have turned up several times to council to pitch for a field to build a turf.

The committee makes recommendations to council on the composition of council committees and who gets to chair them.

Among its goals, the strategy envisages more Maori voting, and more Maori candidates standing for election to council.

About two thirds of the complaints that we refer to councils to investigate are not pursued by the complainant with us afterwards.

In 9% of cases "by council" is used

Graduate Member appointed by council pursuant to Section 9(1) (g) of the Act.

F Fin &; FAICD Graduate Member appointed by council pursuant to Section 9(1) (g) of the Act.

Gemma Brooks Student Member appointed by council pursuant to Section 9(1) (f) (i) of the Act.

The community safety budgets currently controlled by councils will be allocated by the commissioner.

Steven Rubic Bachelor of Health Administration NSW, MBA MGSM Graduate Member appointed by council pursuant to Section 9(1) (g) of the Act.

Sponsored by council member-company United Airlines, the event at the 18-hole layout was well-supported by council members and their guests on a perfect day for golf.

This is, as I understand, already part of the official record, discussed with the local community and approved by council, and is not part of the Mimico 20/20 planning process.

The decision by council to override the zoo board and send them to PAWS resulted in the Toronto facility losing its accreditation with one of the sector's major governing bodies.

Adoption process is being rushed by councils, say judges Children face split from other family members as fears expressed about Michael Gove's ' unrealistic ' plans see story below.

In 7% of cases "for council" is used

This removes any liability for council tax or business rates.

It's part of the agenda for council's monthly planning meeting on Monday Nov.

Fixed-term tenancies exacerbate the division between the majority of workers and those eligible for council homes.

Those who devised the etymology of ' local ' for council administration probably had in mind their rustic disposition.

He suggested it would be unfair for council to pay for new septic tanks for one group of citizens, while others the county have to.

The potential for a traffic jam with the accompanying anger is simply too great a risk for council to proceed with a wombat crossing.

Yes we are told that it is for councils but I have already paid 16000 to the council, it was included as a bond in the sale of my house.

And the phenomenon of putting newbies on the ' cycle round ' for councils (it's not real planning, so is an opportunity for youngsters to cut their teeth) has only recently changed.

Cr McCloy, a millionaire property developer, ran for council on a progress platform, promising to sidestep the petty politicking that has characterised Newcastle local government in recent years.

Paying for council observers at meetings and council time taken up checking who is to be allowed on the new board, seems signally unlikely to deliver anything other than more demands on our pockets.

In 5% of cases "from council" is used

There was a massive shift in ownership from council to housing associations.

One way to address unauthorised works is to apply for a building certificate from council.

Once a week a lady came from councils social wellfare and she did clean the house and make sponge cakes.

Governor Terry Branstad was on hand for the announcement along with local and state officials from council Bluffs.

What was however completely wrong was to prevent Councils from using the proceeds from council house sales to re-invest in social housing.

Two young men from council estates as far apart as Hastings and Newcastle insisted that girls giving birth at 16 or 17 were no longer the exception in their area but the norm.

These vary from council to council but usually include two or more stages, each operated by a more senior member of staff than the last stage or, in some cases, elected councillors.

But after municipal staff met with Department of Environment (DoE) officials over their plans, a number of issues were raised that made the proposed project less desirable from council's perspective.

In 5% of cases "with council" is used

Stephen Anderson with council Ireland Chapter President Dr.

Security Council diplomats said a Ugandan delegation that came to New York last week did not formally raise it with council members, U.

Ministers say central government will work out the details with councils and ensure they have enough money to provide a nationwide scheme.

with council seats allocated to parties by unwritten agreement (see above ), Federal Council elections generally are unexciting, pleasant affairs.

In 3% of cases "on council" is used

Representation on council committees and working parties.

Countries who have more than 60 members in their national association are allowed to have 2 members to represent them on council.

In 2% of cases "at council" is used

But one colleague had a good way of looking at council fines.

The PRO des Lavallois has been the only party represented at council for the last decade.

Councillors Rick Cowsill and Frank Monteiro are seeking a revision to the bylaw following an incident at council's last meeting.

Council uses online credit card payment processing to allow members to reserve and book places at council sponsored events held in both the U.

Fareed Zakaria and his cohorts at council on Foreign Relations want to continue the status quo of mass abortion and mass immigration, as it maintains suppressed wages and disharmony among Americans.

In 2% of cases "into council" is used

Surely some of these could be refurbished into council fllats, rented out but not sold.

Another option is incorporating some provisions for affordable housing in new developments into council regulatory tools.

The local and European elections should indeed be our first political battle, and we could start with getting people into Councils and the European Parliament.

He claimed that it would enable the council to make significant savings whilst also creating hundreds of new jobs and could, eventually, result in profits being reinvested into council services.