Prepositions used with "crime"

"of crime", "in crime" or "for crime"?

In 50% of cases "of crime" is used

Proceeds of crime Act comes to mind.

Which will also reduce the rate of crime.

SOPA is actually far too tolerant of crime.

Then there are other much less recognised and newer forms of crime that touch visitors.

Reduction of crimes during the month of Ramadhan is another social benefit of fasting.

If this be the case, then he needs to take a look at black communities where the majority of crime is black-on-black.

There is no rule of law and NTC members are engaged in numerous forms of crime, including robbery, looting and rapes.

He believes that the police should be tough on crime and on the causes of crime, but should also support the victims.

The most important step to take in order to avoid being a victim of crime is to ensure that you live in abject poverty.

In 13% of cases "in crime" is used

The future of Asia is in crime.

I have just found my best partner in crime.

Many women with bikini have been involved in crimes.

Let's start, though, with some major changes that were going on in crime fiction itself.

These may decrease the likelihood that individuals engage in crime and/or become victims.

But part of what should be cool is seeing what Annie (my friend and partner in crime) wants.

Morton Grove didn't see an increase in crime, but 80% of the people in Morton Grove didn't turn in their guns, either.

Perhaps generalising somewhat, but it seems that everybody involved in crime in Hong Kong has a black belt in something.

Blacks are over-represented in crime in the US for a variety of factors -- past atrocties against them being one reason.

China's enormous population pressure has aggravated its resources scarcity, environmental deterioration and rise in crimes.

In 11% of cases "for crime" is used

It's a Wiki Map for crime in Brazil.

They were prisoners in prison for crimes.

That's one of the reasons for crime and corruption.

Blaming women for crimes against them is nothing new.

When conditions like this reign, it is a prime breeding ground for crime.

This is because they are not only used for crime but for personal protection.

We are near the top (along with Mexico) for crime and perceived victimisation.

Who is ruling the country????? This also goes for crime, gangs, drug dealers and boy racers.

To his surprise, he was taken to the wing that houses the ' lifers ' who have life sentences for crimes like murder, etc.

He grew up in the Deaverview area about a half a mile from Deaverview apartments, a projects renowned for crime and violence.

In 9% of cases "to crime" is used

He is a real Conservative when it comes to crime.

When it comes to crime fiction, the man is often Irish.

He confessed to crimes so he could be sent home to Canada.

Laureen Buckley is an experienced forensic archaeologist, often called to crime scenes.

While such acts could amount to crimes, they may not rise to the level of genuine terrorism.

Everyone agrees that we have very far to go in the way of improving our system of responding to crime.

By practically eliminating self defence, it has removed the greatest deterrent to crime: a people able to defend themselves.

Reading the letters of Filipino heroes of the late 19th century, we find stray references to crime, often robbery or swindling.

However, we have become so used to constructing crime in this way that we often forget that there are other dimensions to crime.

In 6% of cases "on crime" is used

They said yes to our tough stance on crime.

I have yet to hear of a ZERO Tolerance stance on crime.

I hope the PNP continues JLP policy on crime and corruption.

Our focus has also been on crime prevention and community policing.

Fundamentally, this debate is not about being soft or tough on crime.

It is another whether the punishment does have a real deterrent effect on crime.

The Tories don't mind lavishing tax dollars, if they go to being tough on crime or the military.

The panel will be happy to answer any questions you have on crime, anti-social behaviour (ASB) and crime prevention.

He believes that the police should be tough on crime and on the causes of crime, but should also support the victims.

So are several other states -- egged on by a group of hardline conservatives who have joined the Right on crime movement.

In 4% of cases "with crime" is used

I had a hard time with crime and Punishment too.

People in Arizona were fed up with crime happening with illegal immigrants.

Hatred prevailed and some people were wrongly punished and others got away with crimes.

Making policemen carry guns and guarding people 24/7 does not necessarily do away with crime.

Governments have fiddled with crime and unemployment figures until it is hard to know what precisely they are telling us.

Continuing with crime and the investigation thereof, COLD CASE FILES also makes a welcome return to channel 255 in December.

Hylton said he would be having discussions with Bunting and Ellington to look at a new approach to dealing with crimes in August Town.

The recently enacted Prevention of Organised Crime Act will form part of the training as will victimology, aimed at showing officers how to professionally deal with crime victims.

Baltimore city recently revised its procedures for handling employees who are charged with crimes, having discovered it had paid nearly $13,000 for sick leave to an employee in jail.

In 2% of cases "about crime" is used

It's a film about crime and criminals.

This was not about race; it was about crime, he says.

Oh, and here is the government's story about crime figures.

The forest owners complain about crime and drug use among the workforce.

Crimes of Hindus are magnified and the media is unwilling to show the courage to talk about crimes of Islamists.

I will show that restorative justice has the potential to disturb taken-for-granted assumptions about crime and justice.

Crime When you read about crime in Buenos Aires, there are no shortage of forum postings or first-person blog entries detailing just how scary this place can be.

Set up an effective alerts system, using the Internet, social medias and the IFJ affiliates and networks, to give immediately the fullest information about crimes against journalists; 5.

Conclusion To conclude, I have tried to show that what makes restorative justice interesting and important is its potential to disturb deeply ingrained patterns of thinking about crime and justice.

In 2% of cases "against crime" is used

We must use education to sensitise our children against crimes.

It would ' tip the balance ' against crime, if the opportunity arose.

Think of the non-criminal gun-owners as soldiers in the war against crime, a war which they and only they can win.

In the battle against crime in finance it makes total sense, right? Its not a problem of how to store all that data.

The forum's main presenter, Professor Anthony Harriott, said the poor state of the economy was one of the major challenges in the fight against crime.

Clearly, it is important to ensure that the fight against crime and terrorism is conducted effectively, but that can only be ensured in a sustained way by respecting the rule of law.

In 2% of cases "from crime" is used

His money in foreign banks comes from crime.

The function of law is not only discharged by protecting citizens from crime.

Other initiatives include ACT NOW to help viewers learn tips to protect themselves from crime.

The communities must also be free from crime and social ills such as drugs, alcoholism and domestic violence.

Maureen Blackwell Judge Jamie Tabor QC formally certified that Blackwell had benefited from crime to the tune of 15,775.

On the other hand, there are other areas of life that are a) not related to protection from crime and b) need regulation.

In short, it is safer to be free and self-reliant (that is, armed) than to trust the state to provide safety and security from crime.

Deaths resulting from crime, war, disaster, sickness, injury, poison, disease and starvation are seldom heard of from other countries.

Qaddafi has been forced into seclusion and is now being sought by both Libyan and Interpol Police for crimes ranging from crimes against humanity and terrorist ties.

Why would you expect the HRA to protect you from crime? There are a ton of Acts that don't protect your right not to be robbed, and it's hard to see that as a problem.

In 2% of cases "into crime" is used

Aid groups say they are often forced into crime to survive.

For the perishing classes who had not yet fallen into crime but were likely to do so, there were industrial schools.

He'd be crazy to suggest that people who can't find work have drifted into crime because other opportunities are unavailable.

These days, it is the vampire genre that has exploded in popularity, expanding into crime, fantasy, police drama, soap opera and even teenage romance.