Prepositions used with "emergency"

"of emergency" or "for emergency"?

In 40% of cases "of emergency" is used

A state of emergency is declared.

In case of emergency, break glass.

Demo added the words? state of emergency?

At Kinasi we keep a stock of malaria treatments in case of emergency and for our staff.

Junior high schools are now the location of stocks of emergency food, water and blankets.

We are here in the Briefing Room of the City's Office of emergency Management in Brooklyn.

Borrowers do a problem does strike a signed copy of emergency cash emergency cash types of and bad and hour wait.

It outlines operating procedures to be followed in the event of emergencies or alerts and during SAR operations.

John Croushorn, Chairman of the Department of emergency Medicine at Trinity Medical Center said in a press release.

In 23% of cases "for emergency" is used

Create plan for emergency follow-up care.

Any methods and plans for emergency response.

Not that you aren't on call for emergencies.

House numbers too, for front and back of house for emergency personnel and family.

These emergency camps that FEMA is building around the country are not for emergencies.

Volunteers also have access to our country coordinator's mobile number for emergencies.

So A History of Mapmaking becomes a series of tantalising previews, punctuated by breaks for emergency rewiring.

Special retail shops Special retail shops are considered necessary for emergency, convenience or recreation goods.

Mitchell was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital for emergency surgery and is in a serious but stable condition.

Younger Canadians were more likely to withdraw funds from their TFSAs, either for emergencies or major purchases.

In 15% of cases "in emergency" is used

So much for landlines in emergencies.

These places are in emergency situations.

It's great to be known as the go-to person in emergencies.

The LWF is engaged in emergency response and development cooperation in 37 countries.

I had plenty of soldering experience fixing bass enclosures and amps in emergencies.

The mother flame, in a back-up lantern, can be used to relight a new torch in emergencies.

However, none of them has compared its diagnostic accuracy with that of standard echocardiography in emergency settings.

Passport Processing Time Except in emergencies, passports are printed in the United States and take approximately 10-15 days.

Most recently, the humanitarian crisis in southern Africa has drawn attention to the use of GM food as food aid in emergency situations.

In 7% of cases "to emergency" is used

All vehicles must give way to emergency services vehicles.

However the HSE recently restricted the scheme to emergency care only.

Nor did he signal an end to emergency laws -- another core opposition demand.

Been told that even if I send him to emergency he will not get cat scan faster and just a bed.

All DWS country programs began at the invitation of local partners in response to emergencies.

The environment secretary offered his thanks to emergency service staff, local authorities, the Environment.

Elective surgery Planned surgery (as opposed to emergency surgery) Electrocardiogram A chart showing heart action.

If your dog decides to grab a snack, they will quickly find their way to emergency vet care with vomiting and seizures.

Toni - Northland 12th December 2008, 11:02 PM Been told that even if I send him to emergency he will not get cat scan faster and just a bed.

We're the same Merlin -- responding to emergencies in some of the toughest places in the world -- but with a new look that better reflects what we do.

In 4% of cases "during emergency" is used

Many people are helpless during emergencies.

It is difficult for us to access the main road during emergencies.

during emergency, laws such as NSA &; MISA were used to ruthless ssuppress and brutalise people.

Our goal is to remain present during emergencies while planning our actions over the long-term.

The inspector told him that the barricades were not opened for anyone, not even for the PM of the country, except for police personnel during emergencies, he adds.

Stress is the force that keeps you on your toes during a presentation at work, sharpens your concentration during and exam and heightens your senses during emergency situations.

Consular Protection During emergencies and crises EU citizens abroad have the right to ask for assistance from any EU consulate or embassy when their Member State is not represented in the country.

In 4% of cases "with emergency" is used

Officials with emergency Management B.

We have also helped communities with emergency disaster cleanup and homes with total fire restoration.

After all factors were taken into account there was a stronger link with emergency caesarean than with pre-planned ones, although the numbers were small for this calculation.

It is essentially stuck in a posture prepared to deal with emergencies: higher blood pressure, faster heart rate and breathing, with blood circulating more in the muscles than the organs.

This true story from Nyamuswa highlights the needs of medical transportation (an ambulance) in order to have a way to properly deal with emergencies particularly maternity emergencies and accidents.

In 3% of cases "by emergency" is used

A delayed response by emergency teams in the Dana Air crash has been reported.

Three passengers were pinned beneath window frames and had to extricated by emergency crews.

Three passengers were pinned beneath window frames and had to be extricated by emergency crews.

The bystanders ' quick response saved the life of Sean Michael, who was delivered by emergency Caesarean section before his mother died.

While it has been decided at higher levels that median ROWs shall be usable by emergency vehicles, I was speaking of something within the TTC itself.

It is staffed by emergency medicine programme residents, non-programme residents, senior house officers and full-time specialist consultant emergency physicians.

The locals blamed the administration for the slow response by emergency services and failing to act on their repeated calls for repairing the deteriorating tank.

The man was killed instantly but the woman, in her 40s, was pinned inside the crumpled car and had to be monitored by emergency crews using binoculars until they could get to her.

In 3% of cases "on emergency" is used

Call 311 to obtain information on emergency suspensions.

You can count on emergency personnel being in the vicinity.

WikEM - global database on emergency medicine designed to be used by physicians in daily practice.

NY Telephone Col, operating at full capacity on emergency diesel generators, reported a record number of phone calls.

In addition, preventative medical care will reduce the amount of load on emergency medical care of a more serious nature.

By sharing expertise and collaborating on emergency preparedness issues, APEC members strengthen capacity to mitigate emergencies and disasters.

Ships will stay in port, Athens public transport will be disrupted and hospitals will work on emergency staff, while public offices, ministries and shops including bakeries will all be shut.

In 2% of cases "as emergency" is used

They provide information and support as well as emergency accommodation through the Crashpad scheme.

It also strives to link different focuses such as emergency intervention, disaster preparedness, reconstruction and development.

If I had been uninsured they would have taken me right there no questions since it had to be done as emergency surgery to get reimbursed.

In 1% of cases "under emergency" is used

But under emergency rule, all these rights are declared null and void.

A disturbing thought is that a price discipline introduced under emergency conditions may well require restrictions to trade.